Special Guests

  • Tyler Beddoes — Author of Proof Of Angels: The Definitive Book on the Reality of Angels and the Surprising Role They Play in Each of Our Lives
    From the collaborator of the blockbuster bestseller Proof of Heaven, comes the definitive book proving angels are real, all around us, and interacting in our lives every day. In March 2015, millions worldwide were captivated by news reports of the dramatic rescue of an eighteen month old girl, Lily Groesbeck, who’d somehow survived fourteen hours in an overturned car partially submerged in an icy-cold Utah river after her mother apparently lost control of the vehicle. A voice the four responding officers assumed was the child’s mother still trapped inside spurred them on: “Help me, help me.” Yet, once the two victims were recovered, it was clear that the voice could not have come from Lily’s mother: she’d been killed on impact.

 New York Times bestselling author Ptolemy Tompkins, with the help of Tyler Beddoes, one of the responding officers who helped rescue Lily, share details of this modern-day miracle and explore the evidence for the existence of angels in our world. 
Proof of Angels weaves real-life stories into a rich narrative, exploring the history, nature, and significance of angels in our lives. With an introduction by Colleen Hughes, the editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth magazine, Proof of Angels proves that the barrier between the spiritual and the scientific is less certain than we often think. Not only does Tompkins offer a highly entertaining look into a universally fascinating topic, but he also delivers a fresh and deeply reassuring message: we are not alone.

  • Preston Sprinkle — Author Of People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue
    The topic of homosexuality was at one time suppressed in church settings. Today though, it is being discussed at length, from the pulpit, in coffee shops, in Sunday school, in books by Christian leaders. But the conversation often becomes a debate of “us” versus “them”. Author and biblical scholar Preston Sprinkle wants to change the tone of this often-hostile conversation. In his new release, People to Be Loved, Preston argues that the topic of homosexuality from a Christian perspective is more convoluted and complex than many make it out to be. “The question of homosexuality defies simple answers,” says Sprinkle, “so I refuse to give thin answers to thick questions.” He believes you can hold a traditional view of marriage and sex without dismissing those who disagree with you. Through listening to the stories of his LGBT friends and honestly considering their viewpoints, he has written a rare book on this subject from a Christian perspective. One that claims homosexuality is not an “issue” it’s an entire people group who deserve more respect and love than they are often given in church settings. As Preston points out, “The people who are most repelled by Jesus are the religious hypocrites. As I think about the question of homosexuality, I see many gay and lesbian people repelled by the church. And so I am asking myself, Why?” With People to Be Loved, Sprinkle will simultaneously release Living in a Gray World: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Understanding Homosexuality. As a college professor and an author who often speaks to teens, Sprinkle understands the many questions students have about homosexuality and the great need for a studied voice to speak into those questions. “I’m not going to tell you what to believe,” he writes. “What I’m going to do is simply point out some basic truths in the Bible that will help guide our thinking about homosexuality.”

  • Dawn Bennett — Valentine's Day Divorce Attorney
    Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a divorce lawyer! It can be overwhelming when your marriage breaks down, but the fact is that even people of faith end up divorcing. And unfortunately many people feel a sense of rejection from their place of worship rather than support and healing. When the painful decision to divorce has been made, it's important to have someone that really knows the law but also understands your personal & spiritual needs. Dawn Bennett is a Family Lawyer who appreciates that divorce is a reality, and there are many in need of legal council.


LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Monica Chapman
    “Monica Chapman is in some stellar company on her new album P.S. I Love You! But the singer’s voice is the real attraction here…there’s a touch of the exotic in her tone, giving these standards and classics a life they’ve never had before. Listening is a big reward!”
    ~ Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio, Canada.

    Monica’s new CD, P.S. I Love You! has now been released and been received with great enthusiasm and reviews, as well as air play on BBC, CBC, 91 and worldwide. Monica released her new album in January, 2015 titled P.S. I Love You! on itunes, CD Baby and Amazon, produced by the multi-talented, Juno award-winning producer/arranger/pianist Bill King, featuring world-renowned trumpeter William Sperandei. She is honoured to have Dave Young on side (Juno award-winning bassist and band leader who played in Oscar Petersons’ great trios). Bill assembled an A-list of renowned players on this album including Bill himself on piano, Mark Kelso/drums and Nathan Hiltz/guitar. Bill made stunning arrangements for each song, recorded at Inception Sound Studios in Toronto and engineered by the brilliant Michael Haas.

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