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  • The Counsel Of Many!
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    This week on the Counsel of Many:a husband wants advice on how to help his wife who claims to have seen Jesus and angels. He wants to believe her but is having a tough time.

    "My wife and I are both saved and we believe in God. Now in the past my wife has claimed to have gone to Heaven. This was a few years back. Her accounts line up very closely to the book "Heaven Is For Real" as to what she saw. Fast forward until now...the last few days she’s been sick and in bed with a bad cold and/or flu. She has been having a rough week and missed her appointment today with her Christian therapist whom she has been seeing for a few years now. My wife has said to me several times this week that she has seen Jesus again and He told her that everything will be alright and to hold on. She is also claiming to see guardian angels, four of them. Three are on watch or guard and one, whom she described as a female, is present with her. I do not doubt her, so that is not my issue. However I do not see the angels nor hear them, so I must take her word for it. My question is this. What do I do as her husband to support her and care for her? She has been sad and crying plus feeling very sick. We have an appointment with the family doctor to get her cold looked at. What do I do about her seeing Jesus and guardian angels? How do I support her or maybe even talk with them?"

  • If you knew that the condition of your body or mind would soon become unbearable, would you consider taking your own life, possibly through doctor assisted suicide?
    Dr. Death – Jack Kevorkian, died last week at the age of 83. He became a notorious physician assisted suicide advocate and was responsible for helping more than 100 people end their lives. According to a recent poll, 48% believe it to be immoral, while 45% consider it to be moral. WWYD?

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