Special Guests

  • Kathie Lee Gifford
    Drew catches up with, easily, his most favourite guest over the years, to find out what's happening over Christmas in the life of this incredibly talented woman. From gospel singer to "Good Morning America" correspondent, and from the "Super Bowl" to "Broadway," the former co-host of "LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee" was also the first woman to ever host "Late Night with David Letterman." Add to that her countless albums and books along with her recent television comeback on "The Insider" and her two astounding musical productions, "Under The Bridge" and "Saving Aimee"... Kathie Lee Gifford is without a doubt, one of America's most talented and gifted women!
    (To listen to Kathie's original interview, Click Here)

  • Don Cherry
    If you're not Canadian, then this man is just too hard to describe! As the host of CBC's, "Coach's Corner" and former NHL player and coach, "Grapes" is known throughout the world of hockey and across Canada for his non-politically correct, "tell-it-like-it-is" approach to every aspect of life! Listen as Canada's Toughguy shares about tough times, his spiritual life and as always... a few good stories!

  • Stephen Harper
    In light of the recent Federal Election, we decided to play Drew's interview with The Leader of The Conservative Party of Canada, originally aired February 19, 2005. Drew asks Mr. Harper direct questions about his faith and the "same sex marriage" legislation. Mr. Harper also answers questions emailed from our listeners. Could this be our next Prime Minister?

  • Randy Stonehill
    Known around the world as one of the Pioneers of the 60's Christian Rock Movement, Randy is the most entertaining guest Drew has ever had on his show! Join us as the creator of songs such as "Shut De Do", "American Fast-food" and "King of Hearts" shares with us a few of his own Christmas memories!
    (To listen to Randy's original interview Click Here)

  • ELVIS!
    Drew wanted to give all of you a very special Christmas present, so we arranged for The King of Rock and Roll to join us today... LIVE... to take your requests and give you a little thrill! "Thank you... Thank you very much!"

    Ron Moore has been called, "One of the best Elvis voices ever!" Today, Ron shares with us the story of his whirlwind journey into show business. Have a listen to this incredible voice as he sings live in the studio and takes requests from callers. You won't believe your ears!
    (To book Ron Moore, email ronmooresings@aol.com)