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  • Kerri Pomarolli & Bob Smiley — Comedians, Actors
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent! Today, Kerri will be joined by fellow comedian Bob Smiley as they discuss life after divorce. (Because nothing says “comedy” like divorce?)

    Kerri Pomarolli is an American stand up comedian, actress and author based in Los Angeles. She has appeared in over 75 stage productions and had recurring roles on Port Charles, and The Young and The Restless and "General Hospital". She has been in motion pictures such as "DeadLock", and her latest is on Netflix, "The Brennan Manning Story". She starred and co-produced I Love Kerri, which premiered on Sky Angel in June 2009 . She has toured in stage productions from Off Broadway to Italy to playing the leading role of Vindice at the Young Vic Theater in London. She's also toured in many musical productions including" Leader of the Pack" in New York with leading role of Darlene Love. She has published 4 books. In 2008, she published Guys Like Girls Named Jennie. Kerri has 29 appearances on The Tonight Show between 2000-2012, toured with everyone from Sherri Shephard from The View to Candace Cameron Bure, Jim Carey to Carol Channing. She has been the host and emcee for The CA Women's Conference with such stars are Marcia Cross, Tippy Hedren and Fran Drescher. She hosted the GMA Dove Awards in 2006 at the Grand Ole Opry. She hosted her own show "Laugh Break" on MOMTV and was a co host for MOMTV at the Golden Globe Awards 2009. She has also appeared on Good Morning America, ShowBiz Tonight, CNN, Lifetime TV, and the Oxygen Channel.

    Bob Smiley – Many moons ago – before Ritalin or the Internet – a young, broke college student named Roberto Antonio Smiley signed up for a stand-up competition at his college. The prize money was $500, which was 5 months rent for the “efficiency” closet Smiley was living in at the time. Though he had never done standup, and the only prior laughs he’d gotten were due to his colossal leprechaun ears, he went for gold. When he arrived, his only competition was a grown man wearing an oversized sombrero… so… he won the money and the tender hearts of his fellow students. The rest is history. Since that incredibly average performance, Roberto shortened his name and started a caffeine-induced tour spreading laughter and gaiety to the masses. As a novice jokester, Smiley honed his talents as the merch-managing MC for bands like Newsboys, Third Day, and Mercy Me. This exposure, along with the fact that his act had the word “booger” in it three times, led to a swarm of goatee’d youth leaders begging Smiley to come entertain their sugar-high kids. He was forced to match their manic energy and soon developed a machine gun approach to comedy. Twenty years later, Bob is now one of the nation’s most in-demand and hilarious clean comedians. And he absolutely loves his job, no matter how many times his father challenges its legitimacy as a career choice.

    Kerri and Bob are currently on their Single Is Not A 4 Letter Word TOUR
    How do you win at life? According to most you get married, join a 'Couples Life Group', start having ‘Game Night’ with other married couples, join MOPS. (If you’re a guy, you’ll find out MOPS is for women only - that was embarrassing for Bob) At some point you may have a few 'Tax Deductions,' which society calls "kids.” Then you retire with your spouse to sit on the porch drinking tea. (Or tea with something else in it if you're not a REAL Christian). But what about the rest of us? What about those that got married and life turned out unexpectedly? Or those that didn't “kiss dating goodbye” but never got married? According to statistics, over 50% of the church population is single, divorced, or widowed. But, most churches are not serving this staggeringly growing population. Single Is Not A 4 Letter Word! Bob Smiley and Kerri Pomarolli bring you a thoughtful, insightful and funny night for singles at every life-stage. From comedy to break out sessions, audience participation, and heartfelt stories, these two both know the struggles of being single. They’ve been there - and are not afraid to joke ..er.. talk about it. Kerri has written several best selling books including "If I'm Waiting on God Then What Am I Doing In The Christian Chatroom,” "How to Ruin Your Dating Life,” and recently "Moms Night Out and Other Things I Miss" (with the hit movie "Moms Night Out"). She is also a national touring, headlining, and out of the closet "Christian" in Hollywood. Bob, well, he’s just riding her coattails. Together, they present a one-night comedy event that will have a lasting impact for your community. This event aims to minister through laughter and complete unabashed honesty. It's a 3-hour, interactive experience. Single Is Not A 4 Letter Word and it's time we start talking about it.

  • Jessica Messman Griffith & Jonathan Ryan — Authors of Strange Journey:How Two Homesick Pilgrims Stumbled Back into the Catholic Church
    In Strange Journey, two spiritual misfits recount their wanderings and the longing for home that led them back to the church. The authors, Jessica Mesman Griffith and Jonathan Ryan, are cofounders of Sick Pilgrim, a decidedly offbeat, dark yet stubbornly hopeful blog for “the spiritually sick” and fellow travelers. The popularity of the Sick Pilgrim blog indicates that “lots of people are suffering, wondering, and doubting in the pews, and that we as a church haven’t been accompanying them as they try to keep the faith,” says Griffith. “We haven’t been telling the whole story, showing the infinite possible shapes the Christian spiritual life can take.”Strange Journeyattempts to fill in the story. Beginning in Advent, the authors progress through the liturgical year—and many years of their own lives. They tell stories of “how we’ve found ourselves despite our tendencies to wander, of how we have been drawn ever deeper into the church, in pursuit of the mystery of faith.” Grief, loss, darkness, and doubt are all part of this strange journey, but so are faith, hope, love, and mystery. “When we did stumble into something that felt true and good, we’d begin to find it suspiciously familiar,” Griffith writes in the book’s introduction. “Oh, we’d realize. This is so...Catholic.”
    *About the Authors: JESSICA MESMAN GRIFFITH is the author of four books, including the Christopher Award winning Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship in Letters. She is a cultural columnist for US Catholic Magazine and a contributor to America, Christianity Today, and Living Faith, among others. She co-founded, with Jonathan Ryan, the popular spiritual blog Sick Pilgrim, winner of the 2017 Wilber Award for Best Faith-based blog, and the Wonder Podcast. She travels the country to speak about art and faith. JONATHAN RYAN is an author, columnist, speaker and co-founder of Sick Pilgrim Media. He co-founded Sick Pilgrim with with Jessica Mesman Griffith as a way to explore the edge of faith, reason and doubt. Along with the online community, they started the Wonder Podcast. He is the author of a series of paranormal thrillers that includes 3 Gates of the Dead and Dark Bride. Ryan has written for Christianity Today, U.S. Catholic, Notre Dame Magazine, Quantum Fairy Tales, and Huffington Post. He speaks frequently on writing, faith, and religion.

    During July, Drew will be speaking with some of the hosts of a NEW digital broadcasting platform launched by JOY Radio called Faith Strong Today. www.faithstrongtoday.com

    TODAY'S SPOTLIGHT: Melinda Estabrooks - Host of Your Story
    Melinda’s career spans over 20 years of broadcasting, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. Every week, Mel chats with incredible people who share their personal stories through tragedy and triumph.

  • Michelle Presley — TDMS Administrative Assistant for TEN YEARS (WHOA!)
    After a decade of service, Michelle is moving on to greener pastures at the end of our 14th season. So Drew has finally decided to allow her to be a guest on the show. Make sure you tune in to what will most likely be a no holds barred conversation about her time working with DREW! (And how much therapy she is going to need now.)

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  • Devoted SOULY to The Art of Music
    We've had some incredibly gifted recording artists perform live in studio and each of them “accidentally” left Drew their CD. So during the first hour of each show in July, he'll live out one of his childhood dreams and play DJ – spinning tracks and showing off how talented these artists really are! (Most will be from this past Season #14)

    This week’s featured videos:
    Andrea Ramolo / The Young Novelists / Tal Bachman / The Reklaws
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