Special Guests

  • Ruth Graham
    No stranger to pain, Ruth Graham, who of course is the daughter of Billy & Ruth Graham, brings a transparent and Biblical perspective to her journey of faith that took her through her husband's infidelity, her depression, divorces, going back to school at 40 and a variety of life changing events in the lives of her teenaged children.

  • Gloria Gaither
    The better half of the world's most famous Gospel Family! Married for more than thirty years to singer/songwriter/ businessman Bill Gaither, their union has produced over 600 songs, 60 recordings, numerous awards, a dozen musicals, a collection of books, three children, and four grandchildren.


Talkback, etc.

  • As we do every year... it's time to call in and brag on your mom!
    Get your mom to listen this Saturday, then surprise her by calling in!
    (No matter what kind of relationship you have with your mom these days, please stop whatever you're doing right now and give your mom a call and just tell her how much you appreciate her. Will you do that for me? Cause I don't have a mom to talk to anymore and I waited 'til it was too late to say the important things to my mother. Don't wait for Mother's day to get here to do what's right... Talk to her today, not just when it's Mother's Day!)

  • Are mothers more important than fathers?
    If a couple gets divorced, why do the courts tend to automatically side with the mother? Do you think mothers make better single parents than fathers?