Special Guests

  • Cameron Mathison — “Ryan Lavery” from All My Children, 2007 Dancing With The Stars
    Cameron Mathison is best known to millions of fans of “All My Children” as heartthrob Ryan Lavery, a role he has played in over 1,000 episodes since first appearing on the long-running soap in 1998. His numerous other television credits include “Hot in Cleveland,” “Drop Dead Divas,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “CSI,” “JAG,” “What I Like About You,” “F/X: The Series,” “Castle,” “Desperate Housewives” and the television movie Any Mother's Son with Bonnie Bedelia. In 2007 he joined the cast of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and also began serving as a special contributor to “Good Morning America". Cameron has been honored with the 1999 Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Male Newcomer and Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2002 and 2004. And with Easter just around the corner, GMC TV is gearing up for the world premiere movie of their Easter movie, The Carpenter’s Miracle (Saturday, March 30th & Sunday, March 31st) starring Cameron Mathison!

    The Carpenter’s Miracle - A humble, small-town handyman, Josh Carey (Cameron Mathison), finds himself at the center of media attention after attempting to resuscitate a 12 year-old Luke Quinn (Ryan Grantham), the victim of a drowning accident. When the boy shows no signs of life for an hour, Josh consoles Luke’s mother, Sarah (Michelle Harrison), in the emergency room. But when he lightly touches the boy with his hand while offering a heaven-word wish, the boy is revived. Many in the town consider it a miraculous act. But Josh is not religious and doesn’t believe he had anything to do with Luke’s recovery, even after he seems to heal several others in the following days. The Carpenter’s Miracle touches on themes of faith, skepticism and miracles – a perfect Easter Movie!

  • Scarlett Jane — Recording Artists
    Scarlett Jane is one of the most exciting new collaborations in recent Canadian music - the marriage of the distinctive songs and beautifully haunting voices of Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire. And now, Stranger, their debut recording, captures their strength and their vulnerability, and a progressive roots sound which embodies the raw and candid demeanor of Lucinda Williams, the moody sensuality of Stevie Nicks and Nick Cave, and the tender playfulness of Dolly Parton. Both Andrea and Cindy are road warriors. Andrea has two previous releases behind her, while Cindy has three - two of them in French, which has given her a following in both French Canada and Europe. They met several years ago at a tiny Toronto music venue; their solo careers were starting to move forward, and they shared a passion for prose, poetry, theatrics and songs in minor keys. They liked blues and country, old school soul and rock’n’roll. The blend of their voices stopped conversations; their musical sensibilities interweaved seemingly without effort.

  • LGBT's & The Church — 1 Hour Round Table
    Everything you ever wanted to know (and probably a bunch of stuff you really didn't want to know) about the Church and it's Public Enemy #1 – THE GAYS!

    Lisa Salazar — Transgendered Author of Transparently: Behind the Scenes of a Good Life
    “A personal spiritual journey of someone struggling to be a 'good man' – who finally allows the beautiful woman inside to emerge.”

    Wendy Gritter — Executive Director of New Direction Ministries Of Canada
    “Nurturing safe and spacious places for those outside the heterosexual mainstream to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.”

    Dr. Lawrence Brice — Author of The Uncomfortable Church: Can Gays be Reconciled To The Body Of Christ?
    “Is it REALLY possible for Bible believing Christians and the LGBT community to reconcile and move toward a place of understanding?”

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  • soulSURVIVOR!

    5 Religious Tribes Competing For The Soul Of One Person!

    Five religious Tribes competing for the soul of one person, by explaining to our soulSURVIVOR what it is that their Tribe actually believes! And the Tribal Leaders will NOT have immunity! Our soulSURVIVOR will be able to challenge, critique, or question any aspect of all Tribal codes! At the end of the contest, our soulSURVIVOR will then decide which Tribe presented the most compelling case for faith - Then reveal to us if they'll be joining that Tribe! Listen in as 5 religious Tribes witness, sell and explain their faith to a genuine & passionate seeker! A soulSURVIVOR, who's been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world!  (SoulSURVIVOR – One who has been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world then decide if they want to join one of the Tribes. Or – Catalina!)

    *If you'd like to be our NEXT soulSURVIVOR, email us all your contact details and why you think that YOU would make the best soulSURVIVOR!

    TODAY'S TRIBAL LEADER  — Imam Dr. Jamal Badawi
    Dr. Jamal Badawi is an Egyptian born Muslim Canadian. He is “Professor Emeritus” at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he served as Professor of Religious Studies. He is a well-known author, activist, preacher and speaker on Islam and is the author of many books and articles on Islam. Dr. Badawi also researched and presented a 352 segment television series on Islam. He actively participates in lectures, seminars and interfaith dialogues in North America and has been invited as a guest speaker in various functions throughout the world. Additionally, he is active in several Islamic organizations, including Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Juridical Council of North America, The European Council of Fatwa and Research and the International Union of Islamic Scholars. He is the founder/chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation, which is a non-profit organization seeking to promote a better understanding of Islam and the Muslims. Currently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Islamic University. Dr. Badawi has also been serving as a volunteer Imam of the local Muslim community in Halifax since 1970.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A woman wants to know if men who cheat ever actually change – in other words, should she trust her cheating husband and give him a third chance?

    A number of years ago my husband admitted to me that he cheated on me with a close friend of his. When this woman was going through her own separation and divorce, we welcomed her into our home so that she would have a place to stay until she found her own apartment. Yes, I look back on that and realize how stupid that was of me! I spend quite a while beating myself up about not seeing what was going on right in front of my eyes. A few months ago, I found out that my husband was cheating on me AGAIN! I was devastated and incredibly angry, so I told him to pack up his stuff and get out of my life. We've just now decided to go to counseling in order to move forward in the most amicable way possible. Whether it's divorce or reconciliation. YES... I'm actually considering reconciliation! But when I told a friend of mine that, she asked me if I was CRAZY! Actually, a few friends have told me that I'm nuts to even consider reconciliation. So am I nuts? I guess most people can understand a woman forgiving her husband of ONE affair. But two? And another one of my friends pointed out the fact that as far as I know, my husband could have had multiple affairs. But I'm trying to figure out the balance between forgiveness/restoration & healthy boundaries/closure. So I guess I'm looking for answers to two main questions. Knowing that my husband has cheated on me twice, should I even consider reconciling with him? And do people think that “cheaters” can really change?

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My!
    Today's God & Stuff Guest: Abe Levy – Religion Reporter for The San Antonio Express-News