Special Guests

  • CAMINO CONFESSIONS: John Brierley — Author of A Pilgrim’s Guide to Camino de Santiago
    During Drew’s pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, he carried only one piece of reading material the entire way - John Brierley’s A Pilgrim’s Guide to Camino de Santiago. John is a former chartered surveyor and his Camino guides are world renowned as THE guides to take with you. The Camino is without question, John Brierley’s passion. “My calling to write the guidebooks came while walking in the silence of my own heart along the Camino. That is when I heard the still small voice within. I was left in no doubt that my life was to take a different direction! I am always happy to talk about all things Camino related. The Camino translates simply as the way and when capitalised refers to the Way of life which, after all is said and done, is a spiritual journey and doesn’t end in Santiago.”

  • Maggie Rowe — Comedy Writer (Arrested Development & Flaked for Netflix) Author of Sin Bravely: A Memoir of Spiritual Disobedience
    As a young girl, Maggie Rowe took the idea of salvation very seriously. Growing up in a moderately religious household, her fear of eternal damnation turned into a childhood terror that drove her to become an outrageously dedicated Born-again Christian — regularly slinging Bible verses in cutthroat scripture memorization competitions and assaulting strangers at shopping malls with the “good news” that they were going to hell. Finally, at nineteen, crippled by her fear, she checked herself into an Evangelical psychiatric facility—and that is where her journey really began. Surrounded by a ragtag cast of characters, including a former biker meth-head struggling with anger management issues, a set of identical twins tormented by erotic fantasies, a World War II veteran and artist of denial who insists that he’s only “locked up for a tune-up,” and a warm and upbeat chronic depressive who becomes the author’s closest ally, Maggie launches a campaign to, in the words of Martin Luther, “Sin bravely in order to know the forgiveness of God.” Both funny and heartfelt, Sin Bravely is a tour de force, voice-driven debut that examines how one woman finally found the middle ground between Heaven and Hell.
    *For the last fifteen years, Maggie Rowe has performed in and produced the Comedy Central stage show Sitnspin, Los Angeles’ longest running spoken word show, having taken over the reigns from creator Jill Soloway in 2002. She has written for Arrested Development and Flaked for Netflix. She co-wrote the screenplay for and directed the New Age religious mockumentary “Bright Day” and is the creator of the theatrical satires Hollywood Hellhouse and Hollywood Purity Ball.

  • Esther Emery — Author of What Falls from the Sky: How I Disconnected from the Internet & Reconnected with the God Who Made the Clouds
    Esther Emery’s life was in pieces when she decided to go offline. Her marriage was holding on by a thread after her husband betrayed her with her best friend. She was reeling after walking away from a demanding career as a playwright and theater director in Southern California. After a cross-country move with her husband and two small children, she found herself in a new city, without a job, not knowing who she truly was. Her year without the internet began on a whim. In a matter of minutes the idea was fully born. She was tired of the frenzied pace her life had taken, and she partially blamed her screens. First, Esther didn’t want a cell phone. Then she cancelled the internet all together. What Falls from the Sky chronicles Esther’s year of being disconnected. What began as an exercise in discipline slowly brought stillness and rest. As she found space under the brilliant sky God created, she began to rebuild her marriage and reconnect with a God she had shoved away. “If you’ve heard it said that God can be found in the silence, or that silence can be found in God, then it is fair to say that I found both at the same time,” writes Esther. Esther thought she had firmly left her Christian faith in her childhood and tucked away any remaining remnants when she married an established atheist. Yet Emery felt drawn to her discarded faith when she was disconnected and started attending church, ultimately rediscovering her faith. Esther and her husband had always embraced the idea of living simply. Now, living on one income and facing days unhindered by screens, Esther dove headfirst into minimalist living. At the close of What Falls from the Sky, Esther and her family are moving to a yurt on an Idaho mountainside, beginning an off-grid homesteading adventure. Today, Esther has launched herself back into cyber connection and is sharing her newfound passions of organic gardens, DIY economics, whole food and homestead family values. Their YouTube channel has over 30,000 subscribers and Esther and her family post weekly videos on living off the grid.
    Sponsored by HarperCollins Canada

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent!

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • Luke Nicholson
    Originally from Lakefield, Ontario, Luke Nicholson had his first major breakthrough in 2008, when the track “Breathe” from the film Poor Boys Game earned a Genie nomination for Best Original Song. Nicholson’s debut album Mad Love, debuted on 2012, which spawned three CBC Radio 2 Top 20 singles and earned glowing reviews in Europe, most notably from Rolling Stone Germany who described Nicholson as a “young Elton John or Billy Joel.” Nicholson released the follow-up, Frantic City, in 2015 following a whirlwind year on the road, touring and performing at vaunted European showcases Midem and Reeperbahn. The material on that album reflected Nicholson’s life as a new father, and his regrets over the time spent apart from his newborn daughter while on tour. Following the philosophy “Write what you know,” Luke Nicholson’s new single, “All Your Dresses” fully displays his gifts for melody and poignant storytelling. The first single from the Toronto singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album, Shape and Sound, pays tribute to two significant relationships for Nicholson. Through the metaphor of clothes, the special moments shared between a husband and wife are beautifully illustrated, while the ideals his father instilled in him, to be a good man and father, are captured through the simple image of a tie. Shape and Sound is proof that pop music still has the capacity to be intelligent yet catchy, mature but fun, and above all, talk about experiences to which we can all relate.

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    This Week on The Pub Crawl: Drew is still having a hard time putting words on his recent experience walking over 1000 KM’s on The Camino de Santiago during his three month vow of silence. And since there are only a couple of people who have been up to the task of interviewing Drew, we thought we’d reach out to one of our all time favorite Pub Crawl panelists to see if she’d be up to the task. World Vision Canada’s Chief Marketing & Development Officer, Lara Dewar, interviews Drew Marshall. (THERE’S A SWITCH!)

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