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  • The Drew Marshall Show Has Come To An End
    After 16 Seasons, Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show will come to an end on June 29th, 2019. Drew shares his reasons for leaving radio and what’s next.

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  • Angela Saini
    Honest and catchy roots-pop Americana delivered with pitch-perfect conviction, prairie-raised, Canadian roots artist Angela Saini is all about second chances and empowering others. Her ability to combine humanistic and honest themes laden with catchy hooks and memorable melodies make her entertaining as well as relatable. With two European and five Canadian tours under her belt, Angela is a 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award Winner and BBC Radio has called her “Massively talented.” The songstress most known for her sunshine-soaked song “Living on the Bright Side” explores the shades between dark and light on her new album “Hope on the Stereo.” The precarious balance between optimism and fear is a major theme, but hope always tips the balance. *Angela latest release, "Hope On The Stereo", explores the shades in between light and darkness. The precarious balance between light optimism and fear is a major theme, but hope always tips the balance. Head to Angela’s website to buy her latest album and to grab tickets to a live performance near you.


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Special Guests

  • Armin Navabi — Ex-Muslim Atheist, Secular Activist, Author, Founder of Atheist Republic
    In 2011, Armin Navabi founded the online freethought community Atheist Republic, a Canada-based non-profit organisation with consulates in several countries worldwide such as Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa and the Philippines, giving voice to over one million fans and followers and is dedicated to offering a community for atheists around the world to share their ideas and meet like-minded individuals. He is also the author of the best-selling book Why There Is No God and became a co-host of the Secular Jihadists from the Middle East podcast with Ali A. Rizvi, Yasmine Mohammad, and Faisal Saeed Al Mutar.

    Armin was born and raised in the Islamic Republic of Iran and was indoctrinated thoroughly in the Muslim tradition. After almost losing his life in the pursuit of God’s grace, the devastation of that event motivated him to seek a better understanding of the nature and concept of God and religious belief. Armin’s journey led him to leave Islam and becoming an atheist. Wanting to reach out to others like himself, Armin continues to examine religion as well as the notion of God and interact with others to engage in thought-provoking and educational discussion.

    Joining this disscussion
    Mubin “Da Bomb” Shaikh
    Ex-Muslim Extremist / Turned Undercover Intelligence Operative, Author of UNDERCOVER JIHADI

  • Frank Viola — Author of ReGRACE: What The Shocking Beliefs Of The Great Christians Can Teach Us
    Everyone is tired of seeing Christians act ungraciously toward one another when they disagree. Social media has added to the carnage. Christians routinely block each other on Facebook because of doctrinal disagreements. The world watches the blood-letting, and the Christian message is tarnished. But what if every Christian discovered that their favorite teacher in church history had blind spots and held to some false–and even shocking–views? Bestselling author Frank Viola argues that this simple awareness will help Christians lighten up when they interact with each other in the face of theological disagreements.

    In ReGrace, he uncovers some of the shocking beliefs held by faith giants like:

    C.S. Lewis believed that the Bible contained errors, and that not all parts of it were the Word of God, and that the creation account in Genesis may have been derived from pagan sources.
    Billy Graham said that people “who may not even know the name of Jesus but know in their hearts that they need something that they don’t have and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think that they are saved and that they’re going to be with us in heaven.”
    Jonathan Edwards believed that being a slave owner was not incompatible with being a follower of Jesus.
    Martin Luther held anti-Semitic views and believed Jewish people deserved persecution. • John Calvin believed in attacking his enemies with vicious name-calling, and that Old Testament capital offenses should be observed.
    John Wesley believed in ghosts, paranormal phenomenon, and in being idea “electrified daily” by a static electricity machine for good health.
    Charles Spurgeon held to political views that many evangelicals would find unbiblical.
    D.L. Moody embraced the Christian evolutionist Henry Drummond as the most Christ-like man he ever met.

    Viola believes followers of Christ need to recover grace—a rediscovery he calls regrace. He challenges readers to embrace humility in matters of political discourse and theological difference. With his trademark humor and direct approach, he lays out a model for graciously identifying and dealing with theological disagreement that is simple, practical, and down-to-earth.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks, it's time for our monthly visit with our favourite Hollywood Correspondent!

  • Meanwhile Back On The Farm — With Grant Marshall (Drew's Dad)
    We're losing a generation. A generation of respect, integrity, and honour. A generation who were not afraid of hard work and sacrifice. Drew's father IS that generation. Growing up on the farm taught Grant Marshall more about life than Google. So let’s listen to that generation

  • WTF! (W.here's T.he F.aith?) — Today's W.T.F. Guest: Bob Smietana
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!)

    Today's W.T.F. Guest: Bob Smietana – Editor-in-Chief, Religion News Service
    Smietana is an award-winning religion reporter and editor who has spent two decades producing breaking news, data journalism, investigative reporting, profiles and features for magazines, newspapers, trade publications and websites. Most notably, he has served as a senior writer for Facts & Trends, senior editor of Christianity Today, religion writer at The Tennessean, correspondent for RNS and contributor to OnFaith, USA Today and The Washington Post. He is best known for his coverage of Islam and Islamophobia, including his comprehensive reporting on the Murfreesboro mosque conflict, and of evangelical Christianity, including the emotional journey of Pearl Joy Brown’s family as well as the ongoing Willow Creek Community Church scandal.


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