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  • Prayer Request
    During our show this week, a woman called in and shared quite emotionally and painfully from her heart, about her very personal struggle with an unfaithful husband. Instead of posting that very hurtful story, (because we didn't have her permission) please... just pray for this woman... pray for her husband... pray for their children!!

Talkback, etc.

  • After London was attacked by those deluded wimps called, "terrorists," the Brits went right back to doing life again.
    Do you think that Canadians would do the same? Would you go right back to the city again? Do you think that Toronto will be attacked?

  • What is it about your teenager that drives you absolutely nuts?
    And teens... what is it about your parents that drive you nuts?

  • How many women have had their husbands cheat on them or are addicted to pornography?

  • What does your spouse do that you just wish they'd stop doing?