Special Guests

  • The Toronto Mass Choir
    Previously aired February 2007
    Have you ever had a Gospel choir just absolutely drag you into the presence of God like no other worship music could? Get ready for it...

  • Mark Gungor
    Previously aired November 2006
    "I love to inspire people's lives with truth and humour. There are a lot of performers that make people laugh, and there are a lot of speakers who give solid principles for living. I want to do both."
    Mark Gungor is a pastor, speaker, author, musician and producer. With 30 years of speaking all around the globe, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers on marriage and family. Each year thousands of couples attend his "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" seminar. Mark has been featured on national broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and ABC News. He has a daily radio program heard on over 250 radio stations and has had a television special broadcast on the world-wide TBN network.

  • Naomi Judd — Grammy Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    Previously aired April 2007
    This woman is indeed a superstar. Naomi has overcome poverty, domestic violence, panic attacks and a life-threatening disease to raise two mega star daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd. Grammy award winning country music singer and New York Times best-selling author, she's the host of "Naomi's New Morning" on the Hallmark Channel and now out with her latest book Naomi's Guide To Aging Gratefully.


  • Dr. Bruce Wilkinson — Author of The Prayer of Jabez
    Previoulsy aired November 2006
    Bruce has written over 60 books in 30 languages, been #1 in New York Times, #1 in the Wall Street Journal, and #1 in USA Today. His is the only book in history to win "Book of the Year" two years in a row. Publisher's Weekly reported The Prayer of Jabez as the "fastest selling book of all time" (2001), and the only religious non-fiction to hit the #1 New York Times best-seller list in first week was A Life God Rewards. He is also the New York Times best-selling author for children and teen books, the Publisher and Executive Editor of ten monthly magazines with over 120,000,000 distributed. He is the author of The Prayer of Jabez, The Secrets of the Vine, A Life God Rewards, Beyond Jabez, Set Apart, Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs, and The DreamGiver.