Special Guests


  • Sam
    The story of a man who grew up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive father. As an escape, he turned to booze, drugs and porn. At 18 he moved in with a girlfriend, which lead to a pregnancy and subsequent abortion and continued to live a fast life with unwise choices. Finally, it all came crashing down when at 26 he encountered a nervous breakdown. Then, after years of broken relationships, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and entered into a restored relationship and acceptance with the Creator, only to find that the church wasn't quite as ready to accept him. Listen as we hear the story of a man who is still trying to make wise choices, but continues to battle between his "old life patterns" and this so called, "new life in Christ."

Talkback, etc.

  • Yes, Christians still battle with depression, mood disorders and other forms of mental illness.
    Join Dr. Grant Mullen and therapist Derek Johnson as they take calls from our listeners.

  • Do you believe in aliens and U.F.O's?
    UFOs sighted in every country, alien abductions, crop circles and government cover-ups... How do you explain it all?
    (Our apologies... the beginning of our recording mysteriously disappeared!!!)