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  • Does knowing that Mother Teresa struggled with her faith for most of her life affect your faith at all?
    Mother Teresa: Come be My Light is a collection of the private writings of Mother Teresa. Some have been devastated by the revelation of her doubts that God even existed, while others are breathing a sigh of relief that someone like Mother Teresa struggled with faith as well. Some feel that her spiritual battle was because she was following the Catholic church more than she was Christ, while atheists like Christopher Hitchens are re-emphasising the point that Mother Teresa's "dark night of the soul" is simply further proof that there really is no God. How does all of this affect you in your spiritual journey?

  • Who won the provincial leaders debate this week?
    Did you watch Mr. Tory, Mr. Hampton & Mr. McGuinty hammer out their party's platforms this week? Were you impressed by any of them? How will you vote on October 10th?

  • Should a Tim Horton's coffee shop have banned teenagers from eating in?
    Last week, a well-known chain of Canadian donut/coffee shops refused to back the decision of one of its stores to ban teens from the coffee shop from 11am to 4pm. Apparently, there had been ongoing issues with inappropriate behaviour, foul language and extended periods of loitering by the students of a Catholic high school nearby. Did the store do the right thing? Or do you side with the kids, especially those who usually behave respectfully in public? Have you ever had an outing at a fast food joint or movie theatre ruined by a bunch of loud mouth, belligerent teens?

  • Do you think that a genuine change of sexual orientation is possible?
    Over the years, we've heard stories of people within the Evangelical Christian scene "pretending" not to be gay, to the point of harmful self-delusion. We've also heard countless stories of Christians doing everything possible to get healed and become heterosexual... without success. So is it really possible, aside from a supernatural miracle? Does it all come down to whether or not homosexuality is genetic or not?