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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a guy wants to know if there are any other virgins over the age of 20 out there for him to date.

    “I’ve grown up in a great family with Christian values and I’m very proud that I’m still a virgin, but I can’t find any girls my age who are virgins. As you can imagine, the pressure on me to “just do it” has becoming a tad overwhelming lately. I’ve broken up with a few girls because things were getting too physical and I just wasn’t willing to go there. It’s kind of cool when it comes up at work or when I’m just hanging with my friends, that I’m the only guy they know who is still a virgin – kinda like I’m the novelty act at the party. But lately it just feels sort of hopeless, holding on to my virginity just to keep myself pure for… WHO? NO ONE! There are no virgins left – certainly none that are close to my age and are – now don’t take this the wrong way –hot! Yes, inside and out! So someone please give me hope! If the whole point of remaining a virgin is to save myself for my future spouse, then why should I bother if my future spouse won’t even be a virgin? Are there any attractive virgins out there around my age? I doubt it but I’ll be listening.”

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  • Is Drew completely out to lunch?
    Drew is still bugged about the calls he received during a segment we did a couple of weeks ago: Should Canada change the prostitution laws in order to protect sex trade workers from rape, abuse and murder? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THAT SEGMENT. Prostitution is legal in Canada but the laws are such that it’s illegal for prostitutes to organize inside a bawdy house, thus forcing them onto the streets or in the dark, illegally. Prior to taking calls about this issue, Drew spoke with Canada’s most prominent Dominatrix, Terri Jean Bedford, the woman leading the charge on behalf of Canada’s prostitutes. He then asked the listeners whether Canada should just completely legalize prostitution.

    “Maybe we’d stop seeing hundreds of women disappear like they have in Vancouver, Winnipeg & Calgary. By completely legalizing prostitution, thereby providing better security & protection from abuse & murder, maybe we'd actually be loving a part of our society that Jesus loved?” The caller’s response? “If they’re willing to change, then we’re willing to help them!” “What the…!!!!! Do people’s moral code need to line up with ours before we help them? I had to call Terri Jean and apologize to her personally for the “loving” response from our Christian audience. I was mortified when I found out that she was actually listening to the show while caller after caller berated her! Is there anyone else who would like to apologize to Terri Jean (who is listening again today) or am I out here all by myself?”