Special Guests

  • Dione Taylor — Recording Artist
    With a background in Gospel, R&B, Soul, and Jazz, Dione Taylor's rich and smoky voice has a truly soulful quality, one complemented by her keenly trained musical ear. Ms. Taylor first seduced ears and turned heads with her 2004 debut disc, Open Your Eyes. It earned her Juno, Canadian Urban Music and National Jazz Award nominations, and was named one of the Top Recordings of 2004 by Canada’s premiere jazz radio station, Jazz FM 91. Ms. Taylor has sung for presidents and royalty, including former U.S. President George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. In 2003, as one of six jazz musicians from around the world selected for the “Jazz and the New Generation” program led by Dr. Billy Taylor, she performed at the prestigious Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Other notable appearances include the 2005 Nightlife Jazz Tour, the Women’s Blues Revue at Toronto¹s famed Massey Hall, and the 2005 Montreal International Jazz Festival. At the 2006 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala, Ms. Taylor had the honor of performing “The Weight” for rock musician Robbie Robertson from The Band in recognition of his Lifetime Artistic Achievement award. She was nominated for a 2008 Gemini for her rendition of Oscar Peterson’s “Hymn to Freedom”, which she performed alongside Oliver Jones at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala. In November 2008, Dione Taylor’s latest CD, I Love Being Here With You, was released in Japan, and in December 2008 she performed a sold-out Christmas concert at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo Japan. In 2009 Dione was awarded the Governor General¹s Mentorship award program with Oliver Jones as her mentor.

  • Drew's New TV Show Starts THIS Saturday Night at 8:00 ET on CTS!
    CTS has launched a brand new Weekend Magazine show with Sharon Caddy (Real Life) and our very own Drew Marshall. Lifestyle, pop culture, and current affairs television with a twist (Drew!) CTS Weekender kicks off its television premiere this Saturday March 30th at 8:00 PM ET. Drew promised his friend Full House star Candace Cameron Bure, that she would be his first celebrity guest, and Sharon Caddy interviews Til Debt do Us Part financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade. And then it only makes sense on Easter weekend for Drew to stir it up by asking, Bruxy Cavey of “The Meeting House” and Rabbi Stephen Wise, if the Bible should be taken literally or not! CTS Weekender will also feature The Doc Side – a weekly documentary, PLUS a round table discussion! This week's doc - “The Bible and You” - will examine the Bible's influence, origins, reliability and relevance in today's society. Featuring biblical scholars Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Tony Campolo and best-selling author Eric Metaxas (Bonheoffer) The Bible and You explores the origins of the biblical manuscripts, how the scriptures have been interpreted throughout history, and examines the Bible's main message. Also featured is NY Times best-selling author, A.J. Jacobs (A Year of Living Biblically - takes a tongue-in-cheek approach at what it would be like to live out the bible literally, whether the results were good or bad).

    We'll be joined today by Drew's co-host, Sharon Caddy, and documentary filmmaker Mike Wright (The Bible & You, Goal Of The Century: The Paul Henderson Story, Journey To Christmas).

    *The Bible and You will also stream online at ctstv.com at 9pm ET, and will be available online on-demand until Monday, April 1st for Easter weekend.

  • The York University Gospel Choir!
    When Karen Burke (Toronto Mass Choir) was hired by York University to create the first gospel music course at a post-secondary institution in Canada, she had no idea what was about to come! The enrollment cap for this course is 100 students AND IT'S ALWAYS FULL!
    The York University Gospel Choir will be performing IN-STUDIO today during our TDMS Easter Special. They'll also be playing two concerts on Friday, April 5th & Saturday, April 6th @ 7:30 p.m. Supported by a live rhythm section, you'll also be blown away by their special guest recording artist Peter Moncrieffe www.petermoncrieffe.com. Do yourself a favor, and get your Easter On by checking out the enthusiasm & power & joy & talent from last year's York University Gospel Choir concert! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8bu0nxYL8Q The concerts will be held in the Sandra Faire/Ivan Fecan Theaters in the Accolade East Building at the Keele/Steeles Campus at York University. For tickets go to www.yorku.ca/perform.

    P.S. Karen and her choir are in desperate need of a Hammond B3 organ. I mean seriously, what's a Gospel Choir without an organ! They've had a donor give about 1/2 of what they need to purchase the Hammond B3 and are praying they find enough donors to help raise the other ½ of the money needed. (Hint Hint! Nudge Nudge! Wink Wink!)

    Today we'll check in with our new Dating Game contestant, Valerie, and see how her search for Mr. Right is going on ChristianMingle!
    (Click Here to find out more about Valerie and follow her quest to find love!)

    Are you single and looking? (Yes there’s a difference!) If so, then Drew wants to help you find that special someone! If you’re up for a bit of fun – we’ll pick up the tab – while you look for love!
    TO BECOME A CONTESTANT: Send us (mingle@drewmarshall.ca)
    1/Your contact details 2/Your picture 3/As much information about you as possible, including why YOU would make the best choice as a contestant on THE DATING GAME!

    (If chosen, you will win a FREE 1 year subscription to ChristianMingle AND… after Drew helps you find the best possible match, ChristianMingle will not only give your special someone a FREE 1 year subscription to ChristianMingle as well, but they'll also pick up the tab for an exquisite night out on the town for both of you, including dinner at one of the GTA’s most exclusive restaurants!!)  **Contestants must be over 21 and live in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • soulSURVIVOR!
    5 Religious Tribes Competing For The Soul Of One Person!

    Five religious Tribes competing for the soul of one person, by explaining to our soulSURVIVOR what it is that their Tribe actually believes! And the Tribal Leaders will NOT have immunity! Our soulSURVIVOR will be able to challenge, critique, or question any aspect of all Tribal codes! At the end of the contest, our soulSURVIVOR will then decide which Tribe presented the most compelling case for faith - Then reveal to us if they'll be joining that Tribe! Listen in as 5 religious Tribes witness, sell and explain their faith to a genuine & passionate seeker! A soulSURVIVOR, who's been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world!  (SoulSURVIVOR – One who has been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world then decide if they want to join one of the Tribes. Or – Catalina!)

    *If you'd like to be our NEXT soulSURVIVOR, email us all your contact details and why you think that YOU would make the best soulSURVIVOR!

    TODAY'S TRIBAL LEADER  — Anne Graham Lotz
    Called "the best preacher in the family" by her father, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz speaks around the globe with the wisdom and authority of years spent studying God's Word. The New York Times named Anne one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. She's been profiled on 60 Minutes, and has appeared on TV programs such as Larry King Live, The Today Show, and Hannity Live. Her “Just Give Me Jesus” revivals have been held in more than 30 cities in 12 different countries, to hundreds of thousands of attendees. Anne is a best-selling and award-winning author and is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries.

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  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: The host of an incredibly popular and tremendously successful radio show wants to know what TWO questions his listeners would ask God?

    Hi. My name is Drew Marshall and I've always wanted to ask the listeners of my radio show a question: If you actually got the chance to ask God two questions, maybe on Easter morning, what would those two questions be? That's all. Oh... Happy Easter! (Sorry I took over the Counsel Of Many this week. I just thought that it would be a good weekend to ask ya'll this question.)

    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life? Click here to tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My!
    Today's God & Stuff Guest: Mark Galli - Editor Of Christianity Today