Special Guests


  • Mayor Hazel McCallion
    First elected mayor of Mississauga ON in 1978 Mayor McCallion is now in her 10th term. Under her leadership, the city has not had to borrow money since 1978 and is currently debt-free. In 2004, she became a finalist for the title World Mayor, joining some 50 mayors from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Then on December 5, 2005 Mayor McCallion became the runner up to the Mayor of Athens, Greece! Of the innumerable awards bestowed upon this woman of integrity, the one she is most proud of happened November 18, 2005 when Mayor Hazel McCallion received the "Order of Canada." Not bad for a woman who just celebrated her 85th birthday with her good friend, Jazz Legend... Oscar Peterson!

Talkback, etc.

  • Should gay & lesbian couples adopt?
    What if the choice was between putting the child into foster care or into a home with a long-term, committed, loving gay or lesbian couple?

  • Is there any spiritual reason why we shouldn't donate our organs?
    Have you signed your organ donor card? Would you accept a body part even though you knew nothing about the person it came from?

  • Do you think a child under 5 can really become a Christian?
    What do you think is the earliest age a child "gets it?"