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  • Heather Luckhart
    Heather Luckhart has been performing for nearly a decade. Her unique phrasing and soulful exuberance inspires and moves listeners at every captivating performance. Heather injects her zest for life into her original material and her own renditions and arrangements of traditional and modern songs. Her dedication and passion has brought her to Nashville, South Carolina, Florida and Western Canada. Heather Luckhart is heavily involved in the folk and roots world, but also combines jazz and blues in her sound. This flavour is expressed through a variety of musical projects, including: The Lapdog Band, Jaymz Bee’s Royal Jelly Orchestra, The Heather Luckhart Collective, The Heather Luckhart & Ross MacIntyre Duo and many other configurations and guest appearances as an accompanying vocalist. She proves time and time again that music and art should be shared and her charming personality causes her fans to become friends instantly. *Heather Luckhart and Tony Quarrington along with Jordana Talsky, will share Indie Night at “120 Diner” in Toronto @ 8:30 PM January 23. Join them as they explore a diverse spectrum of stories and sounds.


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Special Guests

  • CRAWLING BACK TO THE LIGHT — How does someone “come back” to God? (Like a certain Canadian radio host.)
    Message From Drew: "Back in 2010, after 7 years of hosting Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, I “came out”. I admitted during an interview with Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, that I was no longer convinced there was a God. Mostly because after 30 years of having a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” I realized that this God I was serving wasn’t actually all that “personal”. Going public as a doubter (not an atheist) and no longer considering myself part of the Evangelical tribe of certainty, I left. I left organized religion, left the church and left it up to God to reveal himself to me, through one of those tangible encounters I kept hearing so many in my tribe speak about. (You can read about my search for God at

    Because of some fractured relationships (me being the common denominator), 2017 ended up being the worst year of my life. So I’ve decided that since my way didn’t work, it’s time to crawl back to the Light. And I’ve decided to once again, do this publicly. As embarrassing as it is to admit personal & spiritual “failure”, my hope is that others experiencing similar frustrations, might learn something from my conversations with a few people who have had a profound impact on my life.

    I’m still not sure that there’s a God, but my life was better when I thought there was. So now what?”
    - Drew

    (If you want to send Drew a note, you can message him on The Drew Marshall Show Facebook page)

    *Today’s guest will be Kay Warren - Author, Co-Founder of Saddleback Church & Wife Of Best Selling “Purpose Driven Life” Author Rick Warren.

  • Dianne Lake — Author of Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties
    At fourteen Dianne Lake—with little more than a note in her pocket from her hippie parents granting her permission to leave them—became one of "Charlie’s girls," a devoted acolyte of cult leader Charles Manson. In this poignant and disturbing memoir of lost innocence, coercion, survival, and healing, Dianne Lake chronicles her years with Charles Manson, revealing for the first time how she became the youngest member of his Family and offering new insights into one of the twentieth century’s most notorious criminals and life as one of his "girls." Over the course of two years, the impressionable teenager endured manipulation, psychological control, and physical abuse as the harsh realities and looming darkness of Charles Manson’s true nature revealed itself. From Spahn ranch and the group acid trips, to the Beatles’ White Album and Manson’s dangerous messiah-complex, Dianne tells the riveting story of the group’s descent into madness as she lived it. Though she never participated in any of the group’s gruesome crimes and was purposely insulated from them, Dianne was arrested with the rest of the Manson Family, and eventually learned enough to join the prosecution’s case against them. With the help of good Samaritans, including the cop who first arrested her and later took her into his home, the courageous young woman eventually found redemption and grew up to lead an ordinary life. While much has been written about Charles Manson, this riveting account from an actual Family member is a chilling portrait that recreates in vivid detail one of the most horrifying and fascinating chapters in modern American history.

  • Brant Hansen — Radio Host, Author of Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers Who Are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They're Missing Something
    While church culture (and culture at large) seems largely designed for the extroverted, it’s estimated that half of the population is introverted, and they’re often left wondering how, even if, they fit in the kingdom of God. As one of them, popular radio host Brant Hansen brings news. It’s wonderful, refreshing, and never-been-said-this-way-before good news. In his unique style, Hansen looks to answer questions that millions of people carry with them each day:

    - If I don’t relate to God as emotionally as others do, is something wrong with me?
    - How does one approach God, and approach faith, when devoid of the “good feelings” that seem to drive so much of evangelical church culture?
    - How does God interact with those who seem spiritually numb?
    - What if we aren’t good at talking to people about our faith, or good at talking to people at all?
    - What if I’m told I’m too analytical, that I “think too much”?

    Blessed Are the Misfits is going to generate discussion, and lots of it. It’s simultaneously highly provocative and humbly personal. It’s also leavened with a distinct, dry, self-effacing humor that is a hallmark of Hansen’s on-air, writing, and public speaking style.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favourite Hollywood Correspondent!

  • TERRORISM UPDATE — With Mubin “Da Bomb” Shaikh
    Ex-Muslim Extremist / Turned Undercover Intelligence Operative, Author of Undercover Jihadi. Join us as Da Bomb gives us Da Truth about the latest acts of terrorism.

Pub Crawl

  • Drew & His Mates Crack Open A Few - TOPICS!
    Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff! Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic!

    This Week on The Pub Crawl:

    SPECIAL ROUNDTABLE EDITION: “Freezing To Death On The Steps Of A Church”

    Angie Draskovic - President & CEO of The Yonge Street Mission
    Greg Paul - Founder of Sanctuary Toronto
    Dennis Bruce - Passionate Advocate for Out Of The Cold

    1/ Every year, Canadians freeze to death within walking distance of a warm and empty church. WHY?

    Got something to say about Pub Crawl topics? Call 877-569-1250 (toll free in Canada & The States) OR Tweet us your thoughts on @tdms OR post your thoughts on our Drew Marshall Show Facebook page OR send us a message or voicemail through our website OR just mutter to yourself like an angry octogenarian!