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Special Guests

  • Tony Campolo — Professor, Author & Poverty Advocate
    Tony Campolo Quotes:
    • "I have three things I'd like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don't give a shit. Third, what's worse is that you're more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night."
    • "Jesus transcends partisan politics. That's what's wrong with the religious right... they have made Jesus into a Republican, and he's not!"
    • "There are 2,000 verses of Scripture that tell us we must be committed to protecting the poor and the oppressed... There is no concern of Scripture that is addressed so often and so powerfully as reaching out to the poor."
    • "I've always been skeptical of those television healers who are bald. I mean, if I had that gift, that would be the first thing I'd fix."

  • Greg Paul — Author of The Twenty Piece Shuffle: Why the Poor and the Rich Need Each Other
    Greg is the author of God in the Alley: Being and Seeing Jesus in a Broken World and The Twenty Piece Shuffle: Why the Poor and the Rich Need Each Other. He is also the founder of Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto, the current director of the organization and pastor of the Sanctuary community. Sanctuary makes a priority of welcoming and caring for some of the most hurting and excluded people in Toronto, including addicts, prostitutes, homeless men, women, and youth, gay, lesbian, and transgendered people. Greg is also the lead vocalist and keyboardist for Red Rain, the band that planted the seed for Sanctuary in the mid-1980s. Their most recent recording "A Night At Grace's", is available through the Sanctuary website, as are Greg's books.

  • Jim Cantelon — Author, Broadcaster & Founder of Visionledd
    After founding a church in Jerusalem in 1981, he wrote several books including Theology for Non-Theologians and hosted an award-winning TV show "Talk to Me" for several years. Jim and his wife Kathy are Canadians who founded Visionledd in 1999, which offers encouragement and resources to churches and Christian disciples in sub-Saharan Africa in order to care for those suffering from HIV/AIDS and those affected by the disease. It has developed a holistic approach to caring for the afflicted, focusing on four key priorities: awareness, education, care and housing.

  • Charity Awareness Campaign

Talkback, etc.

  • Free Advertising
    The Drew Marshall Show is once again offering free advertising during our show this Saturday. So give us a call and for 30 seconds, tell us all about your business or charity. Merry Christmas from TDMS.

  • Prayer Requests — What miracle do you need this Christmas?
    We’ll provide the thousands of listeners willing to pray for you - all you need is the willingness to be vulnerable and to call us!

  • Useless Christmas Stuff
    Let’s finish the year off with some absolutely ridiculous and seemingly useless Christmas Trivia, Christmas Songs and whatever else we can come up with to put a smile on your face.

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Special Guests

  • Don Cherry
    If you're not Canadian, then this man is just too hard to describe! As the host of CBC's Coach's Corner and former NHL player and coach, "Grapes" is known throughout the world of hockey and across Canada for his non-politically correct, "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to every aspect of life! Listen as Canada's Toughguy shares about tough times, his spiritual life, Christmas traditions in the Cherry family and as always... a few good hockey stories!
    (Originally Aired Dec 24, 2005)

  • Tommy Emmanuel — International Recording Artist
    One of Drew's most favourite guests over the years, Tommy has performed alongside hundreds of other musical legends including Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Hank Marvin and Joe Walsh. He's even recorded sessions with Tiny Tim and Stevie Wonder. In Australia, Emmanuel's music and life are legendary. He began playing guitar as a child prodigy at age 4, learning to play by ear without any formal instruction. Today though, Tommy will leave his guitar behind and share from the heart about his recent struggles with substance abuse.

  • Paul Coughlin — Author of No More Jellyfish, Chickens or Wimps: Raising Secure, Assertive Kids in a Tough World
    Break the cycle of "nice" parents raising "nice" but weak kids. Today's children are more worried and fearful than children of previous generations, and well-intended parents are raising some of the culture's wimpiest kids. Overprotective mothers and fathers teach their kids to live passively; kids, in turn, become less and less able to make decisions, to strengthen their minds, and to cultivate courage. So says Paul Coughlin!

  • Journey Catch-Ups
    We thought we’d contact a few of this year’s Journey segment guests. These people have shared some unbelievable stories with us over the year and with Christmas approaching, we just want to see how they were doing:

    • Jim Leek - Morning Man on JOY 1250
      As many of you already know, the firefighter who died at the scene of that massive propane explosion in Toronto was actually the brother of JOY 1250’s morning man, Jim Leek. This will be Jim's first Christmas without his brother Bob.

    • Heather
      A lady volunteering at a post abortion support group really connected with one of the participants, a woman who found herself on the other side of a personal choice which impacted her in a way she never expected. When we last spoke with Heather she was still processing her spiritual journey and coping with all the baggage that comes with post abortion trauma.

    • Cristie Healey - Widow of Juno Award Winner, Jeff Healey
      Cristie was married to one of the world’s most legendary guitar players who passed away from Cancer earlier this year at the age of 41, leaving behind their three year old son, Derek. Over the years Jeff had played with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, BB King, ZZ Top & Eric Clapton. This will be Cristie's first Christmas without Jeff.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many! — Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a lady has been asked to be the maid of honour at a lesbian friend’s wedding and wants to know if she should refuse and possibly destroy the years of friendship or should she agree to stand up for her friend even though she completely disagrees with her gay marriage.
    "I have a friend who has asked that I be her maid of honour at her lesbian wedding and I’m just not really sure what to do. She knows I don’t agree with her lifestyle but that hasn’t stopped me from being her friend. I guess I feel that if I agree to stand up for her at this same sex wedding that it would be seen as supporting her lifestyle. Yet if I refuse, well, I’m pretty sure that would destroy our friendship. I know for a fact that I’ve been the only Christian who has stood by her as a friend over some pretty tough years so I guess I’m also worried that by refusing to be her maid of honour that I might destroy years of witnessing to her about Jesus. What should I do?"

  • Is there anything wrong with either donating organs or accepting them?
    Today we’ll chat with radio host Clairmont Humphrey who just donated part of his liver to a young girl born with a rare liver disease. Is this something you would consider doing? Is there any spiritual reason why we shouldn't donate our organs? Have you signed your organ donor card? Would you accept a body part even if you knew nothing about the person it came from?

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Special Guests

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many! Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a woman wants to know if she should take her children to church because "it’s the right thing to do?"
    "I'm a mother of two boys. I have my issues with church and most of the time I don’t feel like going. I grew up going to church every Sunday, actually twice (morning communion, regular service and evening service), I guess that's three! I feel really guilty not bringing my kids to church because there's a part of me that feels they need to get into the routine, like I had. Give them a foundation. I have tried reading to them at home on Sunday mornings and I read Bible stories to them. Should I continue to do this from home and forego church...or is that wrong. Do they need to go when they're young to establish a routine and foundation? Is that brainwashing..(.maybe that's harsh!) But...I do find that some of the things they come home from Sunday School with make me cringe! I know it’s one thing for me to decide whether or not to go to church, but what about my kids? Should I take my kids to church?"

  • Ask The Pastor — With Bruxy Cavey
    Is there a literal Hell or is it a garbage dump in a valley outside the city walls? When we die do we go straight to Heaven or is there a waiting period? What’s Heaven really like and will we be bored? If your legs bent the other way, what would a chair look like? Why do they call them apartments when they’re so close together? These are they types of questions that keep people up late at night. Today, Bruxy will attempt to answer all of your complicated theological and life questions, thereby helping you get a good night’s sleep!

  • Call in with your questions for the author of the New York Times Bestseller - The Shack
    Paul Young will take your calls about his controversial book.

  • Has God ever communicated to you in a dream?
    We’ve always dreamed of doing a topic on this! Do you believe God communicates to us in dreams? Has it ever happened to you? If so, how can you be sure it was from God? What about nightmares? Are they from Satan? Maybe dreams are just the hostile takeover of our subconscious mind which remembers everything it sees and everything it hears and treats it as truth. We'd like to hear about your dreams.

  • How are you feeling about the insanity unfolding in Parliament Hill?
    The air waves have been filled with irate callers expressing their disgust over what’s happening within Canada’s government. No one seems to be quite sure what’s going on and the Canadian people are once again left with a feeling of helplessness as we watch our leaders exude astonishing selfishness. One thing is clear though: the ship is heading for an iceberg during these times of economic uncertainty and the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP & Separatists are all fighting for the wheel. Oh Canada!

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Special Guests


  • Brian Mackert — Author of Illegitimate: How a Loving God Rescued a Son of Polygamy
    Imagine being part of a family that has one father, four mothers and 30 siblings, being forced to call your mother "Aunt" in public to avoid people finding out the truth about your family, and fear of your father being arrested, knowing your sisters are being molested by your father and your anger building until your only thought is to murder him. As the 28th child of a father in a polygamous family, Brian knew first-hand what it meant to grow up in fear that others would discover your family was different and living outside of the law. Brian's family belonged to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), the largest polygamist cult in the United States. This is the same FLDS splinter group led by Warren Jeffs that recently made headlines when its Texas compound was raided and children were taken from their families due to suspected abuse.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a man wants to know if anyone else thinks that the "end-times" is upon us?

    "With the current global economic crisis and with it, the inevitable potential for a one-world currency, combined with global warming, various military conflicts, genocides, Mad Cow disease, Avian Flu epidemic, and the recent unprecedented number of hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, well it’s got me thinking. I’m not an end-times crony but I just wanted to ask the question, does anyone else think that all this stuff means that Jesus will be coming back soon? Like, within the next 10 years soon?"

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Special Guests

  • Dr. Kevin Leman — Author of The First Born Advantage
    This book is for anyone that has to live, work or parent a firstborn! Firstborns like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee. According to Dr. Leman, firstborns were born to win. Clearly the natural movers, shakers, and leaders of this world, as firstborns they’re equipped with the motivation to accomplish anything they set their minds to. In his latest book, Dr. Leman illustrates how few things shape your life as much as your birth order by dealing with issues like - how to make the most of being a firstborn - 5 tips for parenting a firstborn child - how birth order affects marriage and relationships - as well as tips for having a successful relationship based on your own birth order. Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, humorist and an award winning, best-selling author. He is the former consulting psychologist for Good Morning America, and has been a guest on several national shows including Oprah, The Today Show and The View.

  • Ali Matthews (and Rick Francis) — Covenant Award Winning Recording Artist (Performing LIVE In Studio)
    This multi-award winning singer-songwriter has released a brand new CD entitled Looking for Christmas. The disc is a follow-up to her successful CD, "On Angels’ Wings." This endeavour came in a year of many challenges for the singer. "I started 2008 feeling exhausted and miserable. I was on the edge of depression and I knew I had to make some positive changes. So I took a break from performing for several months and focused on my health and the development of this new project." Now, 45 pounds thinner, she feels like a new person. "We finished the CD in the same week I ran a half-marathon in September. Both accomplishments felt so rewarding - the fulfillment of months of really hard work." Having just returned from performing at the 28th Annual Gospel Music Association Covenant Awards in Calgary, Ali also picked up four Covenant awards, tying her with rockers, Starfield, as the most awarded artist!

  • Joel Auge — Christian Recording Artist (Performing LIVE In Studio)
    Adventure. Imagination. Authenticity. Romance. These four words explain the art and the heart of this Canadian worship artist. Joel has blown away the industry with his relentless vocal control and penetrating songwriting. From the Canadian worship band Capstone to Eksit, from Six Days to Hewit, Joel has finally released a solo CD with the Integrity label.

  • Dr. Daniel Taylor — Author of The Myth Of Certainty
    From the man who dared suggest that doubt is actually more compatible with faith then certainty, Dr. Taylor is now working on a new book proposing that "everyone has (including Christians) an inner atheist because all human explanations of reality leak, because human reasoning leaks." Easily on Drew’s Top Ten list, Dr. Taylor is without question one of the world’s most underrated authors.

  • BGEAC Presents Dion & The Panic Squad:
    Dion Collins:Youth Ministries Manager for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada
    The Panic Squad: Clean Improv Comedy for diverse audiences across North America.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a man wants some advice on how to stop cheating on his wife.
    "For as long as I can remember I’ve always struggled with being sexually pure, in thoughts as well as actions. I’ve been to counselling, prayed and had others pray over me. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve asked God to heal me. Yet here I am, well into my adult years, married, kids, and I still struggle with not only keeping my thoughts pure but my actions as well. I seem to be a very sexual being, more so then most. I flirt with women. I’ve cheated on my wife many times. I still masturbate, mind you no where near as much as I used to. Every once in a while I still go to strip clubs. And here’s the thing - I really do want to follow Christ and haven’t quit on my faith for over 20 years now. But I’m scared that one of these days I really will quit trying and give up totally on hoping God will heal me. I’m pretty close to just facing the fact that I will always struggle with this stuff so I might as well stop struggling. The hypocrisy and deception is slowly killing me from the inside out. I know that even though my wife and kids don’t know about my secret life that I’m deceiving them. That’s the part that kills me the most. Apparently, God can forgive me, but He can’t heal me, so I’m not too worried about Him. I don’t want to hurt my family. I really do love them. I just can’t seem to change. What do I do?"

  • What should be our response to abortion? Picketing & protesting & praying?
    Picketing & protesting & praying? How involved should we be as people who believe that the fetus is life? If it’s murder, how do we stop it?Abortionist George Tiller, who currently faces 19 criminal charges for performing illegal late-term abortions in Kansas, was recently caught on hidden tape admitting that he has performed abortions as close as one day before the mother's delivery date. Watch this O’Reilly clip and then call us with your response. Hearing the plight of this young woman, what should be done? More importantly, how do we engage in this debate here in Canada where we actually gave the Order Of Canada Award to one of the world’s most prominent abortionists? .

  • Is there anything wrong with going to different churches instead of just one?
    There is a growing trend amongst Christians. Many seem to be attending multiple churches over the course of a year. Whether it’s to get a better understanding of the wider body of Christ or it’s to experience different preachers or worship styles, more and more Church goers are forgoing church membership and long term commitment at one particular church. Do you see anything wrong with this?

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Special Guests

  • Mayor Hazel McCallion — Mayor Of Mississauga, ON
    Mayor Hazel McCallion was honoured last week by Regis Philbin during the 22nd annual Mayor's Gala. Philbin praised McCallion, 87, who is celebrating 30 years as Mississauga’s mayor. During Live With Regis and Kelly, he mentioned Hurricane Hazel, listing some of the mayor's accomplishments: attracting 59 Fortune 500 companies to the city and building a city hall, performing arts centre and sports complex without taxpayer dollars. "She's at 93 per cent popularity in the polls and she doesn't even campaign." Some past performers over the two decades of the Mayor's Gala include Aretha Franklin, Bob Newhart, Earth Wind & Fire, Anne Murray, Paul Anka, Burton Cummings and Bill Cosby. In 2004, she became a finalist for the title World Mayor, joining some 50 mayors from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Then on December 5, 2005 Mayor McCallion became the runner up to the Mayor of Athens, Greece! Of the innumerable awards bestowed upon this woman of integrity, the one she is most proud of happened November 18, 2005 when Mayor Hazel McCallion received the "Order of Canada."
    Originally aired February 25, 2006

  • The Jesus Bloggers
    A rare collection of some of the most interesting Jesus Bloggers online today. Drew and the boys will chat about the U.S. election, The Shack, Prosperity Doctrine, and basically anything they want to from the crazy world of North American Christendom. Feel free to join Drew and the Jesus Bloggers in what’s sure to be a wild ride through the world of Christianity 101! Give us a call and weigh in with your thoughts.
    Darryl Dash - www.dashhouse.com
    Bill Kinnon - www.kinnon.tv
    Michael Spencer - www.internetmonk.com


  • Bonnie
    Sexually abused by her Uncle between the ages of 10-27, Bonnie’s idea of love became understandably warped over the years. At 18 she had an abortion and only told her Uncle. Even while experiencing problems in her first marriage, her Uncle was there to "comfort" her. Bonnie tried to free herself from her uncle but was encouraged by her mother to talk to him and felt... "he would not love her if she didn’t comply" ... so the relationship continued. At the age of 25, Bonnie found herself separated, pregnant and living with her parents. Her Uncle’s actions had torn the family apart and catapulted her into a life of unhealthy relationships. Just this past year her Uncle, now in his 70’s, plead guilty to two counts of sexual assault, gross indecency, indecent assault, sexual intercourse with a person under 16 and rape. His crimes began in 1972 and involved many young people including a girl as young as 13. In Bonnie's victim impact statement read out during the sentencing of her Uncle, she said, "Because I have been forgiven by what Jesus did on the cross for me, I chose to forgive my Uncle Bob many years ago and God has healed me, set me free and His love is enough for me!"...WOW...

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A teenager feels his parents are being totally unfair for not allowing anything but Christian music in the house.
    "My parents won’t let me listen to anything but Christian music and I think this is totally unfair. They say that anything other than Christian music is like from Satan or something. I’ve tried listening to some Christian music but the stuff I’ve heard sounds like crap. Music is my life and it’s such a huge part of who I am. They found some of my CD’s and took them from me. They’ve even erased my downloaded tunes! Unbelievable! I’m so angry with them for doing this. All this makes me want to do is to NEVER listen to Christian music ever again. Somebody please tell me they see my point? My parents are crazy, right?"

  • If your Pastor/Priest/Minister/Rabbi etc., was found to have sexually abused minors, do you think that the police should be automatically brought in or would it be better to handle things "in-house"?
    Some people might suggest that the police should always be brought in while others, including the Catholic Church, have chosen to keep things out of the legal system. The clergy would eventually be disciplined, removed from office, then rehabilitated/healed through in-house ministry. What if your pastor was caught abusing children? Would you want him to automatically be dealt with by the legal system and trial by media or would you rather things be handled more quietly and within the denomination or church?

  • How do you feel about Obama being the next president of the United States of America?
    Some people are ecstatic and very emotional that America has voted in it’s very first black leader. Others are worried and even angry that Americans are so ignorant as to vote for someone with a totally unproven track record. Some Christians don’t think he’s a genuine follower of Christ, some claim he’s a Muslim, while others are just flat out frustrated that the Democrats will be holding too much power in Washington. What’s your reaction to last week’s historic events?

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Special Guests

  • Ashley Cleveland — Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist
    Ashley Cleveland is that rare thing - a woman who sings like a woman. A woman with grit and passion. A woman who’s not afraid to follow her longings into places both light and dark. Yes, she can roar and wail with maximum soul wattage (her voice inspires regular comparisons to locomotives and hurricanes). But she can also be soft, tender, sly, wistful, open-hearted, melancholy, wise, seductive, wry - all those facets that make a vocalist deep and compelling. It’s that emotional connection - a combo of Cleveland’s natural wonder of a voice and fierce songwriting talent - that has been thrilling listeners since her debut in 1991. Blending rock, blues, gospel and folk with her distinct open-tuned guitar playing, she has forged an unmistakable sound that has won her two Grammy Awards, three Dove Awards, a place on countless year-end Top Ten lists and a legion of devoted fans. Beyond her own career, Cleveland is also one of Nashville’s most in-demand session singers, having performed on over three hundred albums, for artists including Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, Jars Of Clay, Don Henley, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Delbert McLinton, Etta James, Rodney Crowell, Pam Tillis, Patty Smyth and Michael McDonald.

  • Steve Bell — Juno Award Winning Christian Recording Artist...LIVE IN STUDIO!
    Fifteen albums as a Canadian independent artist, over twenty years of crisscrossing North America (and in the last few years, the globe) offering the gifts of story and song, and a lifetime of chasing what it means to be a person of authentic Christian spirituality, this is Steve Bell. His career has produced multiple JUNO awards and a host of other industry accolades. He has sold over 300,000 units worldwide and gathered thousands of loyal fans. Larry LeBlanc (Billboard Magazine) calls Steve "a Canadian musical treasure."

  • George Olliver — Award Winning Recording Artist...LIVE IN STUDIO
    As lead singer of the legendary R&B band "MANDALA", George Olliver is a Canadian musical institution. He is a prolific writer, producer, and successful recording artist. Olliver's career shot to stardom as the lead singer of MANDALA, with TOP TEN hits like "Opportunity" and "Give and Take". Having performed on tours with such bands as The Who, Rolling Stones, and Cream, George also worked with some of his idols such as Wilson Pickett, Etta James, Sam and Dave, and Martha Reeves.

  • The Toronto Mass Choir — LIVE IN STUDIO!
    Have you ever had a Gospel choir just absolutely drag you into the presence of God like no other worship music could? Get ready for it...

  • James Beverley — Professor of Christian Thought and Ethics, Tyndale University
    Last week Drew interviewed one of the world’s foremost Satanists. This week, we need to follow up by asking Jim Beverley what he thought of our interview with John Allee, A.K.A. Lord Egan. Dr Beverley is the Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, California and a Professor at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Beverley's specialties include studies in World and New Religions, Charismatic Christianity, Roman Catholic Theology, and Christian Ethics.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: What would you say to the parents of Brandon Crisp?
    The following is a quote from the November 6 Toronto Sun:

    "Why me? Why me?" wailed his mother, Angelika Crisp, as her friends surrounded her and hugged her as she stepped outside to greet them. "Why did my beautiful son have to die?" "Only God knows the answer to that," said one friend. "I've given up on God," answered the mother, trembling as she sobbed uncontrollably.

    When parents lose a child, especially under the circumstances the Crisps have faced, are there any words that can be offered? What would you say to Brandon's mother?

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Special Guests

  • Steve Crisp — Father of missing boy from Barrie, ON
    "Last week I interviewed Steve Crisp, the father Brandon Crisp who has been missing for over three weeks. On Wednesday of this week, hunters found Brandon's body in the woods near Barrie. The search is over and the overwhelming grief begins for Brandon's family and friends. Please pray for Steve and his wife Angelika, for Brandon's older sister Natasha, and Brandon's twin sister Samantha. May God somehow reach through this unbearable torture and heal their pain. May He protect their family and their marriage from the ambush of emotions that tear so many grieving families apart. May they each experience the seemingly elusive Peace that passes all understanding. And may all of us be moved beyond complacency into a reality of changed priorities in our own families, as a result of this senseless tragedy!" - Drew

    Steve is the father of Brandon Crisp, who disappeared nearly two weeks ago. Hundreds of volunteers have searched through mud and rain for the missing boy. Brandon, 15, stormed out of the house on Oct. 13 when his parents cut him off from playing the Xbox game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare after he skipped school on October 9.

  • Ken Lanning — Former FBI Agent, Investigating Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims
    Mr. Lanning is currently a consultant in the area of crimes against children. He was a Special Agent with the FBI for more than 30 years before he retired in 2000. He has been involved in the professional study of the criminal aspects of deviant sexual behaviour since 1973. He specialized in the study of the sexual victimization of children after being transferred to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 1981. He was assigned to the Behavioural Science Unit, then the Missing and Exploited Children’s Task Force and then the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. He is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC). He is also a current member of the Advisory Board of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).

  • John D. Allee (A.K.A. Lord Egan)
    The First Church of Satan, founded in October 1994, was the brainchild of John Allee, one of the early members of the Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey in 1966. It was his feeling that the Church of Satan, in it's evolving stance of "stratification" and "elitism" had become the bane of those who enjoyed it for what it was originally, so he decided to use the name "First" Church of Satan. Rev. Allee was the first to coin the phrase, "Free Thought Satanism" and felt a Satanic organization should promote personal godhood while maintaining an attitude of sovereignty for all. He argued that "elitism" should be determined by nature, outside the framework of a political or religious institution.


  • Greg Hatfield
    Eight months ago Greg was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The problem is that Greg lives in the United States and can’t afford the mounting medical bills. His rodeo friends back here in Canada, including his ex-wife, have rallied together and have organized a roping competition in order to raise money to help Greg pay his bills. His ex-wife even offered to remarry him in order to get him covered under the Canadian health care system. Unfortunately, because of the speed at which the disease is progressing, this plan just wouldn’t have worked in time. God bless these Canadians who are reaching out to help an American who lived in Canada for 10-years. An American who’s family tree goes all the way back to the original Hatfield & McCoy feud, has basically been handed a death sentence and his country can’t do a thing to help ease his suffering.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A man wants to know if anyone has ever encountered any form of supernatural evil like demons, etc. Not just people claiming to be evil, but a real live genuine encounter with evil spirits.
    "Maybe it’s because I’m a rational, analytical male, but I have a really hard time believing that there are such a thing as demons or any form of supernatural evil. I don’t believe in ghosts, witches, warlocks, vampires or any of that sort of stuff. Sure I believe that there are a lot of people who claim to be these evil things but that's just people taking the world of make believe a little too far. And as for my Christian friends who claim that Satan is active and demons are to blame for what I would just call the selfishness of mankind... I just have a really hard time believing all that stuff because I have never had one person prove to me the existence of supernatural evil. Everything any of my Christian friends have told me can easily be explained rationally. And I certainly have never seen anything even close to an evil spirit. Just curious to know if any of your listeners have ever experienced evil in a real-live, first hand, tangible way?"

  • What did you think of Drew's interview with John Allee?
    Callers give feedback after Drew's interview with the founder of the Church of Satan.

  • Which song would you want played at your funeral?
    Have you thought about it? Some people would prefer an upbeat party type of tune like Celebration by Kool & The Gang, while others prefer something a little more sombre like Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven or Amazing Grace. We know it’s a tad macabre to plan your own funeral, but you’d be surprised how many have. So which song would you choose to be your swan song?

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Special Guests

  • Reynold & Kathy Mainse — Co-Hosts on 100 Huntley Street
    Ken & Barbie are back folks! Reyn & Kathy join us to chat about Heaven's Rehearsal. Last year, 16,000 Christians got together at the Air Canada Centre for this mega-event. This year, the most multi-cultural city in the world will converge upon the Rogers Centre on November 1st. Will the organizers follow through with their promise to not have any one person or group get the spotlight? Will they once again not make any big push for donations? Could this indeed be the largest gathering of Christians ever assembled at one event in Canadian history? Will Prime Minister Stephen Harper ever be a fun guy to hang out with?

  • Burl Cain — Warden of Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola
    Three months after becoming warden at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Burl Cain supervised an execution for the first time. Just after midnight, Cain gave the signal and inmate Thomas Ward received a lethal injection, dying six minutes later. Afterward, Cain could not forget what his mother told him when he first became a warden in 1981 - that God would hold him accountable for the prisoner's souls. Cain soon resolved that he would never again let an inmate be executed without hearing the redemptive story of the Bible, initiating a truly miraculous turnaround at one of the most violent maximum security prisons in the nation. Formerly known as America's bloodiest prison, Angola now has the lowest level of violence of any state penitentiary in the country. "The Miracle of Hope" DVD chronicles the personal stories of inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola who are discovering hope and freedom through faith. The DVD also features the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers, a core vocal ensemble from the Grammy-winning, 285-member Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

  • Kerri Pomarolli
    That's right folks! It's time for our semi-regular visit with our favourite (and only) Hollywood Correspondent!


  • Michelle
    A single woman who was once immersed in the Evangelical Christian scene now finds acceptance in the gay and lesbian community - and rejection from the church.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A lady wants to know if psychics are evil, especially since one of them helped a friend beat cancer.
    "My friend recently went to a psychic and the psychic told her that she should ask the doctor to check for breast cancer. She did and the tests revealed that she does have breast cancer. Now, because it was caught so early, they were able to stop the cancer from spreading. Pretty amazing when you think about it. I don't really believe in psychics and I've been taught that they are evil and that Christians should avoid them. How can I tell my friend that she shouldn't go to psychics if they can help a person in such incredible ways? I've heard more stories about psychics helping people get well more then I've heard stories about God healing people. I'm confused and don't know what to believe about all of this. Are psychics evil? Should I try going to one?"

  • Should public transit allow posters which read, "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."?
    Public buses in the UK could soon have these posters. The bold marketing campaign is being paid for by the British Humanist Association and backed by well known atheist author, Professor Richard Dawkins. They had planned to raise $11,000 to be matched by Dawkins but have managed to rake in over $41,000 on their own. Would you have a problem with these posters in your city?

  • Useless TV Trivia!
    It's all that you've ever dreamed of and more!

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Special Guests

  • Ron Pearson — Award-Winning Comedian
    This guy has done it all! From The George Lopez Show, That 70s Show, The Drew Carey Show, Malcolm & Eddie and Boston Legal to warming up studio audiences for shows like According To Jim, and appearances on talk shows like The Dennis Miller Show, The Late, Late Show and Comedy Central. Ron's latest project, Apostles of Comedy: The Movie, is a masterpiece that provides an informative glance into the lives and careers of four of comedy's biggest and most inspirational comedians today.

  • Mark Schultz — Christian Recording Artist
    Mark Schultz absolutely exploded onto the Christian music scene only a few years ago. Now, four albums later, Mark has been nominated for numerous Dove Awards, winning his first in 2006. His rare ability to combine the pure art of storytelling with a musical gifting has earned him the respect of industry insiders. Mark is in town performing for the Jewels For Jesus 60th Anniversary Celebration at Lakeside Church in Guelph.

  • Roger Wingfield — V.P. and General Manager of Brokerforce Insurance
    Everybody has insurance. Everyone needs insurance. but how much and what type of coverage? Is there such a thing as too much coverage? And what about discounts? Do you qualify? Roger Wingfield has spent his entire working career in the insurance industry, since 1967. He has held a number of senior executive positions including a directorship on the company-side with Canadian Surety, General Accident, Abstainers/Maplex Group, York Fire & Casualty and Kingsway Financial Group prior to joining Brokerforce in late 1997. He also designs special insurance programs for churches and missions.

  • Les Kotzer — Author & Lawyer
    As a Wills and Estates lawyer since 1989, Les focuses his practice on avoiding and resolving inheritance disputes. His books, The Family War - Winning The Inheritance Battle and The Family Fight - Planning To Avoid It provide insight and strategies to help you plan to avoid inheritance disputes using a plain language. Money and death can do strange things to families. Les has been a regular guest on TV and radio across North America including CNN, Fox & Friends and many others.


  • Zach and Julie Pilling
    Jewels for Jesus, a mission and adoption agency, needed someone to adopt a child born to developmentally challenged parents. The birth parents wanted a family who would be willing to enter into an open adoption. They also needed the prospective adoptive parents to be prepared to accept the girl before the results came back determining whether or not she would turn out like her birth parents. Then along came Zach and Julie.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a mother wants to know if her pregnant teenage daughter should marry her boyfriend, or would that be mistake number two.
    "I don't want to share too much because I'm afraid someone will recognize our story but, basically our teenage daughter is pregnant and we're not sure if she should "do the right thing" and marry her boyfriend. He's a good enough guy but my husband and I feel that they are just both too young to make a lifetime commitment to each other. Our Pastor and some of our close Christian friends are telling us that they really should get married. My daughter and her boyfriend want to marry each other, but there's a part of me that wonders if this might be mistake number two? Please help. Any advice you or your listeners give would be much appreciated."

  • Is there such a thing as "evil" music?
    Some people feel that certain types of music, even though they contain no lyrics, are evil. Others feel that no music is evil. It's just the lyrics that might contain evil. Where do you stand on this age old question?

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Special Guests

  • Ron Gray — Leader Of The Christian Heritage Party
    Ron Gray is going to court to ask that all registered parties be included in the leadership television debates next month, after the Green Party was added to the roster. So we’ll chat with the Leader of the Christian Heritage Party to find out why we should vote on a party that won’t even get a seat in the house in the upcoming federal election.

  • Murray Stiller — Director of Nailin’ It To The Church - Religious Satire And The Gospel According To The Wittenburg Door
    'Nailin' It To The Church' was a slug line for the world’s most famous religious satirical magazine, The Wittenburg Door. During 2007, Murray Stiller traveled through 17 US states and many Canadian provinces interviewing satirists, academics, and church leaders about the value of satire on faith. Investigating religious satire was an attempt to discover that gray line between when satire is a proponent for positive social change and when it becomes cynical and destructive. Is there a way this can be measured or are there tools that prevent satire from being hurtful and condemning while encouraging reform? Or does cynicism even matter? This film uses interviews, graphics from The Wittenburg Door magazine, and clips of religious broadcasts to address these questions. There is a lot that goes on in the name of God that makes us want to hold our collective noses. Should we not do something about it?

  • Kerri Pomarolli
    That's right folks! It's time for our semi-regular visit with our favourite (and only) Hollywood Correspondent!


  • Ray Mossholder — Founder of Marriage Plus Ministries
    Since 1970, Ray Mossholder has been widely regarded as "the father of Christian marriage ministries." He was credited with saving more than 11,000 couples from divorce over the next 31 years. The Marriage Plus seminars he taught were based on over a thousand Scripture verses, but also out of the pain of his own deep marriage struggles. On December 31, 2001, Ray left his marriage of 42 years and entered into an adulterous relationship for the next four and a half years. He then married a totally different woman. Reverend Bill Johnson invited Ray and his new wife to Bethel Church in Redding, California, for slow and careful restoration over two and a half years. Does Christ forgive and restore a man to ministry who has sinned as much as Ray has? Listen to Drew’s interview with Ray and decide for yourself.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel Of Many: someone wants to know if it’s alright if they stop giving money to their church so they can pay their bills and get out of debt.

    "I’ve been giving offerings and tithing to my church for as long as I can remember. I really believe that this is what God wants me to do and I’ve been told time and time again that if I keep giving that God will bless me financially. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! I keep going further into debt and always seem to be short at the end of each month. The money I’ve been giving away would be just the right amount to pay the bills I have. The biggest issue with all of this is that I owe a family member (who isn’t a Christian) a fair bit of money and there’s no way I’m going to be able to repay it. I really need to stop tithing to my church and start paying the bills and GET OUT OF DEBT. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Do you think God would be upset with me? I know that I would feel guilty every Sunday because our Pastors always talk about how the more we give the more God will give back. I’m not sure I could face that conviction every week watching the plate go by. What should I do?"

  • Should Christians go into debt? Is that being a good steward of God’s money or is it just a necessary evil?
    Canada’s primary distributor of Christian books and CD’s, RG Mitchell Family Books, has just filed for bankruptcy after 74 years in business. What you may not know is that they went out of business because they owed almost 10 million dollars to 154 creditors, which begs the question, should Christians go into debt? At all? Ever? Never mind 10 million dollars worth of debt. How about Churches borrowing millions to build new fortresses?

  • Does a Christian doctor have the right to refuse prescribing unmarried patients Viagra or birth control?
    In an open letter to prospective patients at his new clinic, Dr. Bob vanNoppen said that he "will only be providing sex-promoting medical prescriptions, such as erectile dysfunctional medications for men and contraception/birth control for women, for those who are willing to indicate they are married." No doubt this doctor could be in some serious trouble with the human rights commission. How do you feel about this one, folks?

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Special Guests

  • Steve Waldman — Editor-In-Chief of Beliefnet
    Steve Waldman has an excellent grasp and unbelievably balanced view of the American political scene, especially as it pertains to faith. We’ll get his take on the goings on with both the Obama and McCain campaigns.

  • Milton Friesen & Darian Kovacs
    Milton Friesen - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada
    Soulchat is a fascinating and unique Canadian contribution to the ministry of Billy Graham. This website provides a public forum to explore Christian spirituality. If you or someone you know is looking for an online community where conversations can begin, where a community can be built, soulchat.ca is a safe place start.

    Darian Kovacs - Campusfire
    Canadian youth are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the church and are actively seeking to have their spiritual needs met elsewhere. Now more than ever, youth are searching for real spirituality, transparent people, and authentic community. Campusfire is a grassroots ministry formed to meet these youth on their journey, in their own schools. Along with the local church, Campusfire is empowering young Christians to be those transparent people and to build those authentic communities. On July 1st, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Of Canada added Campusfire to their youth ministry work.

  • George Kloet — Remax Agent
    George Kloet has been our "Real Estate Guy" for the past few months here at TDMS and we thought our listeners should get to know him a bit better. Founder and co-partner of Kloet Construction in 1971, George has been in the housing business for many years both building and selling. As the top producing agent for 1999-2001, with over 1000 resale homes sold and close to $175,000,000 in real estate sales, this is the guy you want to talk to about selling or buying your next home.

  • Paul Estabrooks — Author Of Night of a Million Miracles
    Paul Estabrooks, Minister-at-Large for Open Doors International, has written an account about June 18, 1981, when Open Doors - an international ministry which supports and strengthens persecuted Christians - delivered one million Bibles in one night. Known as Project Pearl, this night was "one of the most unusual and successful smuggling operations of the 20th century." All preparations for this daring plan had to be made in absolute secrecy. Time Magazine called the operation a "bold expedition - executed with military precision."

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a University student wants to know whether or not it’s alright to join a gay friend at gay bars even though they don’t agree with the gay lifestyle.
    "I have a friend who just told me like last year that he was gay. I’ve been supportive of him even though I don’t really agree with the whole gay and lesbian lifestyle thing. Since we started back at University, he wants me to go with him to gay clubs, introduce me to his gay friends, and even go to gay support group meetings on campus. I’m not sure whether or not I should do this stuff because like it’s one thing to be supportive of a friend even though you don’t like some of the stuff they’re into and it’s a whole other thing actually going to gay bars. I really want to continue our friendship because I really feel that I might be the only real positive Christian influence in his life. But maybe going to all these things might be seen as actually supporting his lifestyle. So do you think a person can actually support a gay friend without going to gay bars and meetings? It kinda feels like it’s just all talk if I don’t hang with him at these things that are important to him. It means a lot that he would ask me in the first place. That kind of trust is hard to find for him. So what the heck do I do?"

  • Tim LaHaye, CoAuthor of Left Behind, wins lawsuit against Christians. How do you feel about Christians suing Christians? Do you agree with his lawsuit or not?
    About eight years ago, Dr. LaHaye and co-author Jerry Jenkins sued Namesake Entertainment and Cloud Ten Pictures over the Left Behind movies. In the lawsuit, LaHaye accused Namesake Entertainment of fraud and argued that the company should never have allowed Cloud 10 Pictures to make the movies. The lawsuit has recently been settled and Dr. LaHaye feels he can now make the movies he originally wanted to make.

  • Canadians, who will you vote for - Harper, Dion, Layton, Other?
    If you were a Yank, who would you vote for: McCain / Palin or Obama / Biden? Normally we don’t do politics on this show, so all you political junkies, this may be your only chance to call in and tell the world why we should vote your way.

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Special Guests

  • Cristie Healey — Wife of Juno Award Winner, Jeff Healey
    Cristie was married to one of the world’s most legendary guitar players who passed away from Cancer only a few months ago at the age of 41, leaving behind their leaving behind their three year old son, Derek. Over the years Jeff had played with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, BB King, ZZ Top & Eric Clapton.

  • Barbara Wilson — Author of The Invisible Bond
    It's a past that haunts the present - Sabotaged relationships, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, an empty spiritual life. Sex will bind you up and tie you down. Why? It's just sex. But "just sex" means your body, soul, mind and spirit have become one with another. Released from a past of her own, Barbara Wilson now combines scientific research with Scripture to offer striking new insights about what sexual bonding is, why it is harmful, and how to move freely into your future.

  • Peter Scazzero — Author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
    This groundbreaking work on the integration of emotional health and contemplative spirituality has been written by a man who speaks regularly to pastors and leaders around North America on implementing the principles of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality into their personal lives & marriages. Pete has also authored The Emotionally Healthy Church, winner of the Gold Medallion Award for 2003 and is also the founder and senior pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, New York City.


  • Jim Leek — Morning Man on JOY 1250
    As many of you already know, the firefighter who died at the scene of that massive propane explosion in Toronto was actually the brother of JOY 1250’s morning man, Jim Leek. Jim will join us to pay tribute to his brother Bob Leek, and share how the last few weeks have been for him and his family.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a man feels bad about having kissed another married woman and wants to know if he should contact the husband to ask for forgiveness, or just leave it alone?
    "I’ve blown it. I really hope I haven’t destroyed two marriages in the process. I had no intention of anything like this happening. To keep this short, I found myself flirting with a colleague, spent a couple of times alone having some great chats (time alone - big mistake) then one night after some wine we talked about our mutual feelings for each other, which led to us kissing. We knew we had crossed the line and only talked via the internet a couple of other times, until foolishly we decided to see each other again. It was during this time that we decided to stop being so stupid. Unfortunately it was too little too late. The poor choices had been made. My colleague felt that she needed to come clean with her husband so now it’s out in the open. I feel even worse then I did before because now I’ve been forced to face the reality that I’ve hurt so many people, especially our spouses. My colleague and I don’t actually have any further feelings for each other. It was just our insecure egos being fed during moments of weakness. Here’s the question: do I attempt to make contact with her husband to apologise and ask for forgiveness or do I just leave it alone? Would apologizing make it worse or maybe help heal things between her and her husband? (FYI: my wife and I are working our way through this and taking some proactive measures to heal our marriage.)"

  • Should people stop supporting Todd Bentley’s ministry now that his affair is public or should people still give money towards The Florida Outpouring?
    Canadian faith healer Todd Bentley, the tattooed/pierced faith healer with Fresh Fire Ministries, has separated from his wife as a result of "new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff. In light of this new information and in consultation with his leaders and advisors, Todd Bentley has agreed to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal life." To give or not to give, that is the question!

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Special Guests

  • Jack Hanna — TV Personality & Author
    Animal expert "Jungle Jack" Hanna’s hands-on approach has won him widespread acclaim as Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, conservationist, author, television personality and lifelong adventurer. After twelve years hosting Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, he launched his latest syndicated TV series, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, a 2008 winner of the Emmy award. Recognized around the US as America’s favourite zookeeper, Jack has made countless appearances since 1983 on shows such as Good Morning America, the Late Show with David Letterman, Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Maury Show, Fox News programs and CNN News programs. Author of Jungle Jack, Romp, Stomp and Waddle, and other books, his timeless tales continue to captivate audiences from every generation.

  • JoBe Cerny — Actor, Writer, Producer, Director & The Pillsbury Doughboy!
    You might have heard him as one of the Raid Bugs or a Kellogg’s Raisin Bran’s Talking Raisin. Maybe you know him as the silent guy in the Cheer commercials or from his days with The Second City National Touring Company. Probably everyone knows him best as The Pillsbury Doughboy. Recently though, JoBe’s voice can be heard along with a stellar cast of notables like Jim Caviezel, Richard Dreyfuss, Marisa Tomei & Lou Diamond Philips, on The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible.

  • Nancy Ortberg — Best Selling Author & Speaker
    Nancy Ortberg served as a teaching pastor for eight years at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. During that time she led Network, a ministry that helps people identify their spiritual gifts and find a place of service in the church, and Axis, a weekly gathering for the eighteen- to twenty-something generation. She is a founding partner of TeamWorx2, a business and leadership consulting firm that provides fast-paced, practical, and compelling sessions to leaders and their teams. TeamWorx2 works with businesses, schools, nonprofits, and churches to address issues of organizational effectiveness and teamwork. Nancy is a gifted communicator who is passionate about helping people connect what they believe with their everyday lives. A highly sought-after speaker, Nancy has been a featured presenter at the Catalyst and Orange conferences, and has been a regular contributor to Rev! magazine. Nancy recently released two books, Looking for God and Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands.

  • Ellen Graf-Martin — R.G. Mitchell Family Books
    Ellen is without question, the best lady in Canada to ask about the Christian book market! She knows almost every book out there, inside and out! So we’ll find out from her which books are making waves this year and why.

  • Listen to The Shack
    As most of you know, The Drew Marshall Show is currently offering a copy of Drew’s latest favourite book, The Shack, for those who would like to financially support our show. We’ve never done a campaign like this before and would just simply ask you to Click Here for further details. However, Drew is aware that many who listen to his show are shut-ins or visually impaired and would therefore benefit greatly from simply playing the audio version of this compelling book. So, we are proud to present to you the audio version of The Shack - brought to you by Oasis Audio.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week... a young man wants to know if he should feel guilty about having no desire to "witness" or "evangelize".

    "I’ve pretty much grown up in the church, gone to Sunday school, youth group, and even Bible College. Every once in a while I get asked the question ‘When was the last time you led someone to the Lord?’ I have to be honest, I’m not sure that’s ever happened. Every time the subject comes up with people, I just sort of clam up. It’s not that I don’t believe that Jesus is who He claimed to be or that I’m embarrassed to be a Christian. It’s that every time I begin to share what I believe I can’t help but feeling that I’m trying to sell them something that they don’t want. I also know that there are going to be subjects brought up about my faith that I’m embarrassed about or ignorant about or unsure whether or not I actually believe. So, the question is, should I feel guilty that I haven’t sold Jesus to anyone, ever? Maybe I’m not a real Christian?"

  • Random Calls: "What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say...?"
    This season Drew will be making regular calls into the community to find out what people think about certain words. What does the rest of the world think about concepts like heaven or hell, Jesus or Satan, angels or demons, Billy Graham or Benny Hinn?

  • TDMS Free For All!!!!!
    We thought we’d start off our 6th season with the most compelling talkback segment we have. You never know what people are going to call in about during our Free For All! This is the only segment in which you - the callers - decide the topics. So give Drew a call and talk about whatever you want! Politics, religion, sports, yodelling - we don’t care.

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Talkback, etc.

  • D-Bay!
    Got something you want to sell? Give us a call and tell the world. From knick knacks (What the heck are knick knacks anyway?) to mobile homes - From Hummers to Stun Guns - anything goes. We won’t even charge commission! We just want to help YOU get rid of your crap!

  • Name That Preacher!
    We’ll play an audio clip of a famous preacher and the first one to call in and correctly identify the preacher - YOU WIN! Can you tell the difference between Benny Hinn and John Hagee? How about between Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer - now that’s a hard one!

  • Two Lies And A Truth!
    Drew will tell two lies and a truth about his personal life and if you correctly identify which detail is indeed a lie - YOU WIN! (Employees of TDMS and Drew’s relatives and parole officer are prohibited from participating.)

  • Three Headed Story Telling
    Join us for a crash course in Improv! The caller will join Drew and his co-host as they create a story, one word at a time, person by person. If you’re able to keep up and make a significant contribution to the insanity - YOU WIN!

  • Random Phone Calls
    Drew will randomly call phone numbers out of the phone book and ask them questions about God. This one could get a bit strange!

  • Useless Television Trivia
    We play the soundtrack from an old television show and if you're the first caller to guess which TV show it's from - YOU WIN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Special Guests

  • Kerri Pomarolli
    That's right folks! It's time for our semi-regular visit with our favourite (and only) Hollywood Correspondent!

  • Jacob Moon — Canadian Recording Artist
    Hard work and tenacity combined with incredible vocal, guitar and songwriting skills has earned Jacob Moon a solid reputation as an independent Canadian artist. His popular music videos on YouTube recently gained attention on a national level when rock legends Rush asked Moon to perform at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala. Geddy, Neil and Alex insisted that Jacob be there to play 'Subdivisions', which he performed on a Hamilton rooftop in his 2008 video (now at 200,000 hits). His performance was immediately followed by the biggest response of the evening (a standing ovation), and has led to some exciting new opportunities. Stylistically, Jacob Moon fits into the roots category, with some eclectic twists. His strong rhythmic sense is complemented by a keen ear for catchy melody and lyrical depth. He has an incredible command of the guitar (often sounding like an entire orchestra), and his renowned skill as a 'live looper' is in a league of his own. Seven CDs later, the opportunity to hear and experience a Jacob Moon show is not to be missed.

  • Listen to The Shack
    As most of you know, The Drew Marshall Show is currently offering a copy of Drew’s latest favourite book, The Shack, for those who would like to financially support our show. We’ve never done a campaign like this before and would just simply ask you to click here for further details. However, Drew is aware that many who listen to his show are shut-ins or visually impaired, and would therefore benefit greatly from simply playing the audio version of this compelling book. So during our last four shows of Season #5 we are proud to present to you the audio version of The Shack - brought to you by Oasis Audio.

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Special Guests

  • Stephen Paletta, Winner of Oprah’s Big Give
    Even before being chosen as "the biggest giver" on Oprah’s Big Give, the reality TV show on philanthropy, Stephen Paletta decided to dedicate his life to helping others. "A few years ago," he says, "someone challenged me to decide if my life was to be about significance or success." In 2004, he found his answer when he traveled to Rwanda -- a trip that changed his life. "The images and the people I got to know would not allow me to just go back to work and worry about making my own money." As a result, Stephen and his family financially adopted and continue too support 10 children in Africa. Since being awarded one million dollars for winning Oprah’s Big Give, Stephen founded a second nonprofit organization, Stephen’s Journey Foundation. Stephen’s Journey is dedicated to shining a light on social entrepreneurs around the world and the organizations they’ve founded and to provide a portal for donors to find effective, accountable grassroots nonprofit groups

  • David Kinnaman, Author of UnChristian & President of The Barna Group
    Christians are supposed to represent Christ to the world, but according to the latest report card, something has gone terribly wrong. Using descriptions like "hypocritical," "insensitive," and "judgmental," young Americans share an impression of Christians that’s nothing short of . . . unChristian. This book shares groundbreaking research into the perceptions of 16 to 29-year-olds which reveals that Christians have taken several giant steps backward in one of their most important assignments.


  • Susan Scott Krabacher, Former Playboy Bunny, President of Mercy & Sharing Foundation
    Susie is a dedicated humanitarian whose work with saving, feeding, and educating the poorest of the poor has been featured in People, Marie Claire, the Chicago Tribune, the Denver Post, the Canadian Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the LA Times. Susie’s work has also been broadcast on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was the recipient of the prestigious 2000 "International Humanitarian Award" from the National Association for the Advancement of Haitians in Washington D.C. She spends nearly every waking hour working on the kids, and draws no salary. All expenses of the M&SF affairs in the US are covered by Susie and her husband.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a couple wants to get your reaction to their pastor asking them to remove their child during a service.
    "About a month ago my husband and I were in church with our 4-year old son. Our son is a great boy with lots of personality. Everyone loves him. Sometimes we keep him with us during the service as opposed to taking him to the children’s program. We just feel that worshiping as a family is important to us. Anyway, during this particular service, our son was a little rambunctious and was a little chatty. However, he didn’t want to go to the children’s program that day, he wanted to be with his Dad and Mom. Long story short, about 15- minutes into the pastor’s message, the pastor stopped and asked us to take our child into the children’s program. Needless to say we were mortified. So we all just got up and left and haven’t been back since. We’re sill very angry with our pastor for doing this and would like your advice about what to do from here? Do we change churches or what?"

  • Saturday Survey: Should churches close in the summer?
    If your church decided to close in the summer, how would you react? Some feel that the community would see this as God taking holidays and that "ministry" should go on. After all, many people are dependant on the church. Others feel that taking a summer break would give a chance for volunteers to recharge and maybe get more involved with their neighbours. If you think this is such a good idea, why do very few churches actually close for "holidays"?

  • If a gay minister was invited to your church to preach would you verbally protest?
    The world's first openly gay Anglican Bishop was heckled during his message at a church in England recently. As the Bishop began, a young, long haired man clutching a motorcycle helmet, began to speak out his more conservative views. Would you have done the same or would have just sat quietly? Would you have walked out? Is there a time and a place for a public challenge and do you feel the time has finally come or do you feel that there are more appropriate ways to protest?

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Special Guests

  • Todd Komarnicki, Producer Of Elf
    Todd Komarnicki is a screenwriter, producer, director, actor, novelist, and was a producer of the 2003 Will Ferrell comedy, Elf. And make no mistake about it, here’s a guy right in the thick of the world’s powerbrokers and influencers who totally gets the whole "Prodigal Son" thing.


  • Jeff Hawkins, Former Scientologist Leader
    Jeff spent 35 years working for the Church of Scientology, all over the world, and at all echelons, including the top level at the Scientology International Base in Hemet, California. He left Scientology three years ago and has no further connection to corporate Scientology. Jeff is now currently active in exposing apparent incongruencies within the organization.

Talkback, etc.

  • Get Drew to ask your Scientology questions
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Scientology but were afraid to ask! Have you ever wanted to ask one of the most influential scientologists a question about what it is they actually believe and practice? Call us with your questions about scientology and he’ll ask them on your behalf.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a couple wants to know how to decide which church the kids should go to. The dad is Catholic and the mother is Baptist.
    "My husband and I just had a huge fight over which church we should be bringing our kids up in. He and his family are Catholic and think that if we don’t get our kids baptized in the Catholic church that they’re going to hell. My family grew up in a Baptist church and... well, to be honest, my parents think that Catholics are going to hell anyway. Both sets of parents have definite opinions on which church we should be raising our kids in. My husband sides with his family and I side with mine. This issue has caused some huge fights between us. What should we do?"

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Special Guests

  • Josh McDowell — Christian Apologist, Evangelist & Author
    In 1964, Josh joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ International. Not long after, The Josh McDowell Ministry formed to realize the vision of reaching young people worldwide with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Josh has spoken to more than 10 million young people through over 23,000 talks in at least 113 countries. Josh has worked to create many cutting-edge live events such as "Why Wait?," "Counter the Culture," and "Right From Wrong," in order to help young people learn to stay strong and stand firm in their faith in the face of a rapidly changing culture. During his 47 years of ministry, Josh has authored or co-authored 108 books, including More Than A Carpenter and Evidence That Demands A Verdict.

  • Ray Comfort — Founder of Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master
    His literature is used by the Moody Bible Institute, Leighton Ford Ministries, Campus Crusade For Christ, Institute in Basic Life Principles, and the Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research. He has also written more than 60 books and is a regular platform speaker at Southern Baptist State Conferences. His videos have been watched by thousands, and he has spoken in more than 700 churches, from almost every denomination. Ray is also a huge proponent of open air preaching - you know, those guys who stand on milk crates and preach at people whether they want to listen or not. However, he’s a good friend of Candace Cameron Bure so we thought we’d invite him as a guest anyway 🙂

  • Melinda Estabrooks Williams — Co-Host of 100 Huntley Street’s Full Circle
    Bruxy Cavey - Teaching Pastor from The Meeting House
    Evangelism - How? Why? When? Join us for this "hold no punches" roundtable discussion.


  • Dewey
    Several years ago, Dewey seemed to have the perfect life - a good job, a loving husband and three beautiful children. However, things were not as they seemed. Dewey’s marriage was in trouble and her husband was having an affair. Feeling that she’d had enough, Dewey told her husband of her plans to leave him and the children at home while she visited her sister on an extended trip. At first he agreed, but later that night he came home in a fitful rage. They had a loud argument that turned physical when they both fought for control of a knife. When it was over, she had a knife wound that left her blind in one eye and her husband lay dying from a chest and neck wound. She was charged with his murder and after accepting a plea bargain, was sentenced to five years in prison. Then came God!

Talkback, etc.

  • Evangelism Survey: Is there such a thing as "bad" evangelism or do you feel pretty much anything goes as long as someone gets "saved"?
    Bible tracts. T-shirts. Bumper stickers. Open-air street preachers. Crusades. Relationship evangelism. Church. Apologetics. Christian concerts. Books. Christian dramas meant to scare the hell out of you. Do you think that some forms of evangelism actually do more damage then good? Have you ever personally experienced or witnessed bad evangelism?

  • Old Testament / New Testament - What’s The Difference?
    What laws from the Old Testament are we still supposed to follow and what ones no longer apply to us followers of Christ? Why does God seem to be so violent in the Old Testament and yet so peaceful in the New Testament? The Jews seem to be a huge hit in the Old Testament and not so much in the New. How are we supposed to view God’s chosen people today? Anyone else confused?

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Special Guests

  • Shane Claiborne — Author Of Jesus For President
    "A different kind of campaign. A different kind of party. A different kind of Commander in Chief. Teaching, storytelling, art, music, and liturgy to provoke the political imagination. Turn off the TV, pick up the bible and join the revolution of political misfits and cultural refugees. Politics for ordinary radicals." This is Shane Claiborne - author, passive activist and new monastic.

  • Lorna Dueck — Globe & Mail Columnist, Host of Listen Up TV
    Lorna is the Executive Producer of the current affairs program Listen Up TV and a regular commentary writer on faith and public life in Canada’s largest national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Lorna was present in the House of Commons during the recent historic "apology" from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on behalf of all Canadians, to our First Nations people.

  • Donny Pauling — Former Pornographer
    Also formerly known in the porn industry as "Donovan Phillips", Donny was raised a Pastor's son. In the summer of 1997 he began a career as a photographer in the adult entertainment industry. His company produced more than a million pornographic images and hundreds of videos, and Donny's models appeared in publications owned by Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, and numerous other adult entertainment companies. Donny's porn career ended on Monday, September 25, 2006... the day he invited God to retake control of his life. (Originally aired October 21, 2006)


  • Barry Minkow — Former Convict, Co Founder of the Fraud Discovery Institute in San Diego, California
    For the first part of his life, Barry made headlines for being the youngest person in United States business history to take a company public before he was 21 years old. However, his company (which at one time had a $300 million dollar public stock evaluation) was built on fraud and deceit. He amassed over $20 million in loans from 15 different banks, including three investment banks and several private individuals - all for a company whose actual revenues were 86% less than what they reported and who never earned a profit in the five years it was in business. Unlike most white-collar criminals, Barry did not receive a slap on the wrist and an 18-month stay at a golf course prison camp for his crimes. He served almost seven & a half years, mostly served in maximum and medium security facilities and one of his cellmates was serving time for murder. As a result of this long prison stay, no one is better equipped to talk about the consequences of compromise than Barry. Since his release from prison, he has traveled the country speaking to law enforcement agencies like the FBI, public accounting firms, the Institute of Internal Auditors, private business, and the Pentagon. For the last 12 years, Barry has made monthly restitution payments to the final victim of his fraud. In October of 2005 the FBI wrote an official commendation letter acknowledging that Barry had been involved in uncovering some 13 cases totalling millions of dollars which law enforcement had no knowledge of prior to his involvement. As an expert on fraud, he has appeared on national television networks including Fox News, CNN and CNBC. Oh ya - he’s also a pastor.

Talkback, etc.

  • Do you think it’s possible to be 100% sure that you’re going to heaven?
    Eternal security - fun topic! According to the Bible, it sure seems that some people who think that they’re going to Heaven will be surprised to find out that they "missed it by that much." So doesn’t this suggest that none of us can be absolutely certain about our place in Heaven? When exactly do our names get written in the Book Of Life?

  • Paul Bernardo, Canada’s most despised serial killer, claims that he’s ready for parole and that he’s been rehabilitated. How do you feel about this?
    Do you think that serial killers can genuinely be rehabilitated and therefore released? Or are you one that feels rehabilitation is unlikely and that the proverbial key should be thrown away? Does rehabilitation necessarily equate being released earlier anyway? Can someone who has committed such vile acts, genuinely be "fixed"? Is it possible someone could be so evil that they might actually be beyond "saving", even from a spiritual point of view?

  • Should we be caring about the Indians / Native Canadians / Aboriginals / First Nations people more or do you think they’re already receiving special treatment?
    There’s no question that the atrocities carried out by the Canadian government and "the church" against our First Nations people were reprehensible, but some are feeling that enough is enough already. Do you think you should apologize personally or that the Prime Minister of Canada should apologize on your behalf? How much of a difference does an apology actually make, especially from people who had nothing to do with the original crimes committed?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... what advice would you give to a girl on how to stop being so sexually promiscuous? Is the advice you’d give to a girl any different then advice you would give to a guy? "I have a close friend of mine who was raped/sexually assaulted by her boyfriend a while ago. Since then, she's been quite affected by it and has resorted to sleeping with other men in order to erase the pain, I guess? I've spoken with her about simply taking it as it comes and saying no - and she recently told me that she was able to turn one guy down. Do your listeners have any advice on how she can overcome this terrible thing?"

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Special Guests

  • Aaron Neville — International Recording Artist
    This tough, tattooed man with the voice of an angel, oddly enough, has been strongly influenced by every woman in his life... Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Wife, and even Bette Midler & Linda Ronstadt! With one of the most recognized voices in the business, Aaron Neville has won 4 Grammy's and has recorded albums in every genre, from Gospel to Country to Jazz!

  • Mark Farner — Lead Singer of Grand Funk Railroad
    A true rock 'n roll legend, Mark Farner found fame and success at 20 years of age as the leader of one of America's biggest bands of the 1970s - the original Grand Funk Railroad. The band recorded 17 albums with total sales of more than 25 million records. Mark Farner is the unmistakable voice, guitarist, and songwriter that powered the original Grand Funk Railroad to 12 platinum and 15 gold albums.

  • Dr. Andrew Newberg — Featured In Bill Maher’s Upcoming Film Religulous
    Where do our beliefs come from, and why do we hold on to some of them even if there is evidence to the contrary? Why, for example, do we continue to be fascinated by God, religion, haunted houses, UFOs, conspiracy theories, and miracle cures, even when science can dispute many of these claims? Is it because we are uneducated, or are our brains designed to interpret and seek out such possibilities in the world? Simply put: Why do we believe what we believe? Andrew Newberg, MD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with secondary appointments in the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Religious Studies. He is Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Cardiology.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a man wants to know how to "un-become" a Christian. "I know this is going to be really hard for people to wrap their heads around but I’ve come to a point in my life that I just don’t believe in Christianity anymore. I’m not even sure there’s a God. So after many years of being a Christian, I want to stop. However, I have no idea how to do it. How do I un-Christian myself? I started this whole thing with a prayer, but I’m guessing this probably isn’t the way to end it. Do I just start telling people? I stopped attending church regularly a long time ago, but I still like to go every once in a while. That pretty much goes the same for praying, reading the Bible and any other "Christian discipline" out there. I’ve pretty much made my mind up but basically I’m not sure what the next move is. Does it all end with just a thought? To be honest though, if anyone has any parting words for me, I’d be happy to listen.

  • Can someone please give us some more information on this latest "revival"? "The Florida Outpouring - Come & Get Some!"
    We’d like to hear your opinions on this latest "revival" going on in Lakeland Florida, where apparently there have been over 15 people raised from the dead and hundreds healed. What do you folks know about this barefoot Canadian guy with all the tattoos and piercings? Does it concern you that he told everyone that the reason a little girl they had been praying for died, was so that she could be raised from the dead at this latest Pentecostal crusade?

  • Useless TV Trivia
    Always a favourite with the listeners of TDMS. (Explains a lot about our listeners really doesn't it?) Sorry, only our LIVE listeners get to hear the nonsense!

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Special Guests

  • Tim Conway — Comedian, Actor, Former Cast Member of The Carol Burnett Show
    The man who made Harvey Korman break up on The Carol Burnett Show time and time again, funnyman Tim Conway has been making the world laugh for more than six decades. From The Steve Allen Show & McHale's Navy, to often being paired up with the legendary Don Knotts in such Disney classics as The Apple Dumpling Gang, Tim’s most legendary character would probably be the master of many sports, the vertically challenged, Dorf!

  • Damon Allen — Leading All-Time Pro Football Passer, All Star Quarterback
    Damon Allen became pro football's all-time passing leader while playing for the Toronto Argonauts. A few weeks ago, 44-year-old Allen ended his football career after 23 seasons and having amassed 72,381 passing yards and another 11,914 along the ground. "Empirical evidence overwhelmingly confirms that Damon is the most prolific player in pro football history," said Argonauts chief executive officer Michael (Pinball) Clemons. "To run for almost 12,000 yards makes him one of the best rushers ever, to pass for a world record 72,381 yards makes him arguably the best passer. To do both and win four championships makes him iconic."

  • Jeff Allen — Comedian
    Jeff has performed on every US cable comedy show as well as Las Vegas and in churches all over North America. He has worked with such celebrities as Jerry Seinfeld, the Smothers Brothers, Barbara Mandrell and James Brown. He was a two-time featured performer at the National Prayer Breakfast, performed for the troops in Bahrain and on ships in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean as well as on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Showtime, and VH1's Standup Spotlight. Jeff regularly performs at the Grand Ole Opry and has performed at Montreal's Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival. He co-hosted the Gospel Music Associations 2002 Pre-Dove Awards and performed in HBO's US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen.

  • Ron McGehee — Comedian (Kerri Pomarolli’s Husband - Pray for him!)
    This Father’s Day will be Ron’s first! Ron has headlined at such venues as the World Famous Improv Comedy Clubs and The Comedy Store. He has appeared on Funny Farm TV and was a finalist in the NBC Laugh Factory Latino/Asian-American Comedy Showcase and in the 2002 "Orange County's Funniest Person Contest" where he went on to win in 2003. McGehee has also appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing 2 as a finalist.


  • Father’s Day With The Marshall Men
    Drew will be joined by his father, Grant Marshall, and his son, Josh Marshall, who just recently returned from living in Australia. Three generations celebrating Father’s Day together again!

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a lady wants advice on how to forgive her father? "Growing up my father was absolutely horrible to our family. He was never really around when my brother and I were young and then eventually after my mother found out he was cheating on her, he pretty much dumped us. I really want to try to have some sort of relationship with him but I have no idea how to do this. I guess the biggest obstacle for me would be the fact that I really just haven’t forgiven him. I know I’m supposed to forgive but I don’t really want to. After the way he treated my mom and my brother and I? It would be one thing if he came and asked for forgiveness but so far, that hasn’t happened yet. Knowing I should forgive is one thing. Actually forgiving - I’m not sure I can. But with Father’s Day coming up again, it’s made me want to try. Does anyone have any advice for me?"

  • What’s the best memory you have of your Dad?
    If we think really, really hard, we can all come up with a favourite memory of our beloved dads. So give us a call and let’s give our dads a break this year! It’s time to remember the good stuff. The funny stuff! And yes, the embarrassing stuff!

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Special Guests


  • Ronalee Allen — Dec 16, 1965 - May 30, 2008
    Last week, an avid listener of TDMS and a member of our online forums (Blessed5x) was tragically killed in a car accident. Today, Ronalee's husband Shawn and her children join us in studio to pay tribute to a woman who was "blunt, honest, compassionate, and an open book for all. That's why she LOVED your show! That's also why she could get under the skin of many. Her life was about others - our children, our foster children. She lived by the mantra that 'if we don't do it, who will?'" Just before the accident, Ronalee found out that they were finally going to be able to adopt the one-year old baby boy they had been fostering - the same child that was in the car with her - the same child Ronalee was able to save one last time by swerving to avoid a head-on collision!

  • Alisa Johnson — Christian Atheist
    Alisa grew up in a Jewish family but pretty much faded into religious obscurity over the years until one of her co-workers introduced her to a local church. Even though Alisa would consider herself an atheist, this church welcomed Alisa despite her unwillingness to buy into the Jesus program entirely. They eventually offered her a position as a home church leader for the last year. Maybe this is why Alisa feels that this church is like family? She knows without a shadow of a doubt that she is loved even though she hasn't signed the contract!

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a young lady wants to know how to tell her parents that she's pregnant! "I've missed my period and so I tried a pregnancy kit. It says I'm pregnant. So now I need to tell my parents who I know are totally going to freak because they are huge Christians. Anyways, what I really want to know is how do I tell my parents and when? Should I tell them now or wait until I see a doctor first just to make sure I really am pregnant? Or should I tell them now? Seriously, this is going to totally wreck them so does anyone have some advice as to how I should do this?"

  • Should a disruptive autistic teenager be allowed to remain in the church service?
    A teenage boy's disruptive and erratic behaviour has led his church to obtain a restraining order as the church leadership feels that his presence threatens the safety of other parishioners. The mother feels strongly that the church has over reacted and denies allegations that her son Adam, who is more than 6 feet tall and weighs over 225 pounds, has "hit a child, nearly knocked over elderly parishioners while bolting from his pew, has spit at people and has urinated in the church." Has the church gone too far or should the mother just try another church? Apparently, watching church on TV from home is not an option because not actually going to Catholic Mass is a sin.

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Special Guests

  • Jackie & Dan Evans — Contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser
    Jackie & Dan Evans are the mother and son team from Frankfort, Illinois who joined NBC's The Biggest Loser 5. Jackie and her husband founded a non-profit organization, Reach Out for Life, which take care of youth at risk. The organization has now grown to include a summer camp for kids and Jackie handles 50 employees year-round, thus she has no time at all to cook for her family. They lived on fast food, depriving them of the right nutrition for their growing needs. Jackie then convinced her son to join The Biggest Loser last year. The two often dined at the Olive Garden, which was Jackie's weakness. Jackie and her son, Dan wanted to overcome their weight problem together. Jackie entered the competition weighing 246 lbs & Dan initially weighed 310 lbs.

  • Joel Auge — Christian Recording Artist (Performing LIVE In Studio)
    Imagination. Authenticity. Romance. These four words explain the art and the heart of this Canadian worship artist. Former front man of the band Hewitt, Joel has blown away the industry with his relentless vocal control and penetrating songwriting. Whether it's as itinerant worship leader for The Meeting House or sharing his unique lyrical perspective and unforgettable delivery on mainstream stages across Canada or to television audiences across North America, the UK, France and Australia, Joel writes and sings with one intention: to live the truth of God's grace.

  • Phil Cooke — Author of Branding Faith - Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact Culture and Others Don't
    As the only Hollywood producer with a PHD in Theology, Phil's books highlight the desperate need for change in the world of Christendom. Whether your goal is to share a message of faith, raise money for charity, preach salvation, promote a great cause, or give your audience hope, Phil Cooke describes the new rules for communicating your message in the 21st century. Branding Faith is about to change the way religion and culture interact - and the way churches, religious organizations, and other non-profits use the media to tell their story.


  • Traci
    Traci is a single mother of two children whose life has recently been impacted by a local church. She contacted the local women's shelter and resource centre to find help. Traci and her children had been living in a motel and finally had an opportunity to move. However, she had no one to help her move. The women's shelter suggested she contact Orangeville Baptist Church. They said they would do what they could, knowing that the odds of finding people to help on a long weekend would be slim. On moving day, not only did about 25 people show and had her moved and set up in about two hours, they even brought coolers filled with food and groceries for Tracey and her kids. Now that's Church!

Talkback, etc.

  • Fat Christians - Is that an oxymoron?
    A recent study published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion found that 27% of Baptists and 20% of other fundamentalist Protestants are obese. Those figures contrast sharply with only 1% obesity among Jews, Muslims and secular people. So if "the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit" and we're supposed to "beat our body into submission," and gluttony is a sin...

  • Do you see anything wrong with buying lottery tickets?
    Is this gambling? What if you tithe 10% of your winnings? If buying lottery tickets is wrong then what about mutual funds or stock market investments? Casinos? Online poker? Betting on sports or at the track? And let's get really wild here... what about church bingos or raffles?

  • Does the fact that Penthouse now owns an online Christian dating service bother you?
    One of the world's most infamous porn magazines now effectively owns one of the largest Christian online dating sites due to a recent corporate transaction. Is there any difference between this and your local cable provider carrying subscription porn channels? Would you cancel your cable because of this? Do you think that Christians should boycott ?

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Special Guests

  • Sandi Patty — Contemporary Christian Recording Artist
    Three decades into her career, this Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee with 39 Dove Awards, five Grammy Awards, and an armload of platinum and gold albums has just released another gem Songs For The Journey.

  • Chris Rice — International Recording Artist
    With many of his songs recorded by the likes of Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli and John Tesh, his style has been compared by many to James Taylor & American singer/songwriter David Wilcox. Chris Rice's latest release What A Heart Is Beating For has just proven again, why he keeps being nominated for awards, year after year.

  • James Beverley — Professor of Christian Thought and Ethics, Tyndale University
    Oprah's latest spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle, has many wondering if they're missing some great new spiritual teaching. Is this "new spirituality" of Oprah dangerous or shall we simply dismiss the claims of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose? Dr Beverley is the Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, California and a Professor at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Beverley's specialties include studies in World and New Religions, Charismatic Christianity, Roman Catholic Theology, and Christian Ethics.

  • Judi Vankevich — The Manners Lady
    For all you parents out there who woke up this morning and finally realized that your kid has the manners of a lab rat - have no fear! The Manners Lady Is Here! Featured on CBS This Morning, Canada AM, CBC, The Boston Globe, The Toronto Star and Focus on the Family, Judi has become internationally known and loved by children and parents alike. Her vision is to influence the next generation in civility, self-government and self control by teaching important life principles and good manners in a fun way! Judi is an award-winning recording artist and entertainer. Her CD, It's Fun to Have Good Manners, won the Covenant Award for Best Children's Album of the Year and was nominated for the West Coast Music Award.

Talkback, etc.

  • Should arranged marriages be legal in North America?
    "If you're a lonely guy tired of the dating scene, why not marry our daughter?" That's from a website that arranges marriages with under age girls. "Our 15 year old daughter Mary wasn't very popular and did nothing but mope around the house bringing everybody down, so we decided to marry her off through your site. Now our house is a lot cheerier and we love our new swimming pool and Jacuzzi! We've told our youngest that when she turns 15 we're going to marry her off too!" Roger Mandervan from joins us to defend this somewhat bizarre and dated tradition.

  • Archie Robertson takes your calls
    As a Pastor of twenty eight years, Archie decided that he had seen too many marriages end in divorce and very often over seemingly irresolvable issues surrounding finances. He learned that one of the most erosive forces in marriages and relationships is debt and a lack of wealth-building principles. Archie set out to learn how money working for people instead of people working for money can help build healthy homes and healthy relationships. Home Equity Investment Rewards is a Canadian wealth building company that systematically and successfully coaches families and individuals on how to become debt and mortgage free while at the same time teaching them how to build wealth.

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Special Guests

  • Anne Rice — Best-Selling Author of the Vampire Chronicles
    "In 1998 I returned to the Catholic Church. After years of pondering and searching, the great gift of faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, as Our Savior, came back to me on a December afternoon, and I went home to the church of my childhood, becoming a member and supporter of it with my whole soul. In 2002, I experienced another transformation. While sitting in Church, talking to Lord, I realized that the greatest thing I could do to show my complete love for Him was to consecrate my work to Him --- to use any talent I had acquired as a writer, as a storyteller, as a novelist --- for Him and for Him alone. I walked out of the church a changed person. I felt that I had consecrated myself to the Lord in whom I completely believed. Thence began my journey into intense Biblical study, intense historical research, and intense effort to write novels about the Jesus of Scripture, the Jesus of Faith, in His own vibrant First Century World. Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt, was the first novel to appear. Christ the Lord, the Road to Cana is the second. I hope and pray there will be more." Anne Rice

  • Chuck Colson — Author, Commentator, Columnist
    Charles Colson is the founder of Prison Fellowship. His radio broadcast, BreakPoint, airs daily to five million listeners. Former Counsel to President Richard Nixon, Colson converted to Christianity before spending time in prison on a Watergate-related charge. Colson has written more than twenty books, including Born Again, the contemporary spiritual classic Loving God, and with coauthor Ellen Vaughn, the groundbreaking God and Government. His latest release The Faith - Given Once, For All (Jude 3): What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters, Colson identifies the unshakable tenets of the faith that Christians have believed through the centuries truths that offer a ground for faith in uncertain times, hope and joy for those who despair, and reconciliation for a world at war with God and itself.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Recently Celebrating Her First Mother's Day!
    That's right folks! It's time for our semi-regular visit with our favourite (and only) Hollywood Correspondent!


  • Emily
    Writer and artist Emily Wierenga grew up as a pastor's kid who ended up disgracing the title by becoming Anorexic. Even after 'recovering' from the disease at age 13, she struggled with knowing how to eat and live as a Christian. After battling the disease for a second time at age 23, then returning home with her husband to care for her mother who has brain cancer, Emily is starting to realize that life and faith are, indeed messy, and cannot be explained, only experienced. Emily currently has a book being published and is a staff reporter for The Presbyterian Record.

Talkback, etc.

  • To spank or not to spank?
    It's been a while since we’ve talked about this one folks. What better weekend to discuss the issue of corporal punishment. Some folks think that if you spank, you’re a child abuser. Some folks think if you don’t spank, you’re a tree huggin’ hippy. Which side are you on?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week... a mother feels like she’s failed as a parent because her daughter is a lesbian.

    “I am a parent with a daughter who has just recently come out gay. I just recently found out, along with everyone else in the family. We are for the most part a devout Christian family, but my daughter has for some time strayed away, and has recently become very anti-Christian (she now describes herself as a Wiccan). Everyone was afraid something like this was going to happen. She has recently declared herself a "feminist" which really worries me. I honestly don't know what to do. I tried going to her school, but her school promotes her lifestyle, and she now simply refuses to go to Church, so I feel that is not an option. I totally feel like I’ve failed as a parent. What advice can you give me?”

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Special Guests

  • Michael Damian — Soap Opera Star, Screenwriter, Director, Recording Artist
    From 18 years on the hit television show Young & The Restless and a recurring role for two seasons on NBC's The Facts of Life to landing the starring role in the Broadway production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Michael's career never seems to slow down. He's also had a number of top 40 hits including his #1 single Rock On, which earned him his first gold record. More recently though, Michael and his wife Janeen, wrote and produced a movie inspired by events in Janeen's life called Moondance Alexander, released on DVD this week!

  • Squire Rushnell — ABC Television Executive, Author of the When God Winks book series
    Louise DuArt - Author & Comedic Impressionist The research says, that people who pray with their spouses 'a lot', compared to people who pray with their spouses 'sometimes', find that their lives and marriages improve, often with astonishing results. According to SQuire & Louise, "This is our promise to any couple who takes The 40 Day Prayer Challenge agreeing to pray together, five minutes a day, for 40 days:
    -Satisfaction in lovemaking soars
    -Spousal communication elevates
    -Respect rises
    -Agreement becomes the norm
    -Happiness is a way of life."


  • Margaret
    Margaret's parents did not want a second child so from the time she was born, she was rejected. Hit with belts and wooden spoons, her hands fed through the wringer of an old fashioned wringer-washer, and made to do all the household chores, Margaret was starved from food and affection. Her parents, wanting to get rid of her for good, forced her into an abusive marriage at the age of 18. She finally left her husband and ended up living on the streets. Thank God she didn't end up taking her own life, as was planned. Thank God Kerr Street was there for her.

Talkback, etc.

  • Would you step in if you saw a woman being abused in public?
    This week a stranger stabbed and killed a woman outside a small strip mall north of Toronto. The woman's husband stepped in to help, and he was also stabbed and eventually succumbed to his injuries. Then the stranger turned the knife on himself, but failed to take his own life. Recent news surveys suggest that most people would not get involved in such an situation as a result of hearing this story. Here's the question: what would Jesus do? What would you do? What if the victim was someone you cared about? Or if the victim was a total stranger?

    The Counsel Of Many! Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... (Bumped from last week) a man wants to know how soon after the death of his wife should he start dating. "My wife was killed in a car accident about six months ago and I've been thinking about dating again. I've been really lonely and I know this sounds bad but it's been incredibly difficult going so long without being intimate with anyone. I'm not even talking sex, just being close with someone. I also have three kids under the age of 10. I know I have to take their feelings into consideration, but it seems like they are coping better than I am! So, can I start dating or should I wait? And if I have to wait, for how long?"

  • Should Christian ministries be allowed to fire gays?
    Christian Horizons, one of Canada's largest Christian ministries dedicated to caring for the disabled, was fined $23,000 & forced to pay two years worth of wages by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for allegedly discriminating against a former homosexual employee. Apparently, this lady felt pressured into quitting her job after she entered into a homosexual relationship - which was in violation of her work contract. The Christian ministry requires that all its employees sign "morality statements" vowing to abstain from immoral behaviour, including pornography, pre-marital, extra-marital, and homosexual activity as a condition of employment. Does this organization have the right to enforce these types of employment contractual obligations?

  • Quick Saturday Survey: Has prayer made any tangible difference in your life?
    When was the last time you actually witnessed a supernatural answer to one of your prayers? Not just something easily explained away simply by enough time passing or the fact that whatever it was you were praying for was probably going to happen despite your prayers. We all know that "NO" is still an answer and that God is not a supernatural Santa Claus simply giving us everything we ask for, but would you say that praying to God has really made any huge tangible difference in your life? If so - how? Or are you one of the many who are fed up and completely frustrated with unanswered prayer?

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Special Guests


  • Simon and Jenn
    As a married couple, Simon and Jenn are "Celebrating Recovery" from sexual addiction to pornography and love/sex/relationship addiction. Through their participation in a Christ-centered 12-Step Celebrate Recovery program, they have found freedom from their past hurts and sexual addictions. "Our world today is saturated with wrong messages about sex and very few people are hearing God's truth about sexual morality."

Talkback, etc.

  • TDMS wants to take over the world - should we ask for money or not?
    Hardly a week goes by that Drew doesn't have someone say to him, "Dude, the rest of the world needs to hear your show," or "I wish our local station carried The Drew Marshall Show," or "Man, I can't believe how incredibly handsome you are!" So beginning September 2008, we'd like to spread the love. Our goal is to provide a FREE 1-Hour Best Of TDMS program to every Christian radio station in Canada. Then the U.S.A. - then the WORLD! (Christian radio rarely pays for programming - For the most part, American ministries pay stations to have their show aired! Nice gig, huh?) So will you help us take over the world? A couple of things need to be cleared up first:

    1. TDMS draws NO salary! The radio station we broadcast the show from pays TDMS nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Bupkis. The only way TDMS makes any money is through paid advertising.
    2. www.drewmarshall.ca is a FREE site & we'd like to keep it that way! For the last 5 years, TDMS has consistently provided high calibre online content - FREE.
    3. We Don't Want To Make You Subscribe! - That's just wrong!
    4. We Don't Want To Ask For Donations! - That's even wronger!

    SO... how do we ask you to support us without ticking you off and losing the love? Or has this just got "bad idea" all over it?

  • Should television personality Bill Maher be fired for what he said about the Pope?
    TV host Bill Maher addressed the Catholic Church abuse scandal on his HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher, but in a way that has some Catholics calling for the network to take him off the air. The Catholic pro-life organization American Life League has launched FireBillMaher.com, claiming "Bill Maher slanderously attacked the pope and Catholics everywhere, and for that he MUST be fired!" On the April 11 episode of Real Time Maher referred to the Catholic Church as "a child-abusing religious cult" and claimed that Pope Benedict "used to be a Nazi."

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Special Guests

  • Ricky Skaggs — Grammy Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    From the Grand Ole Opry, to 12 number one hits and six top 10 singles during, Ricky Skaggs has earned dozens of industry awards, including 13 Grammy Awards and eight awards from the Country Music Association including Entertainer of the Year. This singer-songwriter, session musician, bandleader, producer & arranger has gone from teen prodigy to one of the world's most renowned country & bluegrass entertainers in the world. Thirteen-time Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs is still keeping his place at the top of Billboard's Bluegrass albums chart with his new record Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass: Tribute to 1946 and 1947.

  • Mandisa — Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist, American Idol Finalist
    Placing ninth in the fifth season of American Idol, was just the beginning of an incredible career. Mandisa was a backup singer for Christian author and speaker Beth Moore but shot to fame during her audition for American Idol when Idol judge Simon Cowell made several comments about Mandisa's weight during her audition. This would be one of the reasons Mandisa would entitle her 2007 album "True Beauty". When Mandisa appeared before the judges prior to the final cut-down to the season's 24 semi-finalists, she told Simon: "What I want to say to you is that, yes, you hurt me and I cried and it was painful, it really was. But I want you to know that I've forgiven you and that you don't need someone to apologize in order to forgive somebody. I figure that if Jesus could die so that all of my wrongs could be forgiven, I can certainly extend that same grace to you." Cowell told Mandisa that he was "humbled" and apologized to her immediately.

  • Tri Robinson — Author of Small Footprint, Big Handprint: How to live simply and love extravagantly
    We need a smaller footprint. The pursuit of the North American dream has left most of us empty, stretched in nine different directions and self-absorbed. Aside from the occasional natural disaster, we've all but forgotten about the people around the world and down the street who need us and need us to live differently. We need to live more simply. However. we want to make a bigger handprint. In a world crying out for help, we struggle to believe we can make a difference. But reformation starts with people who have one idea they believe can change their world and the power of God's love changes everything. We need to love more extravagantly. The world is changing whether we like it or not. The question that begs to be answered is this: Will you sit by idly and watch it change for the worse or will you allow God to put you on the forefront of changing it for the better? Small Footprint, Big Handprint is your invitation to embark on a journey for the latter.


  • Mike & Sue Todd
    Former Bay Street executive Mike Todd, soon figured out that he and his wife were going to run into problems having children. IVF, miscarriages, fertility drugs & clinics - all with no results. After depression eventually hit both of them, Mike and Sue made the decision to move out to British Colombia. They also decided to have their seven frozen embryos sent over from Toronto and asked God to really to settle this issue once and for all in their hearts. During the trip from Toronto to Vancouver, all of the embryos were destroyed. Was this confirmation or did God fail them?

Talkback, etc.

  • What's God been teaching you these days?
    This is a question many of us should really be asking each other. There's something refreshing about being communally aware of God's movements. So, what has God been teaching you lately and how has He been doing it?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week...a young lady wants to know if she should break up with her boyfriend of 5 years because he won't propose. "I'm 29 years old and I've been dating the same guy for over 6 years now. We have a great relationship and I really love him. We've talked about marriage a bunch of times and he says he wants to marry me, but honestly, he shows absolutely no signs of it actually happening. My friends keep telling me that I need to let him go and move on because they just think he's stringing me along and has no intention of marrying me. I'm so confused because I really do love him but if he's not going to propose, then I might miss the guy who will. I've prayed about it but haven't really been given a clear sign from God as to what I should do. WHAT SHOULD I DO?"

  • TDMS Free For All
    We've had a few people suggest that they would like to have a semi regular "free for all" segment where people could call in and talk about anything - past topics or current issues. Or maybe even ask Drew something about his personal life or his opinion on a variety of subjects. (Like we don't get enough of that already!) So back by popular demand - It's an absolute free for all folks! Got something you'd like to sell? Looking for something to buy? Want to trade children with another family? Give us a call and talk to Drew about anything you'd like! Dangerous, but electrifying nonetheless!
    Sorry, only our LIVE listeners get to hear the nonsense!

  • Useless TV Trivia
    Always a favourite with the listeners of TDMS. (Explains a lot about our listeners really doesn't it?)
    Sorry, only our LIVE listeners get to hear the nonsense!

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Special Guests

  • Preacher Idol Winners
    It was a close one last week and the celebrity judges changed the final outcome. Joining us in studio will be our Grand Prize winner, as well as our 1st and 2nd runner ups - Priscilla Serwaa & Ruth Wilkinson.

  • Wayne Jacobson — Author of So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore
    As the director of Lifestream Ministries, Wayne wanders around the planet helping people sort out what Jesus really taught. He’s the author of So You Don’t Want to Go To Church Anymore, He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection, Authentic Relationships: Discovering the Lost Art of One Anothering, In My Father’s Vineyard, Tales of the Vine, and The Naked Church and co-hosts a podcast at The God Journey. For 20 years he was a pastor and also a Contributing Editor to Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal. Wayne was a collaborator on The Shack and a co-owner of its publisher, Windblown Media, and in his spare time, he acts as a mediator of religious conflicts in public education as the President of BRIDGEBUILDERS.

  • Les Kotzer — Author & Lawyer
    As a Wills and Estates lawyer since 1989, Les focuses his practice on avoiding and resolving inheritance disputes. His books, The Family War - Winning The Inheritance Battle & The Family Fight - Planning To Avoid It provide insight and strategies to help you plan to avoid inheritance disputes using a plain language. Money and death can do strange things to families. Les has been a regular guest on TV and radio across North America including CNN, Fox & Friends and many others.


  • Eric Volz
    In November 2006, Eric was sentenced to a 30-year prison term in Nicaragua following his conviction for the rape and murder of his ex-girlfriend, Doris Jimenez, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Having spent just over a year in a Nicaraguan prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Eric’s eventual release was even bumbled by a corrupt and inept judicial system. Fast forward to today. Sitting in a Mexican prison is a Canadian woman who has been held by Mexican authorities because her boss was involved in an apparent investment scam. Today, Eric will share some of his journey through his hellish ordeal and also shed some light on the fate of Brenda Martin.

Talkback, etc.

  • The spirituality of OPRAH! Do you think she is as dangerous as some people suggest or do you like her brand of spirituality?
    Like her or not, Oprah is touted by some as being the most powerful woman in the world. But what about her spirituality? Some say she’s a Christian while others claim she’s a dangerous, New Age, pluralist leading the multitudes astray. What do you think?

  • Should a Christian radio station have opposed children dressing up as opposite sex during dress up week at a primary school?
    Recently, a local resident called a Milwaukee based Christian radio station to complain about the fact that a primary school was encouraging their students to come to school dressed as the opposite sex. According to The Associated Press, “Students had been dressing in costume all week as part of an annual school tradition called Wacky Week. On Friday, students were encouraged to dress either as senior citizens or as members of the opposite sex.” The radio station turned this issue into such a big deal that the Principal eventually made the decision to cancel this day during future Wacky Weeks.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week… a man wants to know what advice he should give his friend who reports having strange paranormal activity happening in her house. "I've got a friend who told me that there are some really strange things happening in her house. Toys turning on by themselves; taps turning on by themselves; things going missing; the kids are having regular nightmares; the whole family is having sleepless nights. These people aren't like full on Christians or anything like that. I have no idea what to do to help them or what advice to give."

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Special Guests


  • Wendy & Heather
    A woman volunteering at a post abortion support group has really connected with one of the participants. Both have agreed to join us to talk about their journey. One of them is a woman who wanted to reach out to other women that just really needed the love and support without an agenda or condemnation - the other, a woman who found herself on the other side of a personal choice which impacted her in a way she never expected. One with a Christian worldview - the other, still processing her spiritual journey. Yet both lives, both worldviews, have intersected... despite their different belief systems.

Talkback, etc.

  • Should the authorities take away the remaining children from a family who watched their 11-year old daughter die while waiting for her to be healed by God?
    An 11-year old girl died on Easter Sunday as a result of complications due to diabetes. Actually, she died because her family believed God would heal her so they refused medical treatment for their daughter. The family's three other teenagers were temporarily removed from the home and are expected to return to their parents once an investigation of the girl's death wraps up. Do you think the local authorities should permanently remove these children from their parent's custody or allow them to stay in their care?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a man wants advice on how to convince his wife to increase the frequency in their sex life. "I've heard on your show several times how a married couple having sex only ten times a year or so is so unimaginable. My wife and I are Christians who have a good marriage in most ways, for many years, but I wish I could find a way to entice her to have sex more than our average of 5 or 6 times per year. Nothing I say or do makes much of a difference to that rate. I end up doing the housework as a way to vent my anger and frustration. I could go for outside help but I don't want to shame my wife by talking openly about this. She doesn't get it and I want help. I have just enough hope to believe that the Counsel Of Many might have some twist on this that I haven't thought of. I'll be disappointed if all I hear is "get outside help" or "spend more time with her" because I'm already doing all that and more. I play with the kids, I listen, I get into her feelings, I even know her love languages. Now what?"

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Special Guests

  • John Tesh — Author, Composer, Broadcaster, Recording Artist
    John is an incredibly gifted and successful musician, world traveler, prolific composer, and past television sports commentator for the Olympic Games on NBC. He is the former co-host of Entertainment Tonight and currently produces and hosts Music and Intelligence For Your Life, heard each day by almost eight million listeners on over 350 radio stations!

  • Louise DuArt — Author, Comedian
    Just off her recent tour with the co-stars of the Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway & Harvey Korman, celebrity impressionist Louise DuArt joins us for our April Fool's Day Special! Discovered by Donna Summer on the hit TV show Star Search, Louise has been making jaws drop all over the world. Her uncanny impersonations of everyone from Barbara Walters to Judge Judy, Joan Rivers to Jane Fonda, and Barbara Streisand to George Burns, have landed her on such television shows as Entertainment Tonight and Hollywood Squares

  • Victoria Jackson — Actress, Comedian, Musician
    Appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson over 20 times was just the beginning. Victoria eventually joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live and worked with the likes of Dennis Miller, Steve Martin, Demi Moore, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman & Joe Piscopo. This comedienne, actress and musician also has a spiritual side to her that is genuine and sincere.


  • Tal Prince — Host of Tal Prince Live
    Hooked on pornography at age 8, an addiction which continued until he was 32, Tal Prince didn't believe that God could possibly use him. He was sure that if people knew where he'd been, what he'd done and who he was they couldn't possibly love him. But God in his mercy has a way of pursuing us, even while we are in rebellion and hostile to him. After being in recovery for several years from sexual and pornography addiction, he finally learned that if he surrendered his secret life to God, that He would take all of his struggles and brokenness and use them for His purpose. "By honestly acknowledging what was going on in my life, I have been able to move forward towards transformation. That is what 'Tal Prince Live' is really about - transformation through openness and transparency. God always uses the unlikely to accomplish his purposes, and I'm definitely that. I used to always fear that I was unlikable. Now I know that I'm just unlikely."

Talkback, etc.

  • Drew's Favourite Internet Funnies
    Ya ya ya... we all know there's a bunch of nasty stuff on the internet, but DANG! there sure are some pretty good funnies as well. Drew will share some of his favourite internet funnies - ones that will actually translate over the radio.

  • Guess That Sound Bite
    What better day to indulge in such frivolous immaturity. We'll play a sound bite - you guess what it is - you win absolutely nothing!

  • Useless RadioBite
    Join Drew & his co-host Tim Miller as they eat up a perfectly good air time with nonsense from callers and a practical joke on his son who was sleeping in his bed Down Under!

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Special Guests

  • Dyan Cannon — Hollywood Icon
    You might recognize her as Judge Jennifer "Whipper" Cone on the hit TV show Ally McBeal or from the Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon movie Out to Sea. Of course many of you will remember her Oscar nominated role in the 1969 pop-culture classic Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Dyan was again was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Heaven Can Wait, but what many don't know is that Dyan Cannon is totally in love with Jesus!

  • Dr. Deepak Chopra — Physician, Philosopher & Author of The Third Jesus
    In The Third Jesus, best-selling author and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra provides an answer to this question that is both a challenge to current systems of belief and a fresh perspective on what Jesus can teach us all, regardless of our religious background. There is not one Jesus, Chopra writes, but three: 1/ The historical Jesus, the man who lived more than two thousand years ago and whose teachings are the foundation of Christian theology and thought. 2/ The Jesus the Son of God, who has come to embody an institutional religion with specific dogma, a priesthood, and devout believers. 3/ The cosmic Christ, the spiritual guide whose teaching embraces all humanity, not just the church built in his name. He speaks to the individual who wants to find God as a personal experience, to attain what some might call grace, or God-consciousness, or enlightenment.


  • Heidi Cave
    Heidi was 23 years old in 1998 when the car she was driving was hit so hard that it tumbled into a ravine, caught fire, and killed her friend sitting in the passenger's seat. Heidi was burned on over 52 percent of her body. Heidi has since endured more than 20 surgeries and had both legs amputated below her knees. Still, she never gave up. She is compassionate. She is hopeful. She is ambitious. She is a survivor. WHY?

Talkback, etc.

  • What's your reaction to our interview with Deepak Chopra?
    Join Bruxy Cavey and Drew as they discuss their time with Deepak Chopra and take your calls.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week: a young man wants to get baptized but his parents don't approve!

    "I've been going to a youth group with some friends of mine and a few weeks ago we went away to Snow Camp. I decided I wanted to become a Christian that weekend when the speaker was talking. Now this church is having a baptism service and I want to get baptized then along with a couple of my other friends. The problem is that my parents don't want me to. They think this is all going a bit too far. They don't go to church so they don't understand. I'm so totally fired up and just want to do this. I know this is what Jesus wants me to do but I'd pretty much have to keep it a secret from my parents. What should I do?"

  • Prayer
    Every once in a while we open up the phone lines for people to call in and ask our thousands of listeners to pray for their loved ones. We thought that since is our Easter Special, that this might be a perfect time to do it again!

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Special Guests

  • Frank Warren — Creator of PostSecret
    Everyone has secrets. What's yours? The book of James says to confess our sins to one another and we'll be healed. Well maybe you need to send a postcard to Frank Warren since it's hard to trust our "friends". He's seen them all - funny, heartbreaking, shocking, but all are revealing! PostSecret is a community art project where people release their secrets by anonymously mailing them on a homemade postcard. Frank Warren started PostSecret in November, 2004 and has since received well over 100,000 secrets from all over the world. The website receives over 4 million hits per month and has led to the publishing of two PostSecret books containing some of the more poignant postcards he's received.

  • Tom Hamer — Family Lawyer
    Unfortunately, divorce is a reality - Christian or not! So why do we hear very little legal advice from the Christian media? Not talking about it won't make it go away. Tom Hamer will give us his expert legal advice to assist couples experiencing relationship breakdown. Maybe Tom's advice will help couples maintain their dignity and integrity while solving their differences respectfully and maintaining their highest priorities for their children and themselves. www.collaborativepractice.com

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week - a couple wants to know if they should circumcise their son.

    "My husband and I are wondering whether or not we should have our son circumcised. My husband is, so we thought maybe our son would be more comfortable being like his dad. But we also don’t really want him to go through so much pain. Our doctor told us that circumcision is a good thing in countries where people don’t wash as much but that it’s not really necessary here in North America. The big question for us is, as a Christian family, does God want us to circumcise our son?"

  • Do you think that there’s too much of an emphasis on "worship music" in the church these days or not enough?
    In the last 20 years there seems to have been a massive trend towards "contemporary worship music." We’ve got worship pastors, worship teams, worship bands, worship equipment, worship budgets, worship concerts, and worship CDs. Some would say that the multi-million dollar worship industry has succeeded at getting us to worship worship. Do you think we focus too much on it or are you totally fine with the huge popularity of worship music today?

  • Useless Irish TRIVIA
    Join co-host Tim Miller and Drew as they fill the airwaves with over 30-minutes of nonsense. One of the best half hours of radio in the history of broadcasting people!

  • Confession Time — What’s the dumbest thing you did when you were a kid?
    Is there anything you want to confess to the world? Obviously, it’s hard for people to confess their deepest darkest secrets on the radio, so we thought we’d keep it a little lighter. Everyone’s done something really dumb as a kid, and now that a little time has passed by, maybe it won’t be so bad calling in and confessing to your parents. WHAT’S YOUR CHILDHOOD SECRET? Funny or sad, heavy or light - it’s time to fess up!

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Special Guests

  • Larry Norman — The Godfather of Christian Rock has Died
    As a result of the recent death of Larry Norman on Sunday February 24th 2008, we will re-broadcast the ENTIRE two hour interview with one of Drew's greatest spiritual influences - Part 1, Saturday March 1st 2008 / Part 2, Saturday March 8th, 2008! Welcome home Larry... Well done mate!

    PART TWO - ORIGINALLY AIRED MAY 2005 - For the first time ever... The Godfather of the Christian Rock Movement gives a rare 2 hour interview! With songs like The Outlaw, I Wish We'd All Been Ready, U.F.O., and Why Don't You Look Into Jesus, Larry Norman forged ahead against the ultra-conservative church culture of the 50s & 60s, which wanted nothing to do with his so called "demon music." Larry was one of the forefathers of what we now know as "The Jesus Movement." Surviving years of countless rumours and gossip, Larry has become an icon in the Christian music world, having opened for Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, The Byrds, and The Grateful Dead.

  • Larry Norman Tribute - Part 2
    We've recently lost one of the most influential recording artists ever. Larry Norman, a pioneer of Christian rock, has died at age 60. Norman's first solo record - the 1969 release Upon This Rock - is considered the first Christian rock album. Today we'll hear from two others - Darryl Mansfield and Woody Woodland from Life 100.3 in Barrie - as we pay tribute to a man who had a major impact on Drew's own spiritual journey.

  • Gary Smalley — Author of A Time To Mend
    Money is the number one reason why couples fight. Dr. Gary Smalley is one of the country's best-known Christian authors and speakers on relationships, and feels that now is time to talk about financial matters - and it takes two to tango. What most couples don't realize, is that money is not what they are fighting about, but rather the emotional buttons they hit while arguing about money. His new book, A Time to Mend, shows how couples can work through even the toughest issues to save their marriage. Smalley has been a guest on Oprah, Larry King Live, Extra and the Today Show. He is the author and co-author of 28 best-selling, award-winning titles including the popular relationship books, The DNA of Relationships, If Only He Knew and For Better or For Best. Smalley holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and master's in counselling psychology and clinical psychology.

  • Kent Austin — Former CFL Player & Coach
    Kent and his wife Shelley join us to talk about their faith and life in pro football. After being fired as offensive coordinator for the Toronto Argonauts, Kent was recently named the CFL's Coach Of The Year for leading the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the Grey Cup. Now Kent has just been hired as the offensive coordinator at the University of Mississippi, his alma mater. Quite a journey for this former CFL quarterback. So where does faith fit into all of this and what toll does this lifestyle have on his family?


  • Justin Peters
    Justin visited faith healers as a teenager, hoping to be healed himself of Cerebral Palsy, but his hopes were unfulfilled. While attending Bible College, his Master's thesis was an examination of the life and ministry of Benny Hinn. As research for his thesis, Justin attended several Benny Hinn Crusades. However, his requests for interviews with Benny Hinn were denied. His story was featured during the CBC's Fifth Estate expose on Benny Hinn.

Talkback, etc.

  • What do you and your spouse argue about the most? Sex? Money? Kids? Household responsibilities? Should Christian couples even fight at all?
    Some couples claim that they've never had a fight while others see arguments as a very normal part of marriage. Is there really anything wrong with a good healthy fight every once in a while? What's the most common disagreement in your marriage?

  • Is there something wrong with churches offering free product to get people to come to church?
    We have found at least three churches holding raffles in order to increase attendance. One church is giving away a car, one a flat screen TV, and yet another is offering you the chance to win a motorcycle. Is this any different than holding a BBQ after church with the hopes that someone new might come? What about advertising the fact that your church serves free coffee & doughnuts? Sure, the rewards for attending are different but does the end really justify the means?

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Special Guests

Talkback, etc.

  • Which author and/or Christian musician has had the greatest impact on your faith?
    For Drew it might be Mike Yaconelli, author of Messy Spirituality & Larry Norman, the Godfather of Christian Rock. For many it's Philip Yancey or Rick Warren and Randy Stonehill or Phil Keaggy. Who would you say has influenced your spiritual journey the most?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week - a young lady wants to know if she should stay with the father of her child even though he's addicted to porn and doesn't want to get married anymore.

    "I recently found out that my fiancé of 4 years had joined a swinger website and was talking to women behind my back. He did this once before to me a few years ago and it caused us to break up for 7 months. I don't know what to do because I am now pregnant with our daughter. We have a home together now and we were supposed to get married next year but I don't know now. He also said he doesn't know about marrying me anymore since his parents got divorced 3 years ago and now his older brother, whom he is very close with, is getting a divorce this month. He said divorce is so prevalent that he doesn't want to risk it. He has fallen away from the Lord and his view of marriage has been destroyed by the world. I don't know what to do. I know I went against the Lord when I had premarital sex. I guess this is my punishment. "

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Special Guests

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Our Favourite Hollywood Correspondent
    IT’S A SPECIAL DAY HERE ON TDMS! Joining us for the first time -LIVE in studio- without question, the guest who has made us laugh the most since her debut on April 1st, 2006, Kerri Pomarolli!! Maybe you've seen her acting on television and film, doing her stand up act in clubs or you've seen her on The Tonight Show or Comedy Central, Lifetime, Fox or ABC... who cares. Now she's our most favourite guest EVER! (Sorry Kathie Lee & Candace)

  • Stan Jantz — Coauthor of I’m Fine With God… It’s Christians I Can’t Stand
    A nationwide survey by the Barna Research Group found that very few adults outside of Christianity have a positive view of Christians. In fact, in comparison with eleven other groups, “evangelicals” were ranked only slightly more favourably than prostitutes. Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz take an unflinching look at the bizarre, off-putting, and even downright harmful behaviour of some Christians. With their humorous, tell-it-like-it-is approach, they call attention to ways in which Christians may unwittingly create stumbling blocks to the faith for nonbelievers. While helping believers to laugh at themselves and learn from their mistakes, Bickel and Jantz concede that Christians have at times become their own worst enemies. They way they see it, if Christians really want to change their image, it’s time to call off the boycotts and stop the protests, curb the paranoia, and engage the culture instead of running from it. Ultimately, they encourage both Christians and non-Christians alike to move past peripheral issues and communicate openly and honestly about God.

  • Gerry Organ — Former CFL All Star
    As the Director of National Initiatives for One Way Ministries, Gerry is also heavily involved in The Canadian Workplace Conference 2008. This is a do not miss event for leaders looking to have an impact for the Kingdom of God in their business community and to lead as God would have them lead. Find out how God is already using such leaders to spiritually transform entire cities and how godly leadership is also good business leadership! Discover practical ways to impact our cities through your workplace calling! Seating is limited to the first 500 registrants – avoid disappointment and register today.
    The Canadian Workplace Conference at the Holiday Inn Select, Toronto Airport April 24th - www.workplacetransformation.ca


  • Dan Griebenow — Survivor of Colorado Shooting Rampage
    Just this past December, a 24-year old gunmen, apparently feeling constricted by the confines of Pentecostal, home-schooled Christianity, shot and killed two people at Ted Haggard’s old church in Colorado as well as two staff members at a Denver area Youth With A Mission. Dan Griebenow lost his girlfriend that day and was himself shot in the neck by the gunman. Dan joins us today to share his journey through this horrifying ordeal.

Talkback, etc.

  • A church in Florida is asking their married couples to be sexually active for 30-days in a row. Is this a good idea or has the pastor gone a little too far?
    Relevant Church in Florida is proposing a challenge encouraging married couples to purposely engage in sexual activity for 30 days and singles to intentionally forgo sexual activity for 30 days. They believe this challenge will not only improve sex lives, but also strengthen relationship.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life? 
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week – An associate pastor struggling for years with same sex attraction is wondering if he should remain in ministry and tell his wife EVERYTHING.
     "In the last six years I have had five sexual encounters. My wife is aware of my same sex gender attraction issues. I’ve been in counselling and recovery for years and am accountable to a few close friends. I’ve just recently had another sexual encounter with another man while I was on a trip. The last time my wife and I talked openly about this stuff, I really got the feeling that if I ever fell again, the marriage would be over and our family torn apart. So I’m wondering if I should tell her about this last time or not. Add to this the fact that I’m a pastor. Should I step down and get out of ministry?"

  • If you were an American, who would you vote for right now in the Presidential race?
    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mike Huckabee… who would you like to see as the world’s next, most powerful leader?

  • The First Ever TDMS Free For All!
    We’ve had a few people suggest that they would like to have a “free for all” segment where people could call in and talk about anything – past topics or current issues. Or maybe even ask Drew something about his personal life or his opinion on a variety of subjects. (Like we don’t get enough of that already!) So give us a call and talk to Drew about anything you’d like or whatever! It’s an absolute free for all!

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Special Guests

  • Eduardo Verastegui — Producer & Star of the Award Winning Movie Bella
    Mexican model, singer, producer and actor, Eduardo's latest movie has been the talk of Hollywood! While researching Bella, Eduardo visited an abortion clinic and ended up befriending a Mexican couple who had an appointment that day. They changed their minds about the abortion, and named the baby Eduardo. This movie is literally changing lives all around the world!

  • John Douglas — President of Grand Design Productions
    John Douglas set out to create faith-based, family-friendly entertainment with valuable spiritual and moral messages for people of all cultures, races, ages and creeds. GDP boasts an impressive roster of gifted, dedicated, and experienced artists, writers, musicians and businessmen who share a similar vision: to produce and distribute high-quality, value-oriented, animated programs. All of this in a world where 20% of suburban high school students endorse shooting someone "who has stolen something from you, and approximately two million teenagers carry knives, guns, clubs or razors. Do you know what video games your kids are playing? Are we training our kids to kill?

  • Steve Bonenberger — Author of the Through Gates of Fire trilogy
    Struggling through his own broken marriage made Steve feel that he had also failed as a Pastor, so he left ministry all together. However, the transition from pastor to non-pastor was awful! "It was terrible for years because you go from someone who has a voice and speaks into situations and then you are cut off completely. I mean sawn in two and severed. Unfortunately my experience is very common. I have spoken with many pastors and church leaders who are treated in precisely the same way." Christian fiction author, Steve Bonenberger, has gone from a life as a servant of Christ to a life of wandering in the desert of solitude, feeling abandoned and certainly not very loved. So he began to write!


  • Noelle
    The lady responsible for our website, who has been a huge part of The Drew Marshall Show almost right from the start, joins us today to reluctantly share her very messy spiritual journey. A mother of three, recently diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, is also quite concerned about the bipolar history in her family. Years of constantly battling chronic depression, combined with the leftover scars of multiple sexual abuse experiences, certainly makes one ask, "So where is God in all of this???"

Talkback, etc.

  • Should the "The Lord's Prayer" continue to be recited in the Ontario Legislature?
    This week Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty appealed for an all-party committee to replace Jesus' well-known prayer that has been traditionally read prior to provincial proceedings. McGuinty stated, "I believe it is time for Ontario's Legislature to better reflect Ontario's reality and celebrate our diversity." Do you think that the Ontario Legislature's practice of reading "The Lord's Prayer" should continue in this 21st century, multi-faith, multi-racial province?

  • Abortion — Is it always wrong?
    A discussion many of us have had - What if the woman was raped? What if the mother's life is in danger? What if there was virtually zero chance of the child surviving or there was a likelihood of severe deformation? Can you think of any situation when abortion might actually be the lesser of two evils?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week - Louise wants to know if anyone can recommend a good counsellor.

    "I've been in counselling for three years for my drug addiction with a Christian counsellor who's on staff at a church in the area. Recently, I felt I've needed to find another counsellor but I don't know where to find one and I don't exactly have a lot of money."

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Special Guests

  • Ted Neeley — Best known for his portrayal of Jesus in the original motion picture musical Jesus Christ Superstar
    His role in Norman Jewison's 1973 film Jesus Christ Superstar blew people away with his astounding vocal range! And now, the Andrew Lloyd Webber critically acclaimed production of Jesus Christ Superstar will be stopping by Toronto February 15 & 16 - starring TED NEELEY!. This will be Ted's national "farewell" tour of playing the role of Jesus Christ and also features Corey Glover, the lead singer of the rock band Living Colour.

  • Jeanne Assam
    President Bush recently paid a visit to Jeanne, the security guard who stopped the deadly rampage at New Life Church when she wounded a gunman who had already fatally shot two people at the church and two others at the Colorado based Youth With A Mission. Jeanne is a member of the Colorado Springs church and a former police officer, and was acting as a security guard when the gunman began shooting people as they were leaving church on December 9th, 2007.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many! Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week - A lady struggling with drug and alcohol addiction writes, asking if you would want her working with your kids.
    "I messed up. I had a great job working in youth ministry where I "actually" made money. Although my professional life was going great, my personal life was going down the wrong path. I "somewhat secretly" became an alcoholic and a drug addict. I took a break from the job to clean up. Now, because of my professional success and their limited knowledge of my personal life, they want me back at my job. I am no longer drinking or using drugs so should I return to my job and hope that my personal life just gets better? Or should I stay away from working with youth and working in ministry? Would you want someone like me working with your kids?"

  • Would you ever consider using an online dating service?
    For some people, finding someone to date online would never be an option. Yet we've all heard of couples finding true love in their computer and even getting married! Is online dating something you would consider? Have you tried it? What was your experience like? Would you say it's a "last resort" type of thing?

  • Last Minute Valentine's Stuff
    One of our guests couldn't make it to the studio because of the snow, so Drew & his co-host, Tim Miller, totally made up a last minute segment on the spot. These two "relationship challenged" males talked about Valentine's Day gifts, first date bloopers, and whether we really need to celebrate Valentine's Day at all!

  • If Afro-centric schools are now officially a "good idea" here in Toronto, then what about "single race churches"?
    I.e. Toronto Chinese Baptist Church, Centennial-Japanese United Church, Polish Full Gospel Church, and the entire Dutch Reformed denomination . Aside from the fact that there's an obvious need for some services to be done in other languages for new immigrants, etc., is there really a need for racially segregated churches?

  • Useless Television Trivia
    For our LIVE listeners ONLY. Unbelievable Prizes!!!

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Special Guests

  • Kerry and Chris Shook — Authors of One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life
    What if you only had one month to live? How would you make each day meaningful? How would you relate to others differently? What would you do to make the rest of your life really matter? With eye-opening insights and soul-inspiring truths, One Month to Live challenges readers to embrace life and to live it out moment by moment with wholehearted authenticity, honesty, and integrity.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Our favourite Hollywood correspondent!
    (Kerri got bumped last week so prepare yourselves for the full force of one of the most insane women we've ever had on the show!) NEWS FLASH!!! Kerri will be performing right here in Southern Ontario, Saturday February 23, 2008 at the Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club in Queensville, ON. (Just north of Newmarket) This gala dinner to raise funds for the Holland Marsh District Christian School starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $150 per person ($100 being tax deductible!) or $1000 for a table of 8. For tickets call 905-775-3701 or email hmdcs@hmdcs.ca. Have a good laugh, enjoy an amazing meal and get a tax receipt - all in one night!

  • Aaron Gerber — University First Class Painters
    Aaron joins us to tell us about a student run organization, based on a franchise concept where the ownership belongs to students. UFCP provides University students with the tools and training necessary to run a successful four month business. This year UFCP will partner with 65 to 75 of Ontario's premier students, and provide fulltime employment for an additional 250 plus students.

  • Matti
    Last Saturday we invited people to call and in one minute, convince a regular listener to reconsider Jesus. This week we'll chat with that listener, Matti, to hear his response. An eclectic witch, pantheist, musician, songwriter, new age eastern philosopher who grew up in a fundamentalist charismatic Catholic family, Matti has been blind since birth and has been to all sorts of healing services, including Benny Hinn, in search of healing.

Talkback, etc.

  • Preacher Idol — Exhibition Round!
    It's time to REPRESENT! Wycliffe College, University of Toronto - McMaster Divinity College, McMaster University - Heritage College & Seminary will each have a student representing their seminary, preach a 5 - minute message on why Canadians should reconsider Christ. Then we'll open the phone lines for your feedback. Which one of the three contestants did you like the most and why?

  • Should a pastor have made a 911 call asking Police to remove a lady from his church?
    During a Sunday morning service at Allen Baptist Church in Michigan, Pastor Jason Burrick called 911 to have 71-year-old Karolyn Caskey, a church member for nearly 50 years, removed from the property. She was charged with trespassing. Apparently, a number of months earlier, the church had exercised church discipline and expelled her from the congregation when Ms. Caskey had questioned the pastor's authority and caused dissention within the church.

  • What's on your "Bucket List"?
    The latest Rob Reiner film The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman, has people talking about what they would do before they died. So... if you knew you were going to kick the bucket in the next few months, what would you do?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life? Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week - A lady writes us asking if she should kick her relatives out.

    "My brother and his common-law wife and their two kids live in my basement. For the past several months they have missed making rent payments. Now they refuse to pay. Do I kick them out? What do I do if they refuse to leave? What about the kids?"

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Special Guests

  • Alice Cooper — International Recording Artist
    The name Alice Cooper is synonymous with a stage show that featured guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood and boa constrictors. His theatrical brand of rock music drew from horror movies, vaudeville, heavy metal and garage rock. This one of a kind shock rocker's career now spans five decades. However, Alice has a Faith - a genuine spiritual journey which many seem shocked to discover.

  • George Stroumboulopoulos — Host of The Hour on CBC
    From The Fan 590 to 102.1 The Edge to MuchMusic and City TV Toronto, it looks like George has finally found his home. George is CBC's attempt to attract a younger demographic - ones who aren't busy sipping sherry whilst listening to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, contemplating their next chess move, waiting for the David Suzuki newsletter to arrive.

  • Hannah Rigg
    Last year we received an email from a listener in Marshall, Texas who told us that her 20-year old sister had just been killed in a car accident. And to make matters worse, when Hannah was only 13, her 19-year old brother was murdered. "Sure I could say, 'Alright God, I'm throwing in the towel, cashing in my chips, see ya later,' but in all honesty, I don't think I could have gotten through either of those losses without the knowledge that I will always have my ultimate refuge to fall back on. I wouldn't trade my life for the world. I can't help but think that God doesn't ever allow us to go through something if he didn't believe we could come out the other side, with His help, a victor. If that's the case, God thinks very highly of my family. So in a morbid and almost creepy way, I consider it an honour that God chose a family that could have victory over trials rather than a family that would lose faith amidst them." Today, we'll hear Hannah's journey!

Talkback, etc.

  • Did a Brampton Church go too far?
    Last week we read in the news about a woman complaining about a sign in front of a Brampton church which read, "Lying in bed shouting 'Oh God' doesn't constitute going to church." The local authorities asked the church to take down the sign. Did this comment make you smile or did the church go too far?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week - a couple considering adoption wants to know if they should have children before they adopt or adopt first. And should they adopt a child similar to their own ethnicity so the child doesn't feel out of place, or does that really matter?

    "My husband and I are interested in adopting as we know there are so many children that need a home. We'd also like to have our own children but not sure if the two go together? Should we decide on one way or the other? How would adopted children feel growing up in a family that has biological children as well? If we adopt internationally how would that child feel knowing they look different, despite being loved the same? Anyone with experience?"

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Special Guests

  • Mark Osborne — Former NHL Winger turned TV Sports Broadcaster!
    Stu Grimson - Former NHL Tough Guy turned lawyer!
    Valeri Bure - Former NHL All Star turned husband of Candace Cameron!
    The boys join us to talk about fighting, hockey, fighting, faith, fighting, retirement, fighting, passivism, fighting, The Leafs, and (wait for it) fighting!


  • Julia Chiapetta — Author of Breast Cancer - The Notebook
    Finally, a Reference Guide that is easy to understand and cutting-edge. Breast Cancer-The Notebook is ideal for the newly diagnosed or those wishing to take a preventative approach towards health and wellness. A Foundation of Facts at your Fingertips! This must-have reference guide incorporates facts from over 100 sources offering hope and suggestions on how to easily implement dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you to let healing begin. Julia is a wonderful, dynamic, elegant and articulate woman of faith who will share her own journey through the ups and downs of Breast Cancer.

Talkback, etc.

  • 7 out of 10 pastors are afraid of Preacher Idol! Should Preacher Idol be banned from your church?
    We recently contacted 10 of the larger, non-prosperity, non-ultra charismatic, mainstream churches in Southern Ontario " ones we felt we're more on the theologically "safe" side and asked if they would like to either a/ tell their congregation about the opportunity to participate in Preacher Idol 2008, or b/ possibly have one of the finalists visit their church and maybe preach at an evening service. As it turns out, "safe" means "scared!" Scared of the word IDOL... (Yes, just the word IDOL scares them!) And they're scared of a competition involving preaching. Should Preacher Idol be banned from your church?
    Click here for more on Preacher Idol 2008.

  • Should children be encouraged to preach?
    All over the internet you'll find clips of various child preachers. We even found a website dedicated to the training and equipping of child preachers. They claim that they work with almost 400 children and teenagers. How does this sit with you? Do the words "brainwashing" or "foolish" or "indoctrination" come to mind or do the words "anointed" or "gifted" or "prophet" seem to fit better?

  • Could you use the prayers of thousands?
    Just before Christmas we were going to open up the phone lines for people to call and ask our listeners to support them in prayer. We apologize for not actually getting around to that segment. So let's do it today! Will you call in and ask our over 100,000 listeners to pray for you or someone you love? Sure it's hard to call a radio show and ask for prayer - get over it. It's all part of surrendering!

  • The Counsel Of Many! Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week a young guy says: 'Coming out' isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do at a Christian university. I haven't the slightest idea what to do. "I grew up in a Christian home, said the Prayer at 7, went to a small private Christian high school, went to church and was an all around "good" boy. Never did drugs, never had sex, never drank, didn't speed, etc. Now I'm in university and I've been going through a crisis of faith. On top of that, I am dealing with same sex attraction. It's difficult because I live in a dorm with a bunch of guys. I really want to be authentic with them as I've been inspired by Drew's downright amazing commitment to being truly authentic. I've worn a mask my entire life and I am sick and tired of it and I want to move on! I want to follow Christ, but right now this same sex attraction is my biggest and darkest obstacle and I don't know how to overcome it. I've prayed about it and all that, but it doesn't seem to budge. "Coming out" isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do at a Christian university either. I haven't the slightest idea what to do."

  • Would you ever encourage your child to join the military?
    Some people feel that Christians shouldn't have anything to do with the military, while others feel that this job is no different than any other. Some feel that the majority of those who sign up are social misfits who couldn't make it in the real world - that the military was their only choice. Others feel that to serve one's country is a privilege and that if you aren't going to stand behind our troops - stand in front of them! Would you encourage or discourage your child to join the military?

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Special Guests

  • AJ Jacobs — Author of The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
    What if a modern-day North American followed every single rule in the Bible as literally as possible? Not just the famous rules like the Ten Commandments and Love Thy Neighbour, but the hundreds of often ignored ones like: don't wear clothes of mixed fibres; grow your beard; stone adulterers. A.J. Jacobs' experiment is surprising, informative, timely and funny. It is both irreverent and reverent. It seeks to discover what's good in the Bible and what is maybe not so relevant to 21st century life.

  • Frank Viola — Co-author of Pagan Christianity
    Have you ever wondered why we Christians do what we do for church every Sunday morning? Why do we "dress up" for church? Why does the pastor preach a sermon each week? Why do we have pews, steeples, choirs, and seminaries? This latest book stirring up the world of Christendom reveals the startling truth: most of what Christians do in present-day churches is not rooted in the New Testament, but in pagan culture and rituals developed long after the death of the apostles. Coauthors Frank Viola and George Barna support their thesis with compelling historical evidence in the first-ever book to document the full story of modern Christian church practices.


Talkback, etc.

  • What would you like more of and what would you like less of from TDMS in 2008?
    Guest ideas? Topic suggestions? If you were in charge of programming TDMS, what advice would you give to Drew? Every year we start off with listener feedback & today's the day to have your say! (We're trying our best to keep Drew on the right path.) Also joining for the show is our Compassion Co-host for the Day winner Jeff Ponke. Jeff is a Christian medical doctor currently working at the Credit Valley Hospital and a local walk-in clinic, as well as an associate pastor at Freshwater Christian Church in Mississauga.

  • Judge orders distribution of Bibles in school "unconstitutional" — Your reaction?
    Fifty million children attend public schools in a nation that coined the phrase "In God We Trust," but the number of those allowed to receive free Bibles on campus appears to be shrinking. However, according to a Gideon USA spokesperson, they don't really care about this recent decision and feel that this is "no big deal". They also had no idea how many schools are still allowing distribution of bibles. Gideon Canada however, told us that about 80% of Canadian schools are still receiving Bibles. Should the courts decide that Bible distribution in Canada is unconstitutional, how would you feel?

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This Week: a person wants to know "What role should the church leadership play in dealing with a couple from the church, currently going through a messy divorce?" Everyone knows that each spouse contributes to a divorce, but what if the husband isn't paying proper child support? Or what if he's putting the wife and mother of their kids through absolute hell? Neurotic emails, manipulative text messages and false criminal accusations? Really playing the "custody" game well! Should the church leadership step in or just stay out of it?

  • What advice would you give to William Lobdell, former evangelical turned reluctant atheist?
    After hearing William's story, I'm sure you can sympathize with him. After all, there's an awful lot about North American Christianity that is absolutely repulsive and just flat out wrong. But maybe William is missing a piece of the puzzle? Maybe after hearing his story, you could call and share your thoughts with one of North America's most respected religion reporters!

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Special Guests

  • The Toronto Mass Choir
    Previously aired February 2007
    Have you ever had a Gospel choir just absolutely drag you into the presence of God like no other worship music could? Get ready for it...

  • Mark Gungor
    Previously aired November 2006
    "I love to inspire people's lives with truth and humour. There are a lot of performers that make people laugh, and there are a lot of speakers who give solid principles for living. I want to do both."
    Mark Gungor is a pastor, speaker, author, musician and producer. With 30 years of speaking all around the globe, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers on marriage and family. Each year thousands of couples attend his "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" seminar. Mark has been featured on national broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and ABC News. He has a daily radio program heard on over 250 radio stations and has had a television special broadcast on the world-wide TBN network.

  • Naomi Judd — Grammy Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    Previously aired April 2007
    This woman is indeed a superstar. Naomi has overcome poverty, domestic violence, panic attacks and a life-threatening disease to raise two mega star daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd. Grammy award winning country music singer and New York Times best-selling author, she's the host of "Naomi's New Morning" on the Hallmark Channel and now out with her latest book Naomi's Guide To Aging Gratefully.


  • Dr. Bruce Wilkinson — Author of The Prayer of Jabez
    Previoulsy aired November 2006
    Bruce has written over 60 books in 30 languages, been #1 in New York Times, #1 in the Wall Street Journal, and #1 in USA Today. His is the only book in history to win "Book of the Year" two years in a row. Publisher's Weekly reported The Prayer of Jabez as the "fastest selling book of all time" (2001), and the only religious non-fiction to hit the #1 New York Times best-seller list in first week was A Life God Rewards. He is also the New York Times best-selling author for children and teen books, the Publisher and Executive Editor of ten monthly magazines with over 120,000,000 distributed. He is the author of The Prayer of Jabez, The Secrets of the Vine, A Life God Rewards, Beyond Jabez, Set Apart, Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs, and The DreamGiver.