Two of Drew's favorite guests over the last 12 seasons of the show, both have their own wine labels!
www.gifftwines.com & www.burefamilywines.com

Today the ladies will explain to Drew how their wines are made and what role each of them personally play in the actual wine making process. For example...
Here's a video of Candace making her wine!
And here's Kathie! (skip ahead to 3:40 for the good stuff)

Special Guests

A Radio Host And A Preacher Walk Into A Book...

  • Jefferson Bethke — Author of JESUS>RELIGION: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, And Being Good Enough
    Jefferson Bethke burst into the cultural conversation in 2012 with a passionate, provocative poem titled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” The 4-minute video literally became an overnight sensation, with 7 million YouTube views in its first 48 hours (and 23+ million in a year). The message blew up on social-media, triggering an avalanche of responses running the gamut from encouraged to enraged. In Jesus > Religion, Bethke unpacks similar contrasts that he drew in the poem—highlighting the difference between teeth gritting and grace, law and love, performance and peace, despair and hope. With refreshing candor he delves into the motivation behind his message, beginning with the unvarnished tale of his own plunge from the pinnacle of a works-based, fake-smile existence that sapped his strength and led him down a path of destructive behavior. Bethke is quick to acknowledge that he’s not a pastor or theologian, but simply a regular, twenty-something who cried out for a life greater than the one for which he had settled. Along his journey, Bethke discovered the real Jesus, who beckoned him beyond the props of false religion.
    (Jefferson's spoken word YouTube video called Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus)
    *Co-Hosting this www.faithbooks.ca interview is David Ralph from www.lakesidechurch.ca


  • Gabrielle Lavallee
    Gabrielle was a member of The Ant Hill Kids, a cult led by Roch Theriault. According to Wikipedia, “She had suffered through welding torches on her genitals, a hypodermic needle breaking off in her back and even eight of her teeth being forcibly removed. Upon her return, after having escaped from the commune, Thériault removed one of her fingers with wire cutters, pinned her hand to a wooden table with a hunting knife and then amputated her entire arm. The abuse that caused Gabrielle Lavallée to leave, however, is when Thériault cut off parts of her breast and smashed her head in with the blunt side of an ax. She fled and contacted authorities.” Drew was able to track down Gabrielle and she has agreed, with some reluctance, to a rare interview in order clarify exactly what happened during her time with one of Canada's most notorious cult leaders.

Scotland Update

    Drew will call Scotland and speak with a descendant of the real William Wallace (AKA BRAVEHEART) to discuss this week's referendum vote by the Scots.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist — Brian Houston
    Drew's description of Brian: “If Ron Sexsmith and Elvis had a baby, then gave it to Bob Dylan to raise but then hired Van Morrison as a nanny, that'd be Brian Houston!”

    Brian's description of Brian: “I write songs and make records, I play shows & people come...sometimes they buy records and dvds and then I go to the next town and do it again. People laugh and people cry...don't know why? It seems it touches their souls. More come the next time I play, especially in America and that's nice. I'll play more shows in Ireland, England, America and Canada, anywhere they speak English and can make me out. Life is rich when your songs are on the radio and people love you, I'm grateful for that. Hey, I even got a song on a record with Elvis Presley and Patty Griffin. Life is sweet when you're in the company of legends. I hope to be well known for my music across the world some day - I'm sure it will happen quite unexpectedly, just when I'm not looking. I'm looking forward to that...well, in a "I'm not looking" kinda way. Then I'll own a big fancy studio and have a big house and build a home for battered wives. "It's a good life after all", Justin Townes Earle said that. "I'm a lucky man and getting luckier" (I made that bit up myself). Oh - so you know this is what I'm not ....cool, trendy, shoe gazing, indie rock, diva, big hair, big voice, big assets, available for reality TV, games shows or star making programs. I write great tunes that mean something to real people.”

Pub Crawl Special Guests

  • “Drew & His Mates” crack open a few - topics! Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff! Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic! (Got a topic you want the gang from the pub to crack open? Click here)

    Jamie The Very Worst Missionary www.theveryworstmissionary.com
    Christian Piatt www.christianpiatt.com

    This Weeks Pub Crawl Topics
    1. The Satanic Church in Florida is now handing out a children's colouring book in public schools. Anyone have a problem with this? Should we only allow Jack Chick Tracts to be handed out?

    2. Mega church pastor Mark Driscoll has been forced to step down from leadership of the church he founded (Mars Hill) because he is being accused of:
      -plagiarism in his books
      -misusing church funds by using them to get his book on the New York Times Bestseller list
      -bullying/abusing 21 former pastors of his church by being domineering, verbally violent, arrogant, quick-tempered and not being self-controlled/disciplined as a spiritual leader is required to be.

      Who is mostly to blame here? Mark Driscoll for lacking the personality traits required of a spiritual leader, or Mars Hill Church for creating the situation? (Putting someone like Driscoll in spiritual leadership, allowing his behaviour to continue because the church was “growing”, and ultimately succumbing to the latest American past-time – Pastor Worship!)

    3. Is there a connection between black kids getting whooped with a switch (NFL's Adrian Peterson has been charged with Child Abuse for injuring his son while disciplining him with a switch) black women getting whooped by their men (NFL's Ray Rice knocked out his fiance during an argument in an elevator / Chris Brown beat Rihanna) and black men being gunned down by the cops (Michael Brown, unarmed, shot and killed by police)? In other words, are white cops more concerned for their safety when dealing with the black community, because of their experience with highly emotional & violent black men?

Talkback, etc.

  • Season 12 Opening Banter
    First completely useless segment of the year!