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  • Michelle
    Michelle grew up going to church. Her mom was a Sunday school teacher. After her parents divorced, her mother started dating a woman. Now Michelle is a high school teacher, a Christian, and is heading up a gay rights support group at her school. “One of the things I find hard to understand is that the more progressive churches, as far as worship and atmosphere, are the ones who seem to be against homosexuality – even homophobic in many ways. That makes no sense to me.”

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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a youth pastor wants to know if he should call the cops on his senior pastor because of various complaints that the senior pastor has been sexually inappropriate with a number of girls in the youth group.

    “I have a concern that I find gut wrenchingly painful. I am a Youth pastor in a fairly large church, with a youth ministry working with several hundred youth and young adults from the ages of 13 - 29. Before I became a youth pastor I was a social worker and was absolutely thrilled when I discovered the church that I work with, now has a youth ministry with a focus on street youth, drug addicted youth, youth in prison and young people with other personal and environmental struggles. I love my job as a minister and a spiritual counsellor and healer, which is why my heart broke when I started hearing increasingly frequent rumours in the several groups I run. More and more young people are coming to see me in person concerning the senior Pastor’s inappropriate and sexual relations with a dozen females (aged 13 - 22). I've talked to several people on the board of elders, I've talked to another Pastor on the pastoral team, I've also talked to several close friends in the congregation and the response is basically: 'Leave it up to God' or 'You work with troubled youth, what do you expect.' The cult of personality surrounding the senior pastor is thick and is posing problems with getting something done. What do I do? Do I bring in the law and risk the church crumbling? My work with troubled youth would be severely damaged. Do I confront the senior pastor and risk losing my job and end up hurting the young people that depend on me? Do I wash my hands of this mess and return to social work? I'm at a loss. Anyway I handle this, it could end up hurting the people I work with and it breaks my heart. Help!”

  • Mega Churches – like ‘em or hate ‘em?
    First Baptist Church in Dallas just unveiled plans to build a 130 million dollar worship centre which would include: a 3,000 seat worship centre, 6 floor education building, glass concourse, parking garage, sky bridge, a fountain plaza, two side by side gymnasiums, an outdoor patio, and a pool with a stone water tower topped with a cross. Is this going too far or does building a place that “honours God” and “reaches people for Jesus” justify the expenditure?

  • So You Think God Wants You To Sing – Round 4
    Every Saturday in November we’ll be highlighting three of our top 12 finalists! This week – Heidi Felici, Marshal Burnham & Olivia Marie Amenta! ** Online voting finishes Monday November 30th! Make sure you vote for your favourite contestant every day – because every day counts! Be sure to tune in next Saturday to find out who our secret Grand Finale Celebrity Judge will be AND listen as the top 3 finalists will perform live on our show AND we will crown our first ever winner of… SO YOU THINK GOD WANTS YOU TO SING!