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  • Dan and Terry Thompson — Parents of Slain OPP Constable Vu Pham
    On March 8, 2010 Vu Pham, a 15-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police was shot and killed after pulling over a pickup truck on a rural road northwest of London, Ontario. Constable Pham's parents join us today to talk about their loss and how they processed their emotions and memories in light of this week’s tragic murder of Toronto Police Sergeant Ryan Russell.

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    This week on The Counsel of Many: a lady was hit on by her best friend's husband, who is also the youth pastor at her church, and wants to know how to handle it. Should she tell on him or just ignore the whole thing and pretend it never happened?

    "I recently received a very surprising and upsetting call. I was basically propositioned by my best friend's husband. It wasn't overt though. It's the start of something. At first he called about a trip that the youth at my church would be taking in June. He is our youth pastor and he called to ask me if I was going. Then he started to talk about how he'd had a dream about me last night and had been thinking about me all day. I wore a button on my birthday to church that said, "Kiss me, it's my birthday." He mentioned that and said that he had wanted to. I remember now that we talked that day and he said that he probably shouldn't but he gave me a hug instead. I didn't think anything about it at the time because we're friends and have always hugged. Well, the other day on the phone he said that he'd like to spend more time with me and he said that I was a beautiful woman and all. I was playing along, because at the time, I was caught off guard by it all and then I didn't want to tip him off that I could go tell someone. But I know I have to. I don't want him to know that I told anyone and got in him in trouble. It's not the trouble I'm worried about. He should be in trouble. I just don't want him knowing that I'm the reason he was found out. I'm so upset. I feel like throwing up. I have to see this guy on Saturday and pretend like everything is fine. So should I tell someone at the church what he did or just forget the whole thing happened? Why does this crap always happen to me? Why do I attract the freaks and the losers? I can't and will not have an affair with my best friend's husband. I love his wife and his two daughters. I don't know what to do. I am so angry. Angry that he thinks that sleeping around with me is all I'm good for. Like I'm not good enough for anyone to marry? Please help! I really need to know how to handle this."

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