Special Guests

  • Dr. David Jeremiah — Pastor, Speaker, and Author
    Dr. David Jeremiah is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. Dr. Jeremiah is the author of many books, including Discover Paradise, Life Wide Open, Searching for Heaven on Earth, My Heart's Desire, Grace Givers and the best-selling Captured by Grace. His award winning international radio and television ministry, Turning Point, reflects his commitment to the truth of the Bible and to helping people understand how to apply biblical principles to everyday living.

  • Eric Sandras — Author of Plastic Jesus
    Sadly, if Jesus came in plastic, we just might find Him more to our liking. Suburbia might be a fine place to raise a family, but it's a terrifying and dangerous environment for our spiritual well being. Many of us have exchanged the challenge and vitality of Christ's plan for our lives for the ease of a plastic, soul-numbing, comfort-first mentality. Edgy and honest, Eric Sandras seeks to empower readers to live life as Christ intended: with a radical sense of purpose that only He can provide.


Talkback, etc.

  • Are some professions off limits if you claim to be a Christian?
    WWF Wrestler - Boxer - Ultimate Fighter - Fashion Model - Football or Hockey Player? How about a Lawyer or Politician?

  • Do you agree with the decision of a Christian school to kick one of their students out because her mother was a stripper?
    If you had a child enrolled there, would you want them being friends with children who might be living in a home with a questionable lifestyle? I mean, isn't that one of the reasons you pulled little Billy out of the secular school system in the first place?

  • Have Christian trinkets gone too far? How many do you have?
    Talking Jesus dolls, WWJD bracelets, sandals that leave the imprint of "Jesus Loves You" in the sand, and those cheesy Christian bumper stickers and t-shirts... how much of this crap do you own? Do you think it really "works"? Will you attempt to "witness" to someone this Christmas in such sly and cunning ways?