Special Guests

  • Steve Stockman
    “Stocki” is the minister of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in Belfast, N. Ireland and blogs about where his faith and culture meets. He's also the author of Walk On; The Spiritual Journey of U2. Throughout Walk On, author Steve Stockman mines the band's public works and interviews to see if Bono found what he was looking for. He follows the band from their early days in Dublin's Shalom Christian Fellowship all the way to their Elevation tour. Along the way, he examines not only the band's story, but also the symbolism and story behind their songs, and the larger issues of church, culture and the Christian Ghetto.

  • Peter Rollins — Author, Philosopher, Theologian, Storyteller, Belfast Boy!
    Peter is the founder of ikon, a faith group that has gained an international reputation for blending live music, visual imagery, soundscapes, theatre, ritual and reflection to create what they call ‘transformance art’. Peter gained his higher education from Queens University, Belfast and has earned degrees (with distinction) in Scholastic Philosophy (BA Hons), Political Theory (MA) and Post-Structural thought (PhD). He is currently a research associate with the Irish School of Ecumenics in Trinity College, Dublin and is the author of the much talked about How (Not) to Speak of God. His most recent work is entitled Insurrection. He was born in Belfast but currently resides in Greenwich, CT and is employed by The Olson Foundation. “To believe is human. To doubt, Divine!”

  • Francis Xavier (Chip) Flaherty Jr. — Executive Vice-President and Publisher of Walden Media
    Reasons we have “Chip” on the show today:
    1/ He and his brother run THE most successful family friendly film production companies, bringing us the Academy Award winning "Chronicles of Narnia” series; "Journey to the Center of the Earth," starring Brendan Frasier, the first live-action digitally captured 3D feature film in history; "Nim's Island" starring Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, Academy Award nominee Abigal Breslin and Gerard Butler; "Charlotte's Web," with an all-star cast including Dakota Fanning, Academy Award winners Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey and Robert Redford; and "Ray," for which Jamie Foxx received an Academy Award for his performance as Ray Charles. Current and upcoming Walden Media films include "The Tooth Fairy," starring Dwayne Johnson, Julie Andrews, Ashley Judd and Billy Crystal; and of course Return To Nim's Island starring Bindi Irwin, daughter of the beloved late family entertainment icon, Steve Irwin (“Crocodile Hunter”). Cool!
    2/ Prior to his tenure at Walden Media, Mr. Flaherty served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Assistant District Attorney (Essex County) and, later, as an Assistant Attorney General. Very Cool!
    3/He's got a cool Irish name for our St. Patrick's Day Special! Super Cool!
    4/ It sorta sounds like we're interviewing the new Pope! FREAKING AWESOME!

  • Sammy Horner — Not Your Average Celtic Musician
    “Do I look like a man with a bio? Basically I'm Irish, grew up fighting, never stopped. Everything pisses me off and I seem to live day to day in varying degrees of pissed off-ed-ness. I am a reluctant pastor (tho I suspect not for long...at present our elders will only agree to speak to me by phone and if they have a witness with them...honest to God) and the Baptists won't accept my original ordination, but for some reason won't even start the process for ordination until I go to six months worth of 'tea and buns' meetings so they can get to know me. Believe me, tea and buns are not the way to get to know me. My reply to this was only two words... the second one is 'off'. I am stupid enough not to be scared of any man and damn few women, but I will be glad to come on your show. Because after St. Paddy's day I suspect my job, house and visa will be revoked. Let me know what swear words are acceptable so I can ignore you.”

  • Joel Rosenberg — New York Times Bestselling Author
    Joel C. Rosenberg is the author of The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel, Option, The Copper Scroll, Dead Heat, Epicenter, Inside the Revolution, Implosion, The Invested Life, The Twelfth Imam, The Tehran Initiative, and Israel at War, with a total of more than 2.5 million copies sold. As a communications adviser, Joel has worked with a number of U.S. and Israeli leaders, including Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, Natan Sharansky, and Benjamin Netanyahu. His latest book, Damascus Countdown, is the third and final book in Rosenberg’s Twelfth Imam series. Joel, who has earned a reputation for writing novels that seem “ripped from tomorrow’s headlines,” has once again crafted a geopolitical thrill ride that couldn’t be timelier.

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  • soulSURVIVOR!

    5 Religious Tribes Competing For The Soul Of One Person!

    Five religious Tribes competing for the soul of one person, by explaining to our soulSURVIVOR what it is that their Tribe actually believes! And the Tribal Leaders will NOT have immunity! Our soulSURVIVOR will be able to challenge, critique, or question any aspect of all Tribal codes! At the end of the contest, our soulSURVIVOR will then decide which Tribe presented the most compelling case for faith - Then reveal to us if they'll be joining that Tribe! Listen in as 5 religious Tribes witness, sell and explain their faith to a genuine & passionate seeker! A soulSURVIVOR, who's been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world!  (SoulSURVIVOR – One who has been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world then decide if they want to join one of the Tribes. Or – Catalina!)

    *If you'd like to be our NEXT soulSURVIVOR, email us all your contact details and why you think that YOU would make the best soulSURVIVOR!

    TODAY'S TRIBAL LEADER  — Dr. Robert L. Millet, Leading Mormon Scholar
    An expert on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Dr. Robert L. Millet is Professor of Ancient Scripture and a former Dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University. Dr. Millet is also a frequent contributor on BYU Television and a prominent speaker and author. He has also served in various roles in the LDS (Mormon) Church and is an expert on the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. He earned a Master’s from BYU in Psychology and a Ph.D. from Florida State University in Biblical Studies and Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Religious Thought. Dr. Millet has served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a bishop, stake president, temple worker, and member of the Church Materials Evaluation Committee.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A husband and wife are arguing about whether or not all this POPE stuff really matters. The husband thinks that the Catholic church has too much power & money and doesn't think one man should be revered so much, while the wife feels that the Catholic church, in spite of it's negative press, is THE Church and that the Holy Father has been put there by God Himself. (Sounds like this Protestant/Catholic couple lives in Belfast!) They want TDMS to do a phone survey to settle their fight!

    My husband and I are arguing AGAIN about the importance of the Pope. I am still a Catholic but he's walked away from The Church. Yes... I said THE Church, because I believe that the catholic church is THE one true church, just as I believe that the Pope is chosen by God and is our Holy Father! My husband on the other hand, is “fed up with the entire catholic church. It has too much power, too much money and one religious leader should not be worshiped the way the Pope is worshiped.” Personally, I think my husband is just bitter because someone in his family was abused by a Catholic priest. Anyway, we just decided that we would ask the listeners of your show to help settle this argument between us. I'd like to know how many people agree with me – the good Catholic girl who is part of the REAL body of Christ and will submit to the authority and leadership of the Holy Father, no questions asked! And how many people agree with my bitter, lapsed Catholic husband? Is the world making too much out of the catholic church electing a new Pope? Does it really matter?

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My!
    Today's God & Stuff Guest: Senior Religion Editor for The AOL/Huffington Post Media Group