Mother's Day Special

Special Guests

  • Carla Collins — Award-Winning Comedian, Actress, Television Host & Best-Selling Author
    Carla headlines comedy venues across the US and Canada and the Huffington Post calls her “hilarious, masterful and belly-achingly funny.” Collins is currently filming The Last Laugh, a sitcom she created loosely based on her life in LA performing stand-up comedy at funerals. Carla joins us to talk about her recent Huffington Post article entitled, “Telling Dark Jokes Helped Me Cope With My Mother's Death”.

  • Kay Warren — Co-Founder of Saddleback Church, Wife Of Best Selling “Purpose Driven Life” Author Rick Warren, Mother of A Son With Mental Illness Who Took His Life, Author of Sacred Privilege: Your Life and Ministry as a Pastor's Wife
    In Sacred Privilege, Kay Warren confirms that being a pastor's wife does not mean being perfect. More vulnerable than ever, Warren reveals the brokenness that resulted from childhood molestation - the allure of pornography, intense marital conflict and temptation, as well as depression and a distorted view of her worth. Losing a child to suicide could easily have been the catalyst for leaving ministry, but Kay's resilient faith and confidence in God's redemptive plan for her life has kept her feet firmly planted. The road has not been easy, but she has learned much along the way and can now confidently say that being a pastor's wife is truly a "sacred privilege." According to Kay, “This is not a book from a perfect woman telling you about her perfect life. Yes, I’ll tell you a little bit about the good times of ministry – the things I’m grateful for; the lessons I’ve learned about resilience and how to make it to the finish line. I’ll talk to you about keeping the end in mind from the very beginning and how to finish well. But it is also about the real challenges inherent along the way. The challenges of living in the spotlight, the sleepless nights filled with anxiety over my son with mental illness, the shame over choices I made early in my life and in my marriage. It’s about letting go of the attempts to try to please everyone, it is about choosing joy in the midst of tragedy, and developing an eternal perspective that allows resilience to take deep root in your soul.”

  • Djanet Sears — Writer, Playwright, Editor, Director, Performer, Educator
    One of Canada’s most respected women of the theatre, Djanet Sears has been honored with the Canadian Governor General's Literary Award and the Trillium Book Award shortlist, both for The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God. She was also awarded the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award, the Timothy Findley Award (Stratford Festival), the Martin Luther King, Jr., Achievement Award, the Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in the Cultural Industries, the Phenomenal Women of the Arts Award, and the Dora Mavor Moore Award (multiple recipient). Her theatre credits include The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God (National Arts Centre, Centaur Theatre, Mirvish Productions, Obsidian Theatre Company, Nightwood Theatre); Harlem Duet (Stratford Shakespeare Festival; Canadian Stage; Nightwood Theatre); Penelopiad (RSC, National Arts Centre); Charming and Rose (Nightwood Theatre); The Mother Project (Crossroads Theatre). Her film and television credits include Da Kink in my Hair; One Heart Broken into Song; Step; In His Father’s Shoes.
    *Djanet is currently directing the live stage production of FOR COLORED GIRLS! (Winner of The Obie Award for Distinguished Production & nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play) Through music, poetry and dance, seven women weave their stories of love, heartache, violence and joy into a powerful mosaic of the experiences of African-American women. This seminal work celebrates the power of reclaiming one’s voice. According to Djanet, “FOR COLORED GIRLS who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf... is more than a poetic drama, more than a dance performance, more than a celebration of the dreams and aspirations, or the profound losses of the women of colour whose stories populate this extraordinary work. At its very core, for colored girls... is a powerful enchantment; an aesthetic exultation; a love song; a healing.” FOR COLORED GIRLS runs throughout May 2017 at Soulpepper in The Distillery at The Young Centre For The Performing Arts.


  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent!
    (What’s life been like for this single mom who hides behind the laughter?)

  • Dawn Bennett — Divorce Attorney
    Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like a divorce lawyer! Becoming a single mom can be unbelievable scary and overwhelming, but the fact is that even people of faith end up divorcing and it’s critical that moms are aware of how to navigate the divorce process. When the painful decision to divorce has been made, it's important to have someone that really knows the law but also understands your personal & spiritual needs. Dawn Bennett is a Family Lawyer who appreciates that divorce is a reality, and there are many in need of legal counsel.

Meanwhile, Back On The Farm...


  • Royce & Keri Young
    Imagine being told that your baby would be born without a brain? Imagine deciding that your baby girl would continue to live and be born, only to die shortly after coming into this world so that other babies could live? Royce and Keri shared their heart wrenching journey on FACEBOOK and then all of a sudden it seemed like every major news outlet around the world began talking about one of the most inspirational Mother’s Day stories ever. Here’s a few words from the post that went around the world: "I thought back to the moment where we found out Eva wasn't perfect, and how literally 30 seconds after our doctor told us our baby doesn't have a brain, somehow through full body ugly crying, Keri looked up and asked, 'If I carry her full term, can we donate her organs?' I remember our doctor putting her hand on Keri's shoulder and saying, 'Oh honey, that's so brave of you to say.' Like, how nice of you, but come on. Keri meant it. There I was, crestfallen and heartbroken, but I momentarily got lifted out of the moment and just stood in awe of her. I was a spectator to my own life, watching a superhero find her superpowers. In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It's one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced…"

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • Tommy Emmanuel
    An accomplished fingerstyle player, Tommy Emmanuel frequently threads three different parts simultaneously into his material, operating as a one-man band who handles the melody, the supporting chords and the bass all at once. That expert layering is exemplified during his latest album, LIVE! At The Ryman. Given his first guitar at age four, he started working professionally just two years later in a family band, the Emmanuel Quartet. He never learned to read and write music, but he and his brother Phil were dedicated students of the instrument, creating games that helped them identify chords and patterns. They became adept at picking out the nuances of complex chords, a talent that takes most musicians years to develop. Emmanuel pursued it with a passion and after graduating, Emmanuel became one of Australia’s most in-demand rock musicians, playing guitar in a succession of bands, including one of Australia’s best-known acts, Dragon. He supplemented that with a side job as a studio musician, playing on albums by the likes of Air Supply and Men At Work, and on commercial jingles. Eventually Emmanuel ventured out on his own and began to treat his shows like a jazz musician would, eschewing set lists, improvising his way through many of his songs to capture and shape the mood of the room. He could certainly sense the support. In addition to the standing ovations from his audiences, the recognitions rolled in, including two Grammy nominations, two ARIA Awards from the Australian Recording Industry Association (the Aussie equivalent of the Recording Academy) and repeated honors in the Guitar Player magazine reader’s poll. He’s also been named a Kentucky Colonel, received several honorary degrees and shared a key moment with brother Phil on the world stage, performing during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sydney. Emmanuel also earned the opportunity to work with the likes of Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, John Denver and the incomparable Chet Atkins. Emmanuel teamed with Chet on a 1997 project, The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World, which proved to be Atkins’ final project. Atkins practically handpicked Emmanuel as his creative heir.


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