Special Guests

  • Martyn Joseph — Singer/Songwriter, Activist
    Stewart Henderson — BBC Broadcaster
    Welsh born, singer/songwriter Martyn Joseph kicks off his Because We Can tour with long time song-writing partner, poet and BBC Radio presenter, Stewart Henderson. Their first time touring together in Canada, the duo brings a poetry infused, acoustically driven social commentary to Ontarians, at the same time supporting the work of international development and advocacy organization, World Vision. “It’s the song that can soothe, explain or even in a small way save us” says Joseph. With this sentiment he has been instrumental in bringing the message of trade justice, third world debt cancellation, and human rights to an international audience. Expect an evening filled with genuine & raw emotion. Proceeds from tickets sales will also benefit local charities. The tour will hit 11 cities across Ontario, including: May 14 - Mississauga / May 15 - Kingston / May 18 -Orangeville / May 19 - Toronto / May 20 - Port Dover

  • Bruxy Cavey — Author of The End Of Religion, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House
    Dr. Greg Boyd — Author, Theologian
    Should Christians be in the military, wage war, join the police force, carry a weapon, fight back or even defend their families? In the sixteenth century a renegade group of Christian leaders rebelled against their own religion. These dissenters called for the church to separate from the state and to reject all forms of violence. They waged their war with weapons of peace, and many died for their radical cause of calling Christians back to the way of Christ. Bruxy Cavey has been teaching a new series of messages at The Meeting House called Inglorious Pastors – Waging Peace In A World Of War. Dr Greg Boyd will be speaking this Sunday on JESUS VS JEHOVAH - War and Peace in The Old Testament. Both join us in-studio today to answer questions about “The God of Love VS The God of War.”

  • Dominick DiVito — Martial Arts Expert & Self Defense Guru To The Stars
    A 6th degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo, Dominick DiVito has been teaching self-defence for more than 27 years to celebrities, law enforcement officers, and average citizens. He has appeared as an expert on National Geographic’s Fight Science, 700 Club, and numerous other TV and radio shows. His self-defense video, Without Warning: Self-Defense for Today’s World, has helped thousands of women. Also an accomplished fitness trainer, Dominick has received wide recognition for his Total Wellness philosophy. He has made several appearances as a fitness expert on Oprah, and has been noted as one of the industry’s best fitness trainers. His students describe his F.I.G.H.T. FOR FITNESS program as unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Now an author, teacher, speaker and highly sought after fitness and self-defense instructor, Dominick never tires of equipping others with this knowledge and ability.

  • Mary-Ann Kirkby — Author of I Am Hutterite
    Award-winning author and journalist, Mary-Ann Kirkby, shares her honest and compelling story about the difficulties of trying to fit in. At the age of 10 she was thrust into a foreign universe that she didn’t understand when her family left their secluded Hutterite colony and entered a startling, fast-paced Western civilization. Mary-Ann worked hard to adapt to a new way of life and a new identity by abandoning the culture that had defined her. She struggled to reinvent herself by denying her Hutterite heritage in an attempt to avoid the stigma and cruelty associated with being different. Finally embracing her role as a daughter of two cultures, Mary-Ann has used her talents to chronicle her own life story in I am Hutterite. The book not only portrays Mary-Ann’s compelling story but also an inside look into the Hutterite traditions – something very few have shared. (Hutterite culture and traditions, communal living, pacifism)

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
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    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a husband who is experiencing erectile dysfunction wants to know if taking pills to fix the problem is unnatural and possibly unChristian.

    “Probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done – write into a radio show in order to ask for advice about my sexual problems. Anyway, here it goes. I was raised in a very strict religious home. I’ve continued to raise my family with similar values but without the same strict rules that I had. Over the years of raising a family, we’ve had many discussions about what is right and wrong as far as God is concerned. Various questions about vanity and pride have come up like: Should a Christian woman get breast implants? Should a man of God be so concerned about his looks that he decides to spend thousands on a hair transplant? Etc. We’ve also talked about whether or not Christian couples who are having a hard time conceiving should take fertility drugs or just allow God to decide whether or not a natural pregnancy is in the plan. Basically, throughout all of these conversations, the issue of letting go and letting God has been at the forefront of the discussion, and how impatient we are as humans. Well, now it’s my turn. And the issue isn’t hypothetical. Over the last year or so I have noticed that it’s becoming more and more difficult (I was going to say harder and harder but I knew Drew couldn’t handle that one) to maintain an erection during sex with my wife. I guess I’m at that age where this happens, naturally. Typically, I would default to the thinking that if this is a normal part of life, then maybe ask God what can be learned through this season (patience… lots and lots of patience) and wait for things to correct themselves, naturally. However, I’d like your listener’s opinion on whether or not they think that taking Viagra or Cialis or whatever, would be breaking my own rules? Am I just being a hypocrite because I just want to have a better sex life? Do you think that taking medication in order to maintain an erection is unnatural and possibly unchristian?”

  • Protesting — Are animals worth it? Sex-ed? Abortion?
    This week, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals made the decision not to euthanize a few hundred animals infected by an aggressive strain of ringworm. Mainly because of the public outcry and angry protests staged outside their Newmarket facility. Would you ever see yourself protesting animal euthanasia? A few weeks ago, the Provincial government changed its mind about implementing a controversial sex-ed curriculum, which bore the protests of the religious right. How about standing outside an abortion clinic or a same-sex wedding? Does protesting really work? More importantly, is this something Christians should engage in?

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