After 16 seasons, TDMS will come to an end on Saturday, June 29th. For the last 10 weeks of the show,
Drew will share his TOP 10 moments of hosting Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show.

Moment # 9:
“THIS ONE TIME - ON TDMS… during a summer show, the AC wasn’t working properly and the studio was so hot that Tim and I ended up taking off our clothes. Well - sort of. Tim took off his pants and I took off my shirt. Hey - it’s radio!"

Rebuilding Love

  • A 9 Week Series With Canadian Talk Show Host Drew Marshall (& his wife) AND Relationship Guru & Psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson — HOLD ME TIGHT Conversation #2 “Finding The Raw Spots”
    They tried 28 years of doing marriage their way, but eventually, it ended. However, after a long separation, Canadian talk show host Drew Marshall and his wife Bev recently renewed their vows on a small deserted island off the coast of Mexico. Now, to make sure he doesn’t screw it up again, Drew has asked renowned psychologist and relationship guru Dr. Sue Johnson to help he and his wife rebuild their love - but this time with new foundational building blocks, using tools they’ve never had before. Dr. Johnson has agreed to personally take Bev and Drew through her Hold Me Tight Program.

    THIS WEEK: HOLD ME TIGHT Conversation #2 “Finding The Raw Spots”

    *If you've been following these incredibly vulnerable conversations with Bev, Drew & Dr. Sue and are interested in registering for the Hold Me Tight Program - CLICK HERE to begin rebuilding your love.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • Ryan St. Pierre
    Ryan St. Pierre was working in the trades and waiting tables in the evenings at a local restaurant. On weekends he was working as a fashion and print add model in Toronto, ON. In the early summer of 2001, Ryan received a call from his modelling agency that would surely and definitely change his future in unimaginable ways. They asked if he was musical in any way. Ryan immediately admitted that he was a singer/songwriter and could play several instruments (with a preference to the guitar). His agency was excited in expressing that they had a really unique audition opportunity for him that weekend in the big city. Ryan went to the audition not knowing what to expect but confidently brought and delivered an original song for the unknown hosts to hear and assess. “There were so many people auditioning for this mysterious musical opportunity, I truly didn’t think that I would receive a call back”. A few days later the phone rang again. Ryan’s agency told him that the label executives at the audition loved his original music and were calling him back for a second audition. At this time, Ryan was informed of the opportunity that he was auditioning for. He learned that several celebrity actors and musicians (Joshua Morrow, Eddie Cibrian, Howie Dorough, and C.J. Huyer) were amalgamating their resources to form Canada’s newest and hottest “Boy Band”. Although this wasn’t the musical direction Ryan had in mind, he didn’t for a moment consider passing up such a lucrative opportunity. The second audition was a success, and Ryan was offered one of two lead spots to front the band. In the Fall of 2001 Ryan officially signed a recording and management deal with EMI/Sextant Records to lead the newly created Boy Band group “Drop4”. The band went on to produce several high rotation spinning singles and music videos. In 2003 after two years with the band, Ryan made a difficult but important decision to leave “Drop4” and pursue a different musical direction on his own terms, utilizing his creative ideas and songs. In 2006, two songs that Ryan wrote were nominated for “Rock Song Of The Year”, and “Inspirational Song Of The Year”, at the 27th Annual Covenant Awards. NOW - after a nearly ten-year hiatus, Ryan is back on the music scene debuting a new solo album “Back To You” and ready to make his mark once again.

    CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT: Ryan St. Pierre - Younger (Official Video)
    **AND… Check out our DrewTube page to watch over 100 videos from some of our previous recording artists.

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