Special Guests


  • Amy & John — Cocaine Addiction Survivors
    Amy's cocaine addiction just about killed her and John's life was almost completely ruined by cocaine as well. Both John & Amy found themselves doing coke even after they surrendered their lives to Christ. Where are they now? Listen as we get below the surface with two cocaine addiction survivors!

Talkback, etc.

  • If following Christ means that God enters into your life, then why are there still so many Christians with mental health issues?
    Apparently, He came to give us life abundantly, and free us from the chains of bondage. Sure, maybe we don't get healing from our physical ailments, but according to 2 Timothy, "God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind!" So why are there still so many Christians with mental health issues? Some will say that these people just don't want to be healed bad enough or maybe they aren't REALLY genuine Christians. Have you struggled with mental illness and ever wondered why your prayers for healing seem to fall on deaf ears?

  • The Counsel Of Many! Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This Week: "My 18-year old son is going overseas for a year next week. If this was your child, what words of advice you would offer?" The regular listeners of TDMS will know that this is Drew's actual personal situation and he's asking The Counsel Of Many for advice. His son Josh will be leaving for Australia next Friday. When your firstborn left home and possibly even moved to the other side of the world, what great words of wisdom did you impart? And how did you cope? Maybe you've been through this already and can offer some words of wisdom. (To submit your situation for an upcoming segment of The Counsel Of Many, Click Here)

  • Will YOU sponsor a child with Compassion?
    "Every year, I say no, to many who want to come on our show and use it to ask you for your money. Every year, we do our best to bring you a select few organizations we think are worthy of your support. Every year I challenge you to at least sponsor a child with Compassion. Every year I sit in the studio stunned at how for the most part, it's the people who've already sponsored children that call in and sponsor another child. These are the folks that get it. They get that fact that doing "our part" as followers of Christ means forgoing the materialistic pleasures of most and sacrificially giving - not just stopping at the status quo! So for those of you, who have not yet sponsored a child, remember that the 'abundant life' means being blessed enough to share. It does NOT mean being blessed enough to simply be blessed! For the next five weeks, will you consider being a loving, caring, praying, letter writing, clothing-food-health-education & spiritual provider for a child who has no one like that in their life? Please call us during the show and sponsor a child with Compassion OR CLICK HERE and sponsor a child right now! I don't ask much and never want to turn TDMS into another 'begging radio ministry simply preaching to the choir.' But this Christmas I'm asking." Drew