Special Guests

  • Michael Damian — Soap Opera Star, Screenwriter, Director, Recording Artist
    From 18 years on the hit television show Young & The Restless and a recurring role for two seasons on NBC's The Facts of Life to landing the starring role in the Broadway production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Michael's career never seems to slow down. He's also had a number of top 40 hits including his #1 single Rock On, which earned him his first gold record. More recently though, Michael and his wife Janeen, wrote and produced a movie inspired by events in Janeen's life called Moondance Alexander. Michael is coming to Toronto to promote his latest movie, Flicka 2, starring Tammin Sursok, Patrick Warburton & Clint Black.

  • Rick Elias — Singer/Songwriter/Producer
    Rick has worked with the likes of Amy Grant, Aaron Neville, Bob Carlisle (Butterfly Kisses), and his music has been used in Dawson’s Creek, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the Tom Hanks film That Thing You Do. Rick is probably best known as a founding member of Rich Mullins’ A Ragamuffin Band. The Rags were invited to perform before the Pope and 2.4 million people in Rome, Italy for World Youth Day in August 2000.

  • The Warren Brothers — TV Stars, Songwriters, Recording Artists, Producers
    Brett and Brad Warren play arena tours with superstars, have their songs recorded by some of the biggest acts in the business and have made their impact as producers -- but most fans recognize these two brothers from their not-so-famous role in Barely Famous, a CMT reality show, which turned out to be a cult-classic among music and industry fans alike. They were judges on the TV series Nashville Star and have toured and worked with Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Brooks & Dunn, Lynyrd Skynrd and Martina McBride.

  • Marion Goretz — President of The Ontario Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
    People with faith sometimes feel apprehensive about seeking professional help when it comes to their emotional or mental health. And is it any wonder when we very rarely hear anything from the pulpits about these issues, other than… “Just have faith. Keep reading your Bible. Spend more time in prayer. Just rebuke Satan. Maybe you have sin in your life.” There are still many Christian organizations, churches and ministries which condemn the use of a mental health professional. Not us! Marion Goertz has a special interest in coaching individuals and families toward healthier relationships and her areas of treatment focus on pre-marital, marriage enrichment, conflict resolution, depression, divorce recovery, grieving, self awareness/self acceptance/self esteem strengthening, and ministry clarification.

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Brought to you by family lawyer Dawn Bennett. With a reputation built on Trust, Respect and Integrity, protecting your family's interests is Dawn's primary concern. Visit bennettlaw.ca today.

    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a lady confessed to her husband that she had an affair. He then committed suicide. She wants to know if she should tell her sons the reason their father killed himself and if she should commit to staying single to atone for her “sins.”

    “I was married to my late husband for about 23 years when he decided to end his life (suicide) three years ago. My husband and I met in a church, and within weeks were madly in love. Within months we were married. The whirlwind romance, which at the time seemed so wonderful and exciting, hid many secrets, mainly my husband's. The man I married had many struggles with mental illness, depression, borderline, bi-polar, schizophrenia. At one time or another he had been diagnosed with them all. Over the years we were married he was a loving and faithful husband and an amazing father. But he was always deeply troubled, and could barely handle the stresses of life. Years of having to carry the weight of two in a marriage that had the husband absent form the home emotionally or through many hospital admissions left me tired, drained, resentful and vulnerable to the affections of another man. As a Christian, I never considered divorce or adultery as a possible outcome. However, when I met another man at the church my husband and I attended, who seemed my husbands polar opposite; confident, healthy, stable, and showed me attention… I just fell for him and started a four year affair with the other man (OM) with all the justifying that typically goes with it. When my conscience finally got the better of me and I could no longer rationalize it, I saw a therapist at our church. In the first session she said that if I wanted to save my marriage and end the affair, I had to expose the affair to everybody I and the OM knew, and then had to cut off all contact with the OM. I immediately told the other man that I could no longer see him, he graciously understood. I then told my husband. I'm not sure how he felt, since he refused to talk to me after that. Several days later, he shot himself, leaving a note that essentially spelled out his reasons; the hurt, betrayal, a wounded self worth wounded even deeper, fears of abandonment, even a sense of rejection by God because of where I met the other man. I guess he felt my affair confirmed what his low self esteem, massive self hatred and his fears of abandonment had been telling him his whole life. That he is unloved, that no one would stay with him for long, and that he would always end up alone and get the short end of the stick when it came to getting the love he deserved. Three years later I have not exposed the affair to anyone else. What would they say about me? What would they think? I've not heard from the OM in three years, and refuse to think about him. I feel guilty, I feel shame, and I feel so alone with the thought that I may have caused my husbands death. My three boys miss their father terribly (they don't know the reason for their father’s death) and are already showing signs of their own struggles with mental illness and depression. Should I tell them? Should I commit to a redemptive singleness for the rest of my life? Can Jesus forgive me for what I have done to my husband and my three boys? I hate myself and wonder if I have any right to even expect relief from the consequences of my own actions? Help... Please.”

  • Should anyone listen to Drew’s advice? Ever?
    Since we have one of Canada’s leading therapists in the studio, we thought we would get her opinion on whether or not the advice Drew doles out during our weekly Counsel Of Many segment is actually helpful, or… not so much. While we’re at it, therapist Marion Goertz will give a few words of advice for our listeners who provided some of our more complex Counsel Of Many segments during season seven.

  • Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin is bankrupt and taking donations from Christians who want to reward him for being such a faithful Christian. Good move, or not so much?
    According to information on www.restorestephenbaldwin.org, Stephen Baldwin (Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Mole, Celebrity Big Brother) has gone bankrupt because he as turned down roles in movies with sex and gratuitous violence since becoming a Christian. The director of Stephen’s “ministry” has approved this site and their endeavours to restore Stephen’s financial burdens and wants Christians to “reward” Stephen for his moral convictions in the face of Hollywood persecution. According to the site’s founder, “If Stephen stepped down from the public eye; it would be a terrible loss for Christianity.” Will you be donating to this cause? As a former guest on our show, what advice would you give Stephen during these tough times?

  • Useless Television Trivia
    It’s a crowd favourite! We play the soundtrack from an old television show and if you’re the first caller to guess which TV show it’s from - YOU WIN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!