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  • Simon and Jenn
    As a married couple, Simon and Jenn are "Celebrating Recovery" from sexual addiction to pornography and love/sex/relationship addiction. Through their participation in a Christ-centered 12-Step Celebrate Recovery program, they have found freedom from their past hurts and sexual addictions. "Our world today is saturated with wrong messages about sex and very few people are hearing God's truth about sexual morality."

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  • TDMS wants to take over the world - should we ask for money or not?
    Hardly a week goes by that Drew doesn't have someone say to him, "Dude, the rest of the world needs to hear your show," or "I wish our local station carried The Drew Marshall Show," or "Man, I can't believe how incredibly handsome you are!" So beginning September 2008, we'd like to spread the love. Our goal is to provide a FREE 1-Hour Best Of TDMS program to every Christian radio station in Canada. Then the U.S.A. - then the WORLD! (Christian radio rarely pays for programming - For the most part, American ministries pay stations to have their show aired! Nice gig, huh?) So will you help us take over the world? A couple of things need to be cleared up first:

    1. TDMS draws NO salary! The radio station we broadcast the show from pays TDMS nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Bupkis. The only way TDMS makes any money is through paid advertising.
    2. www.drewmarshall.ca is a FREE site & we'd like to keep it that way! For the last 5 years, TDMS has consistently provided high calibre online content - FREE.
    3. We Don't Want To Make You Subscribe! - That's just wrong!
    4. We Don't Want To Ask For Donations! - That's even wronger!

    SO... how do we ask you to support us without ticking you off and losing the love? Or has this just got "bad idea" all over it?

  • Should television personality Bill Maher be fired for what he said about the Pope?
    TV host Bill Maher addressed the Catholic Church abuse scandal on his HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher, but in a way that has some Catholics calling for the network to take him off the air. The Catholic pro-life organization American Life League has launched FireBillMaher.com, claiming "Bill Maher slanderously attacked the pope and Catholics everywhere, and for that he MUST be fired!" On the April 11 episode of Real Time Maher referred to the Catholic Church as "a child-abusing religious cult" and claimed that Pope Benedict "used to be a Nazi."