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  • Bif Naked
    Bif Naked is an International Recording Artist, Poet, Writer, Troublemaker, Nice Girl, Dishwasher, Martial Artist, Ballerina, Straight Edger, TreeHugger, Bare-Knuckle Fighter, Canadian Citizen and Middle Daughter. Her career heights have taken her around the world on tour — from Russia to Central America, from India to touring all over the U.K., Europe and North America — for twenty years — and into your homes via The Tonight Show and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, starring in feature films, and winning awards — from MuchMusic to West Coast Music Awards. Everyone knows who Bif Naked is, she is a legend and an icon. Bif has pushed the boundaries of acceptability since day one. Her screaming loud creative has never been muzzled as she has unleashed a continual and seemingly endless string of blazing live performances, recordings, videos, quotes, soundbites, spoken word, and visuals that have established Bif Naked as one of the most acclaimed and interesting performers to grace the rock stage. Bif was born in New Delhi, India, and adopted by American methodist Missionaries who didn't know any better. They returned to the United States, after decades in India, to raise their family and work. Professors and academics, The Torberts emphasized the Performing Arts in the lives of their three daughters. Bif was a boisterous and spirited middle kid, and began her studies of ballet and spoken poetry at the age of three, and performed in Fine Arts Festivals to her parents' delight.

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Special Guests

  • Jane Stork — Featured in Netflix Hit Documentary “WILD WILD COUNTRY”, Author of BREAKING THE SPELL: My Life As A Rajneeshee And The Long Journey Back To Freedom
    Wild Wild Country is the true story of when a controversial cult leader built a utopian city in the Oregon desert and conflict with the locals escalated into a national scandal. One of the key characters in this new Netflix hit documentary is Jane Stork, who was convicted of the attempted murder of her cult leader’s physician. She was also convicted in a conspiracy to kill a Presidential appointee. Jane bought guns and volunteered to kill US Attorney, Charles Turner.

    “An apparition in white came through the door. Hands joined in greeting, a soft smile playing on his lips, he moved towards the chair placed there for him. He seemed to float towards it. Silent tears of joy filled my eyes as I gazed on the vision of celestial beauty. I was sure I was in heaven and God had come to speak to the assembly. Bursting with pious devotion and honoured to be among the chosen few, it was inconceivable to me that everything I felt and saw was simply a projection onto the pristine white screen standing before me. If someone told you that they would willingly give away their freedom, you would shake your head in disbelief. But that is exactly what I did. As a young Australian wife and mother of two small children, I happily handed over my freedom to someone else. In doing so, I entered into a prison of my own making in which I was both guard and prisoner and all the while the deception was so complete that I thought myself to be an independent and free individual making wise decisions for myself and my family, and for the good of mankind. It was not until I was locked into a physical prison with high stone walls and metal doors that clanged when they were shut that the extent of my self-deception slowly began to dawn on me. This is the story of how I came to relinquish my freedom, of what it took before I realised what I had done, and of the years that followed as I faced the devastating consequences and struggled to win back the priceless treasure I had recklessly thrown away. Decades have passed since the story began. I am a grandmother now who keeps house, tends the garden and bakes with her grandchildren when they come to visit. All stories have a timing of their own and mine has taken long. It spanned many continents. There were no shortcuts and it was necessary that I walk each and every step of the way.”

  • Marie Monville — Wife of Amish Schoolhouse Shooter, Author of One Light Still Shines: My Life Beyond the Shadow of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting
    “When all other lights go out, He still shines!” This became the anthem to Marie's life when on October 2, 2006, her then husband made a decision to hold an Amish school house hostage, forever changing life as she knew it. This is Marie’s testimony, forged while moving through unthinkable circumstances, into the unfathomable love of the Father. On her darkest day, Marie simply chose to believe that HE IS. This act of faith radically propelled her into a future she could not have hoped for or imagined. Marie travels throughout the US and Canada encouraging others to believe in the truth of God’s love: it is deep enough to heal any wound and strong enough to break all bondage. It brings life to the broken and light to those in darkness. She believes that God is real, he is alive, and his love brings us to life. Marie and her husband, Dan, live in Lancaster County, PA, with their 6 children. They traveled to South Africa in July 2015, where they adopted their son.

  • Victoria Price — Daughter of Vincent Price, Author of THE WAY OF BEING LOST: A Road Trip To My Truest Self
    Despite doing “all the right things” to successfully rebuild her life and her finances after a period of deep personal and professional turmoil where she lost almost everything, Victoria Price still felt something profoundly missing from her life. Victoria Price’s inspirational memoir is a heartfelt, candid account of rediscovering her joy and purpose after years of struggle, confusion and hopelessness. As a child, Victoria’s mother was terrified of her daughter’s free-spirited-ness, and tried to rein it in with common sense and tough love. As an adult still following her mother’s “rules”, it took Victoria three decades to recognize that despite always trying to do the “right thing”, she not only had lost her money, her home, and her relationship, she had also lost her self. Realizing she literally had nothing left to lose, Victoria finally understood that in order to live her truest life, she had to be willing to find a way to let go of her fears and the nagging voice in the back of her head. She chose to become intentionally homeless, embarking on a metaphoric and literal road trip to find her way home to her truest self. Along the way, she learned how to reprogram the messages she had internalized while growing up, taking inspiration from her father Vincent Price’s example: his love for people and compassion for others, his generosity of spirit and simple kindnesses, his enthusiasm for new experiences, and his love of life. As she got to know her father again through attending horror conventions and celebrations of his life, Victoria saw that Vincent’s life-affirming traits had disappeared from her own. By choosing to live on what she came to call the Way of Being Lost, Victoria learned how to re-incorporate her father’s joie de vivre into her own life journey. Embracing her own unique spirituality and letting herself detach from conventional constructs and other people’s expectations (including her mother’s), Victoria found a new way to embrace the authentic life that she wanted to live. Highlighting the importance of a daily practice of joy -- the pure and simple delight in being alive – by starting a successful blog, traveling to China to visit the country where her mother grew up, and surrounding herself with friends who no longer judge her or condemn her dark places — The Way of Being Lost is a reminder of the importance of making peace with our past in order to expand our futures and live our most authentic lives.

  • Meanwhile Back On The Farm — With Grant Marshall (Drew's Dad)
    We're losing a generation. A generation of respect, integrity and honour. A generation who were not afraid of hard work and sacrifice. Drew's father IS that generation. Growing up on the farm taught Grant Marshall more about life than Google. So maybe we should take the time to listen – before that generation is gone.

  • UPDATE On The Search For Kaden Young
    (Audio Not Available) *Kaden's body was found while our show was on the air last week, so this interview had to be rescheduled.
    On February 21, three year old Kaden Young was torn loose from his mother’s arms, while she tried to swim to the shore after her van was engulfed by the raging waters of the Grand River. Two months later to the day, one of the volunteer team leaders (Shawn Hillier) gives us an update on the search for young Kaden’s body. Police, family and volunteers have continued to search the banks of the river from Grand Valley to Belwood Lake, every single day. Even the father of Tori Stafford (who was abducted, raped and murdered back in 2009) has joined the search for Kaden.