Special Guests

  • Naomi Judd (PART 1) — Grammy Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    This woman is indeed a superstar. Naomi has overcome poverty, domestic violence, panic attacks and a life-threatening disease to raise two mega star daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd. Grammy award winning country music singer and New York Times best-selling author, she's the host of "Naomi's New Morning" on the Hallmark Channel and now out with her latest book Naomi's Guide To Aging Gratefully.
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  • Kay Arthur — Author and Speaker
    Kay Arthur has touched thousands of lives through her writing and teaching ministry. A well-known conference speaker and author of more than 100 books and Bible studies, she has a unique ability to reach people in an exciting, effective way - challenging them to change and equipping them to be used in the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Her compassion stems from a life that has been touched by deep tragedy as well as great triumph; and her practicality springs from an openness of character. To listen to Kay's previous interview on TDMS - CLICK HERE.

  • Mark Buchanan — Author of... Hidden In Plain Sight
    If Canada has a God author we can be proud of, it's Mark Buchanan. Mark lives on Vancouver Island, with his wife and their three children. He's a pastor and the author of four other books, The Rest of God, Your God is Too Safe, Things Unseen, and The Holy Wild.


  • Today we'll get your Journeys! — Why Jesus?
    Concisely put. of all the Religions in the world today, why are you a Christian? Of all the religious leaders to follow, why not pick some other more politically correct leader? And how many have to be honest and acknowledge that maybe you follow Jesus primarily because you live in Canada or because you grew up going to church? And if you don't actually buy into the fact that Jesus is who he said he was, why not?

Talkback, etc.

  • Chocolate Jesus — is this going too far?
    A Montreal-born sculptor says he has received thousands of offers to display or buy My Sweet Lord, his life-size, chocolate statue of Jesus whose exhibition was cancelled due to Catholic protests. A New York gallery last week decided not to exhibit the chocolate Jesus in a crucifixion pose after boycotts, death threats and objections that it was sacrilegious. The Catholics objected to the nudity, to the casting of the statue in chocolate and to the display of the work during Holy Week, the week before Easter.

  • Do you agree with the Judge allowing a primary school student to hand out Jesus literature at school or should the distribution of all religious material be banned from secular schools?
    Michaela was in 3rd-grade and was told on numerous occasions she couldn't hand out religious pamphlets. School officials say they denied the pamphlets because they didn't want parents to think the district was bias towards any religion. Michaela is currently being home schooled, a decision made by her family.

  • Who has had the greatest spiritual influence on your life?
    An author, speaker, singer, pastor, youth leader, parent, sibling, relative, fortune cookie?