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Since it's our last LIVE month of Season #10, and it's finally getting kinda hot up our way, we thought we'd take a page from our Southern listeners and try a slightly different format for the month of July! So sit on back in that old rocking chair on yer front porch and enjoy a cold glass of ice tea while we here at TDMS give you a month of authors, music and a whole lotta laid back July-ness!

Special Guests

  • Paul Young — Author Of The Shack AND Cross Roads
    In Cross Roads, Paul Young tells the story of a driven man who falls into a coma and experiences relational entanglements that allow him to revisit choices he made during his life. In ICU after a cerebral hemorrhage, powerful businessman Anthony Spencer awakens to find himself in a surreal world. Literally able to see through the eyes and experiences of others, he is faced with the consequences of his own choices. Despite his great material accomplishments, he is confronted by how his life was ultimately empty and meaningless. He meets God and faces a decision. Will he have the courage to make a choice that can undo a major injustice he set in motion before falling into a coma? “Because each human being is a story, we resonate with story,” said Paul Young. “I am thrilled that Cross Roads has coalesced as another unique and deeply moving human story, complete with humor and suffering, beauty and brokenness, and grace filling up the spaces in-between.” The Shack was published in 2008 and became an international phenomenon with more than eighteen million copies in print (ten million in the United States and more than 8 million in foreign translations). It spent 50 weeks at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into 41 languages.

  • Dr. William F. Harley Jr. — Psychologist, Author of Surviving An Affair
    How can a marriage survive an affair? Infidelity is one of life's most painful experiences for everyone involved--the betrayed spouse, the children, the extended family members, and even the lover and the wayward spouse. Once trust is broken, how can a couple ever hope to reconcile? In Surviving An Affair, Drs. Harley and Chalmers help you understand every aspect of infidelity--from the beginning of an affair through the restoration of the marriage, including: why affairs begin and end, how to end an affair, how to restore the marriage, and how to manage resentment and rebuild trust. Surviving An Affair will do more than help you and your spouse survive the crisis of infidelity--it will show you how to minimize your suffering and emerge from this tragedy with your trust and love for each other restored.
    *Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. is a nationally acclaimed clinical psychologist, a marriage counselor, and the bestselling author of numerous books, including His Needs, Her Needs; Five Steps to Romantic Love; Love Busters; and Draw Close.

  • Liz Curtis Higgs — Author of Bad Girls Of The Bible: And What We Can Learn From Them
    Since Liz Curtis Higgs began writing Bad Girls of the Bible 15 years ago, this Former Bad Girl turned popular speaker, and New York Times bestselling author has taken more than a million women for a walk on the wild side. With the addition of an in-depth study guide and new discussion questions and an all-new companion DVD, Higgs gives another generation the opportunity to take a verse-by-verse look at some of the Bible’s most notorious women and how they reveal God’s grace. Liz introduces 10 femme fatales starting with Eve and moving through the Old Testament to meet such infamous women as Delilah and Jezebel, then finishing in the New Testament with the “Sinful Woman”  from Luke 7. She puts these sisters in three categories: Bad to the Bone, Bad for a Moment, or Bad for a Season, but Not Forever. All have something to teach, even if it’s what not to do. Bad Girls of the Bible is laced with humor, solid research, and heartfelt self-disclosure.

  • Michael Hurley — Author of Once Upon A Gypsy Moon: An Improbable Voyage and One Man’s Yearning for Redemption A MEMOIR
    Michael Hurley's journey began when he took to the open sea aboard an aging 32-foot sloop called the Gypsy Moon after he had lost his job, was short of money, and his 25 year marriage had ended. Michael’s odyssey begins in Annapolis, Maryland, and heads south for two years to various ports of call including a 350-mile solo passage through the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, the Outer Banks of North Carolina storied for thousands of shipwrecks, as he searches for perspective in reconciling the events of his past. Seeking to salvage a “life that has foundered”, he recalls poignant personal episodes and draws larger lessons on topics such as faith and disbelief; love, marriage, and affairs; parenting; and the challenges faced by adult children of alcoholics. When rough weather and mechanical problems force him to come ashore, his life takes a favorable tack when he meets Susan, his future wife. This course-correction provides Michael a vehicle for describing his past failures in love and the foundation on which he has resolved to build again. Eight months later the two are married and the voyage continues until the Gypsy Moon encounters high winds off the coast of Haiti and is hit by a rogue wave. Hurley then faces a life-altering choice that brings this memoir to its exciting and unexpected conclusion. Once Upon a Gypsy Moon will resonate with anyone who has had to pick up the pieces after personal failure and loss.

Talkback, etc.

      (Hey, if Seinfeld can do it...)
    It's summertime up here in the Great White North, and since we only get two months of decent weather in this neck of the woods, we thought we would take the first hour of every show in July (1:00 – 2:00 PM ET) and do absolutely nothing!  A.K.A. - Random phone calls to people asking them if they believe in Heaven, Hell, or Angels and other spiritual stuff / Pretending to be in a crisis & calling up random churches to see if we can actually make human contact / Playing various clips we've found which we find a tad interesting – like this one: Click Here/ Answering random calls from listeners who want to put Drew on the spot / And of course, a crowd favorite... USELESS TV TRIVIA!

  • D.J. DREW In Da Hizzle!
    (Old Guy FAIL!)
    Featuring The Music Of “TDMS-LIVE” Performers From Season # 10. 
    During the last hour (4:00 – 5:00 PM ET.) of every Saturday in July, we'll play cuts from some of the incredible recording artists who have performed LIVE in studio during Season #10! Just our way of easing into summer mode and sharing with you some of the best tunes from possibly our best season of live performances EVER! BTW - we won't be posting this hour online so if ya wanna hear these fantastic tunes you'll have to listen LIVE!