Special Guests

  • Brennan Manning
    Former Franciscan priest and author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan's ministry seems to be for the broken, screwed-up, ordinary people like you and I, who just can't seem to get our spiritual act together! If you listen to only one interview this year, than make this the one!

  • Ole Anthony
    His association with The Trinity Foundation (A ministry to the homeless and a well needed watchdog group for televangelists.) and The Wittenburg Door (The world's only Christian satirical magazine!) has made Ole a resourceful individual with a passion for the tearing down of idols. Ole discusses the reasons behind his organisation's delivery of incriminating evidence to the I.R.S. recommending that Benny Hinn's ministry not be considered a church with non-profit status and a multi million-dollar manse... amongst other things!


  • Becky
    A young teenage girl who has been battling with an eating disorder. Listen as we hear from Becky and her parents, on how this issue has affected their lives and their Faith!

Talkback, etc.

  • Which TV Evangelist drives you absolutely nuts?
    Are there any which you actually like?

  • A Kentucky judge has been offering some drug and alcohol offenders the option of attending "worship services" instead of going to jail or rehab!
    Do you agree with what the judge is doing or not?

  • What's been your involvement with eating disorders?
    Listen as callers share their journeys with this raging epidemic.