Special Guests

  • Kathie Lee Gifford — EMMY Winning Co-Host of NBC’s TODAY
    Kathie Lee Gifford is the 3-time EMMY winning co-host of the fourth hour of NBC’s TODAY, alongside Hoda Kotb. Prior to NBC News, Gifford served as the co-host of “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” for 15 years, where she received 11 Emmy nominations. She has written several musicals including Broadway’s "Scandalous," which received a Tony nomination for Best Actress in 2012. Gifford also starred on Broadway in “Putting it Together” and “Annie.” Kathie Lee has authored three NY Times bestselling books including “Just When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg,” “I Can’t Believe I Said That,” and the popular children’s book “Party Animals.” Her book, “Good Gifts, A Year In The Heart of a Home” raised over $1 million for The Salvation Army. Kathie Lee also recently released a family musical experience called The Little Giant, a new recording that tells the David & Goliath story is contemporary yet timeless. Regis Philbin (as Jesse) and Broadway notables Aidan Gemme (as David) and Gregg Edelman (as King Saul/Goliath) among others joined voices with the celebrated television and Broadway personality who assumed the role of Sheeba, an ewe with tons of personality. The 30 minute album is filled with 13 new tunes produced by multi-platinum selling David Pomeranz and co- written by Gifford, inspired by the timeless story. The project stems from a life-changing trip Gifford took to Israel with her husband, legendary football player and sports commentator, Frank Gifford, before he passed in 2015. “The Little Giant is dedicated to my late husband, Frank. It’s no coincidence that he had a special place in his heart for giants since he played for the New York Giants for 12 years. ”As a lifetime student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has been traveling to Israel since she was 17 years old. In a continuation of that love for this astounding land of faith, Kathie Lee will release “The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi” in March, 2018. With a father who was Jewish, Kathie Lee has always felt what she calls “a deep resonance in my very being for the Jewish people and the Land of the Covenant—Israel.” But it wasn’t until Gifford started studying the original texts in Hebrew and Greek and actually hiking the land herself, along with teachers who taught the messianic rabbinical way, that she finally found what her soul had been longing for

  • Leslea Mair — Co-Director, Writer, Producer of “Losing Our Religion”
    Brendan is a pastor in a small, evangelical church, and he has a secret. He doesn't believe in God anymore. His wife is still a true believer - and she just told the wrong person. Losing Our Religion is a feature length documentary about preachers who are not believers, and what atheists do when they miss church. Allowed access to the 600 members of The Clergy Project – a safe haven for preachers from all faiths who no longer believe – the documentary follows ex-members and clergy who are still undercover. They are not just losing their religion, for many they are losing their friends, community and even family. As well as their job. As events unfold that change lives forever, their stories also connect with secular communities that are growing in surprising places. New groups are experimenting in ways to have church without god, and asking the same question as unbelieving clergy - "what's next?" Losing Our Religion is a documentary about community, acceptance, and a view inside the complicated lives of clergy who are stranded in the rising tide of non-believers.

  • Zac Gandara — Host of LOSING OUR RELIGION Podcast: The Conversations Most People Only Have in Their Heads
    A former megachurch pastor leaves religion behind to rid himself of the exclusivity created by its dogmas and open himself up to learn from the lives, stories, and experiences of everyone else. *As a young child, my mom would catch me perched on top of the backyard fence, looking to the sky, moving my lips. When asked what I was doing up there I responded, "Talking to Jesus." Was I nuts? Yes. Was it real to me? Yes. Is it still real to me now? Yes, although I sometimes doubt just about as much as anybody. After a failed baseball career, I went to college and got BAs in both Theology and Christian Leadership, and then spent almost two decades leading inside religious corporations. During which time I suffered renal failure, spent two years as a dialysis patient, then became a recipient of a transplanted kidney from a dear friend. After almost dying, I began to center my focus on the teachings and life of Jesus which quickly led me to become disillusioned with American Institutional Christianity. With this new found distaste for institutional religion, desire to live like misfit Jesus, a passion for living within mixed community, and genuine life with those who believe differently than me. I gave up my lucrative American Mega-Church Pastorship in an attempt to try to live the rest of my life how I see Jesus living his life in the scriptures. Not in church buildings, but streets. Not giving monological sermons, but instead living life in relationship and discussion with others. So far I've learned that my worldview was stifled, not by my faith in Christ, but by the dogma and business model of the American institutional church. I have since begun to see "God" at work everywhere.

  • Ashley David Chapman — Vice President of Chapman’s Ice Cream
    Back in 1973, David and Penny Chapman bought a small creamery in Markdale Ontario. The Chapman family began with four employees and two trucks, and moved into the cramped and primitive rooms above an old creamery in town. In 2001, Chapman's opened a distribution center in New Brunswick to better serve its customers in Atlantic Canada. Although Chapman's Ice Cream has grown substantially, it is still firmly rooted in the community and deeply loyal to its employees. The distribution centre in Ontario covers about 140,000 square feet and can house over 6 million units of product, which gets delivered right across Canada on over 50 trucks. At 10 am on September 4th 2009, someone noticed smoke coming out of one of the buildings. By mid-afternoon, the fire was almost under control when the Municipality of Grey Highlands undersized water tower ran dry. At 5 pm the Chapman family withdrew to their family home outside of Markdale, after witnessing 36 years of hard work go up in smoke. But within an hour of getting home, the family made the quick decision to rebuild their business. Worried about the local economy, and their 350 employees who make up the extended Chapman family, the Chapman's refused to go down without a fight! Shortly after this, the entire management team gathered around David and Penny's dining room table and started planning the rebuild. Within 7 weeks from the fire, Chapman’s produced their first 2 Litre brick of ice cream! In the ensuing months, the community and Chapman's worked tirelessly to build their new manufacturing facility, appropriately named Phoenix. Within a year and a half from the fire, they had rebuilt bigger and better than ever! Today, Chapman's is Canada's largest independent ice cream company.

Pub Crawl

  • Drew & His Mates Crack Open A Few
    Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff! Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic!


    Sheila Wray Gregoire - Author, Speaker, Blogger www.sheilawraygregoire.com
    Ashley David Chapman - Vice President of Chapman’s Ice Cream www.chapmans.ca
    Tal Bachman - Son of legendary rocker Randy Bachman and the she’s so high guy


    1/ Wait - what? Hollywood men have been treating others like sexual objects? I think I saw that in a movie. Whose hypocrisy is worse? An industry that has desensitized human sexuality or the general public for picking and choosing which perpetrator’s work we’ll righteously boycott this week? The perpetrators or the consumers?

    2/ Should “Creationists” (those who believe that the universe was created by God) be offended that Canada’s Governor General (the Queen’s representative) put down their beliefs, and our Prime Minister applauded Gov. Gen. Julie Payette? In recent speech said, (Change red part to: In a recent speech, Gov. Gen. Payette said,) "Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we're still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period. And we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process. And so many people — I'm sure you know many of them — still believe, want to believe, that maybe taking a sugar pill will cure cancer, if you will it! And every single one of the people here's personalities can be determined by looking at planets coming in front of invented constellations."

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LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • The Ault Sisters
    The Ault Sisters are a Toronto-based vocal jazz trio composed of 3 sisters – Amanda, Alicia, and Alanna Ault. They are known for their signature close harmonies, reminiscent of such past vocal groups as The Manhattan Transfer, The Andrew Sisters and The McGuire Sisters. They are extremely versatile singers, with a genre-defying repertoire that draws from jazz, pop, r&b, blues, funk, folk, and even classic rock. This vocal trio has been producing music together for over a decade, with their first CD, Christmas Feelings, released back in 2006. In 2010, The Ault Sisters began working with Toronto producer, Greg Kavanagh, and released their second CD, Butterflies, which contained a mix of jazz and pop songs, reimagined to feature the girls’ 3-part close harmonies. This was followed up by their most recent CD, Timeless, again produced by Kavanagh and released in 2014, which included the girls’ take on such classics as Boy From New York City, When I Fall In Love, Moondance, and For Once In My Life. The Ault Sisters most recent project consists of a foray into the world of television. They were recruited by Marilyn Lightstone to be singers on a new television show for Zoomer Media called Your All Time Classic Hit Parade. To date five episodes have been filmed and the show is currently airing on VisionTV. The Ault Sisters have enjoyed tremendous support from CBC Radio in Canada, with several tracks from Timeless playing on such shows as Here and Now, Tonic, and Fresh Air. The track, “Back To You”, from Timeless was chosen in January, 2014 as CBC Radio 99.1 FM Here and Now’s Song of the Week. Timeless has also received radio play on various radio stations across Canada, and on over 50 radio and internet stations in the US, including 6 Billboard stations. It has had extensive coverage on college and campus radio in 2014, which resulted in strong showings on Earshot National Jazz chart, Radio Laurier, CFBX, CHRY, CJLY and CFRC jazz charts. They have performed at a number of Ontario music festivals, such as Beaches International Jazz Festival, Jazz On the Mountain At Blue, Barrie Jazz Festival, Barrie Promenade Days, Burlington Sound of Music Festival, and the Oakville Jazz Festival. The Ault Sisters have also performed at such local venues as Toronto’s Jazz Bistro, Hugh’s Room, Lula Lounge, Monarch’s Pub, Gate 403, and 120 Diner, and Hamilton’s Artword Artbar. They have worked with some of Toronto’s top musicians, such as Robi Botos, Mark Kieswetter, Adrean Farrugia, George Koller, Justin Gray, Nathan Hiltz, Ted Quinlan, Ben Riley, Davide DiRenzo, Mark Kelso, and Ethan Ardelli. www.aultsisters.com
    *The Ault Sisters will be performing at www.hughsroomlive.com on December 17 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.


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