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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a husband wants to know how many times a week other married couples are having sex!

    "My wife and I have been married for 10 years and it seems like our sex life has absolutely crashed. And before anyone thinks that I’m just another male complaining about not getting sex everyday, just hear me out. My wife thinks that if we have sex MAYBE once a week, on average, then that’s perfectly normal. I guess she’s talked with her girlfriends about this and according to them, once a week is what everyone else is doing. I definitely think that once a week is not normal. Sure, there are some weeks that I could go for it everyday, but I was thinking that at least three times a week is more along the lines of what other couples are doing. And for all the wives who are thinking that I must be doing something wrong or that I’m not loving on my wife throughout the week, I just wanted to say... I AM! I’d like to ask your listeners to be bold enough to call in and let’s do a little survey here. How many times a week are other couples having sex? Then maybe my wife and I can sort this out once and for all!"

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