Special Guests


  • Gipp Forster
    Gipp Forster is an extraordinary storyteller, communicator and philosopher. He is also an actor and does voice-over commercial work with his deep resonant voice. His greatest calling however is in Outreach, where for many years he has devoted his time and compassion in 'street' and prison ministry. Millions of radio listeners love the song "It Feels Like Christmas", starring Gipp Forster. He is the founder of the Mustard Seed Food Bank in Victoria, BC, and the Christmas Garage-a holiday light display which attracts 10,000 visitors each year. You have probably heard his 60-second Christmas vignettes on various stations around North America. Today, Gipp shares with us his incredible spiritual journey.

Talkback, etc.

  • Prayer Requests - What miracle do you need this Christmas?
    A little vulnerability - and a whole lot of people willing to pray for you!

  • The Drew Marshall Show Annual "Christmas Job Fair!"
    Christmas is a lousy time to be unemployed! Give us a call if you're looking for work or needing to hire someone! Let's do a little networking on The Drew Marshall Show and get some people working again in the New Year!