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  • Sammy Duke
    You’d never be able to mistake Sammy Duke for anyone else once he starts performing onstage – he’s the gentle giant playing upwards of eight instruments at the same time! The friendly, unstoppable one-man-band that is Samuel “Sammy Duke” Dlugokecki is proficient at 13 musical instruments, and is a master of the cajon hand drum. As a solo artist, he simultaneously plays guitar, sings, beats on a drum, plays bass synthesizer pedals with his foot, plays percussion with his other foot, and an occasionally liberated hand – or elbow, as in the case of his famed “elbow chimes.” Even in one of his other steady gigs, as a chosen sideman for Alysha Brilla, Sammy plays bass, cajon, shakers, and tambourine, all while singing harmony. Almost as impressive, at his own shows, is his self-deprecating charm and wit onstage, entrancing and comforting audiences of all kinds – with the occasional slice of dark humour thrown in, just for fun. Not to mention his infectious, extremely lively energy. As a solo artist, he’s performed at the first-ever Skylight Festival, the Summer Lights Festival, Taste of the Kingsway, Night/Shift, Contra Artufex, and Altekrea, and played nationwide in a multitude of venues. The way Sammy writes, sings, plays and performs, you can bet he’ll be remembered for bringing joy, beauty and truth into the world with his music. www.sammyduke.com

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Special Guests

  • Christopher Chacon — Anomalist, Parapsychologist, Supernatural & Occult Expert, UFOlogist, Scientific Investigator of Paranormal/Supernatural Phenomena
    Christopher Chacon is regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on the scientific investigation and exploration of paranormal, supernatural and anomalous phenomena, as well as the occult/metaphysics and mysticism. For over thirty years, Christopher has traveled the world extensively investigating and researching thousands of cases dealing with every type of phenomena imaginable, including; haunts and poltergeists, possessions and exorcisms, psychic phenomena and altered states of consciousness (i.e. clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near death experiences, reincarnation, etc.), UFO/alien close encounters, unexplainable anomalous phenomena (i.e. raining frogs, spontaneous human combustion, distortions in space, crop circles, etc.), encounters with unknown life-forms (i.e. cryptids) and miracles/divine encounters. He has additionally participated on countless international expeditions involving ancient mysticism, the occult and archaeological discoveries relating to the supernatural. Christopher’s vast experience includes decades as a veteran Anomalist for a private scientific think-tank and prior to that, many additional years conducting Parapsychological research, as well as a background of being a professional illusionist/magician. He is also a former member of the following scientific organizations: The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Federation of American Scientists, The New York Academy of Sciences and The Society for Scientific Exploration. He continues to internationally consult for private organizations, religious and academic institutions, government agencies and corporations in dealing with phenomena and situations that often defy the known laws of nature and physics. Because of his incomparable reputation, extensive knowledge and extraordinary first-hand experiences, Christopher has been featured on countless popular TV and radio programs worldwide. Among the many TV appearances, include: National Geographic Explorer, Unsolved Mysteries, Discovery Channel, NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC, Japan NIPPON Network News, Telemundo, 20/20, Eye to Eye with Connie Chung, Sightings, Tom Snyder Show and Hard Copy, just to name a few. Utilized by Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century Fox as the world’s top supernatural/paranormal expert in connection to such movies as, The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity (as well as its sequels) and was the paranormal/supernatural Technical Advisor/Creative Consultant for such TV series as; Constantine, Shadow Chasers and was the inspiration for the Canadian hit TV series, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal.

  • Lee Speigel — Paranormal Expert, Writer/Producer
    Lee Speigel’s journey into the world of UFOs and the paranormal began in 1975 when he wrote and produced a compelling documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. This was the first time that a major recording company sold a UFO-related product via a TV infomercial. During production of his UFO album, Speigel and numerous law enforcement officers were involved in a historic UFO close encounter in North Carolina, which became the first well documented, multiple witness, triangular shaped UFO incident in America. With a strong intent to bring the UFO subject to a global audience, in 1978, Speigel became the only person in history to produce a milestone UFO presentation at the United Nations. He went on to write, produce and host nearly 1,500 programs on UFOs and unexplained phenomena between 1978-1986 on NBC Radio. In 1993, Speigel wrote and co-produced “The Classics In Space,” a national award-winning classical music special, broadcast over the Concert Music Radio Network. This program, co-hosted by SETI founder, astronomer Frank Drake, focused on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In 2012, Speigel was honored with the International UFO Congress Researcher of the Year award. Speigel is currently writing the script for an upcoming thought-provoking documentary about UFOs, the third installment in filmmaker James Fox’s acclaimed UFO films. Prior to joining Fox’s team, Speigel spent the previous seven years at The Huffington Post in New York, where he was chief writer of hundreds of stories that crossed the fields of the paranormal, UFOs and science.

  • Beverly Kienzle — Author Of The Conjured Chest: A Cursed Family In Old Kentucky
    Just released by Beverly Mayne Kienzle is a famous and eerie story from Virginia Cary Hudson, The Conjured Chest. Beverly grew up with the chest, but she had not seen it for 40 years when she was invited to Las Vegas for an interview on the Travel Channel show, "Deadly Possessions," hosted by Zak Bagans of "Ghost Adventures." The episode premiered April 9, 2016 and is available on Amazon. Beverly appeared with the actual cursed chest (now at the Kentucky Historical Society) that brought death to the maker, members of Beverly's family, and the woman who removed the curse. A retired Harvard Divinity School professor, Beverly Mayne Kienzle, Ph.D., focused her distinguished academic career on medieval preaching and sermons, publishing numerous scholarly articles and books, including five on the medieval visionary, Hildegard of Bingen. Beverly is a granddaughter of lifelong Kentucky resident, Virginia Cary Hudson (1894-1954), the author of O Ye Jigs and Juleps!, a New York Times bestseller for 66 weeks. Dr. Kienzle grew up surrounded by manuscripts as her mother tirelessly completed the publication of four volumes of Virginia Cary Hudson’s writings. Beverly returned to her roots to write her grandmother’s biography: Virginia Cary Hudson, The Jigs & Juleps! Girl: Her Life & Writings. This delightful book contains never before published photos, poems, drawings, and letters. From childhood to adulthood, Virginia demonstrated the same keen spirit, as she recorded acute and humorous observations of humankind and bore witness to her steadfast faith. Unfinished Business was published by Beverly in 2017, a 1905 essay by her grandmother that she discovered among her mother's many papers. Readers will delight in more of Virginia's hilarious escapades.

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    To watch the Deadly Possessions episode on The Conjured Chest


    Rosanna & Thomas Jennett - Owners of The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula California
    During a recent episode of The Travel Channel’s THE DEAD FILES, retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigated reports of terrifying paranormal activity a family-owned hotel in Santa Paula, Calif. (The Glen Tavern Inn) Their client and the hotel's manager (Rosanna) confides in Steve that although she has experienced several chilling paranormal encounters, she feels responsible for the property she has poured so much of her time and effort into. Her family feels strongly that the hotel has become a negative force dividing them. And now that guests frequently complain about the hotel being disturbingly haunted, DiSchiavi and Allan are called in to help. During their separate harrowing investigations, DiSchiavi discovers that Santa Paula was the site of a terrible disaster causing the deaths of five hundred individuals, and that the property was the site of a cold-blooded murder as well as a tragic suicide. Meanwhile, on her intense walk through of the hotel, Allan encounters a sinister shadow figure that derives pleasure from killing women, and sees a fire that nearly consumed the building. When DiSchiavi and Allan reveal their chilling findings to the clients, Allan urges the family to take extreme steps to protect themselves and hopefully usher the dangerous dead from their beleaguered business.

  • Loyd Auerbach, M.S. (Parapsychology) — Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations , President of the Forever Family Foundation
    Loyd Auerbach has been in the field of parapsychology for close to 40 years, focusing on parapsychological education and field investigation. April 2017 saw the publication of the revised edition of his book, Psychic Dreaming, and in July the re-release of his classic, Mind Over Matter. He has recently reprinted his first book, ESP, HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook, for its 30th anniversary. He is the author of 9 other books including The Ghost Detectives’ Guide to Haunted San Francisco, co-authored with the late renowned psychic Annette Martin. In 2014, he released ESP WARS: East and West, covering the psychic spying programs of the US and Soviet Union/Russia, co-authored by Dr. Edwin C. May (who ran the US program), Dr. Victor Rubel, and Joseph McMoneagle (the project’s #1 remote viewer). He is a professor at Atlantic University and JFK University, teaches Parapsychology (local and distance) through HCH Institute in Lafayette, California, and online courses through the Rhine Education Center. He is on the Board of Directors of the Rhine Research Center and the advisory board of the Windbridge Institute. His media appearances on TV, radio, podcasts, and in print number in the thousands, including ESPN’s SportsCenter, ABC’s The View, Oprah, and Larry King Live. He works as a parapsychologist, professional mentalist/psychic entertainer, public speaking & media/social media skills coach, and as occasionally as a professional chocolatier. You’ll also find him prominently featured on the website of the Church of Jediism (www.thechurchofjediism.org).

  • TERRORISM UPDATE — With Mubin “Da Bomb” Shaikh
    Ex-Muslim Extremist / Turned Undercover Intelligence Operative, Author of Undercover Jihadi. Join us as Da Bomb gives us Da Truth about the latest acts of terrorism.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favourite Hollywood Correspondent!