Special Guests

  • Kay Arthur — Author and Speaker
    Kay Arthur has touched literally thousands of lives through her writing and teaching ministry. A well-known conference speaker and author of more than 100 books and Bible studies, she has a unique ability to reach people in an exciting, effective way - challenging them to change and equipping them to be used in the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Her compassion stems from a life that has been touched by deep tragedy as well as great triumph; and her practicality springs from an openness of character.

  • Tim LaHaye — Co-author of the best selling LEFT BEHIND series of books
    Drew asks Tim about the origins of this phenomena and how his life has changed as a result of his incredible success.

  • Neil T. Anderson — Author of The Bondage Breaker and Freedom Over Darkness
    Founder of Freedom In Christ Ministries and formerly the chairman of the Practical Theology department at Talbot School of Theology. He holds five degrees from Talbot, Pepperdine University and Arizona State University, and worked as an aerospace engineer before entering the ministry. He has more than twenty years of pastoral experience and has taught for more than ten years at seminary and post-graduate levels. Neil has authored many best-selling books on spiritual freedom including The Bondage Breaker and Victory over Darkness.

  • Brennan Manning — Former Franciscan priest and author of The Ragamuffin Gospel
    Brennan's ministry seems to be for the broken, screwed-up, ordinary people like you and I, who just can't seem to get our spiritual act together!

  • Tom Harpur — Author of The Pagan Christ, and Toronto Star Columnist
    Tom has infuriated many within the evangelical community for his assertions that Jesus of Nazareth wasn't real and that the Bible is not to be taken literally. Join us as we find out just who this former Anglican priest and Professor of New Testament at University of Toronto thinks Jesus really is.