After 16 seasons, TDMS will come to an end on Saturday, June 29th. For the last 10 weeks of the show,
Drew will share his TOP 10 moments of hosting Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show.

Moment # 5:
“After a holiday break, Tim The Tool asked me what I did during my time off. I accidentally combined two responses together (‘Not much. I just hung out’ AND ‘Not much. I just laid low.’) I ended up saying, ‘Not much. I just hung low.’ Because Tim and I are actually 13 year old boys, it took us a very long time to stop our uncontrollable giggling!”


  • JOURNEY Update - Marcella’s Mom!
    Just before a show in March 2015, Drew was told that a former guest / turned friend had just died. MS finally took Marcella Immacolata Trichilo. She was only 38. Since she was first interviewed by Drew in 2006, especially during his years of “public doubt”, Marcella was a pebble under his soul. Over time, her body slowly trapped and betrayed her. Drew was in complete awe of her unwavering dedication to the God who never answered her hope & prayers to be healed. Drew was honoured to have been asked by the family to lead the funeral service for this young, vibrant, stubborn and cheeky Italian woman. Marcella was tenacious grace! CLICK HERE To Listen To Marcella's Last Interview

  • Kevan Chandler — Author, Speaker, Inspirational Motivator
    Kevan Chandler grew up in the foothills of North Carolina with his parents and two siblings. The youngest of the bunch, he was the second to be diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare neuromuscular disease. He has a bachelor’s of arts degree in counseling from John Wesley College. In the summer of 2016, Kevan and his friends took a trip across Europe, leaving his wheelchair at home, and his friends carried him for three weeks in a backpack. An avid storyteller, Kevan has authored several books, including a memoir of their adventures, and speaks worldwide about his unique life with a disability. He is also the founder of We Carry Kevan, a nonprofit striving to redefine accessibility as a cooperative effort.
    (Watch The Trailer For Kevan’s DocuTravel Adventure)

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Rebuilding Love

  • A 9 Week Series With Canadian Talk Show Host Drew Marshall (& his wife) AND Relationship Guru & Psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson — HOLD ME TIGHT Conversation #6 “Bonding Through Sex & Touch”
    They tried 28 years of doing marriage their way, but eventually, it ended. However, after a long separation, Canadian talk show host Drew Marshall and his wife Bev recently renewed their vows on a small deserted island off the coast of Mexico. Now, to make sure he doesn’t screw it up again, Drew has asked renowned psychologist and relationship guru Dr. Sue Johnson to help he and his wife rebuild their love - but this time with new foundational building blocks, using tools they’ve never had before. Dr. Johnson has agreed to personally take Bev and Drew through her Hold Me Tight Program.

    THIS WEEK: HOLD ME TIGHT Conversation #6 “Bonding Through Sex & Touch”

    *If you've been following these incredibly vulnerable conversations with Bev, Drew & Dr. Sue and are interested in registering for the Hold Me Tight Program - CLICK HERE to begin rebuilding your love.