Special Guests


  • Ronalee Allen — Dec 16, 1965 - May 30, 2008
    Last week, an avid listener of TDMS and a member of our online forums (Blessed5x) was tragically killed in a car accident. Today, Ronalee's husband Shawn and her children join us in studio to pay tribute to a woman who was "blunt, honest, compassionate, and an open book for all. That's why she LOVED your show! That's also why she could get under the skin of many. Her life was about others - our children, our foster children. She lived by the mantra that 'if we don't do it, who will?'" Just before the accident, Ronalee found out that they were finally going to be able to adopt the one-year old baby boy they had been fostering - the same child that was in the car with her - the same child Ronalee was able to save one last time by swerving to avoid a head-on collision!

  • Alisa Johnson — Christian Atheist
    Alisa grew up in a Jewish family but pretty much faded into religious obscurity over the years until one of her co-workers introduced her to a local church. Even though Alisa would consider herself an atheist, this church welcomed Alisa despite her unwillingness to buy into the Jesus program entirely. They eventually offered her a position as a home church leader for the last year. Maybe this is why Alisa feels that this church is like family? She knows without a shadow of a doubt that she is loved even though she hasn't signed the contract!

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week... a young lady wants to know how to tell her parents that she's pregnant! "I've missed my period and so I tried a pregnancy kit. It says I'm pregnant. So now I need to tell my parents who I know are totally going to freak because they are huge Christians. Anyways, what I really want to know is how do I tell my parents and when? Should I tell them now or wait until I see a doctor first just to make sure I really am pregnant? Or should I tell them now? Seriously, this is going to totally wreck them so does anyone have some advice as to how I should do this?"

  • Should a disruptive autistic teenager be allowed to remain in the church service?
    A teenage boy's disruptive and erratic behaviour has led his church to obtain a restraining order as the church leadership feels that his presence threatens the safety of other parishioners. The mother feels strongly that the church has over reacted and denies allegations that her son Adam, who is more than 6 feet tall and weighs over 225 pounds, has "hit a child, nearly knocked over elderly parishioners while bolting from his pew, has spit at people and has urinated in the church." Has the church gone too far or should the mother just try another church? Apparently, watching church on TV from home is not an option because not actually going to Catholic Mass is a sin.