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    This week on the Counsel of Many: a lady wants to know if living together with a man after two divorces is a good idea, despite how her adult kids feel.
    “I’ve been a believer for the last 22 years. Married and divorced twice - cannot say I really loved any of the guys. Disappointed with the world, I was lead to accept that if I married a "nice" Christian man, things would work out. The first guy was completely irresponsible (left 19 years ago and does not want to be found) and the second guy - 12 years later - got aggressive and pushed me around one too many times. I have been seeing someone for the last 6 months and I want to stay with this man. We are both disappointed with marriage, do not intend to get married again, but are now moving in together. My two children (21 and 19 years old) and my parents, do not accept the idea. They say we are rushing into it and I am not taking their wishes or needs into consideration. They do not want him around. What do you think? Should we move in together despite how the 'kids' feel?”

  • Do you believe in eternal security? Can one lose their Faith? (Held over from a couple of weeks ago)
    Some believe that once you have surrendered your life to God, repented of your sins, asked for forgiveness and begun to follow Christ as your Lord that you are “saved” from God’s wrath and punishment for the rest of your life. Saved no matter what! Eternal Security! Actually, some believe that you actually had no say in the matter whatsoever – that your “choice” was pre-destined. Once saved - always saved! Others believe that you can loose your Salvation or walk away from your Faith. What do you believe?

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