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  • Max Lucado — New York Times Bestselling Author of Before Amen: The Power of A Simple Prayer
    Max Lucado cites in his new book Before Amen: The Power of A Simple Prayer that every week, more people will pray than will exercise, go to work, or have sex. But when it comes to praying, many don’t know where to begin. Before Amen, Max’s most personal and candid humble book to date, is written for everyone who wants to pray more, better and stronger, with more fire, faith and fervency. He admits to his own failures in this area, calling himself a “recovering prayer wimp” and offering specific ways people can experience a heart connection with God through prayer. “Prayer, for most of us, is not defined by a month-long retreat, or even an hour of meditation,” writes Lucado. “Prayer is conversation with God, between appointments, while walking the hallway to class, or interacting with a client.” Lucado believes that a vibrant prayer life does not mean your prayers are better or more eloquent than others. Quite the opposite. Lucado says humility combined with confidence provides a God-given prayer strength. Writes Lucado: “Since you matter to God, your prayers matter in heaven. You’re never without hope because you are never without prayer.” He builds Before Amen on a simple “pocket prayer,” distilling all the prayers of the Bible into one that is easy-to- remember and as near as your pocket. “Father, You are good. I need help. They need help. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”  This “pocket prayer” has been key in changing Lucado’s attitude about and practices in prayer.
    *Max Lucado is the leading inspirational author in United States. His writings have been shaped into bestselling books, videos, devotionals, songs, greeting cards, booklets, Bible studies, commentaries, and theatrically released movies. More than 120 million Lucado products have been printed in 54 languages, including 92 million books to date. Lucado’s books have appeared on national bestseller lists such as The New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and ECPA. Lucado has been featured on countless national media outlets including The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Huckabee, and Fox & Friends.
    *Co-Hosting this www.faithbooks.ca interview is Stephen Sheane from www.bramalea.org


  • Gabrielle Lavallee - Part 2
    Gabrielle joined us during our Season 12 Premier a few weeks ago and shared the most horrific journey of abuse we've ever heard. She was a member of The Ant Hill Kids, a cult led by Roch Theriault. Gabrielle was forced to endure humiliating torture for years. She was made to smear her face with the excrement that another disciple evacuated on the floor while he was being beaten up. After that, Thériault smashed her nose against the door and ripped her skull open with the door handle. Members of the cult had their pubic hair ripped out, their genitals crushed, some castrated, skulls balded by the handful, black eyes, lacerations, broken ribs, forced enemas, flogging, their vaginal areas burned with a blowtorch, scaldings, and other atrocities we can't mention. Gabrielle assisted Thériault when he decided to operate on a member. He opened her abdomen, cut out a piece of her he deemed unhealthy, then asked his right-hand man to stitch it all up with a knitting needle. After that, the poor girl, who had to endure this hellish operation un-sedated, was commanded to stand up and walk without complaining. The next day this woman was very close to death, but Thériault demanded that she get up as usual. Then, realizing that she actually wasn't well, he made her swallow six eggs, put a mushroom and saliva plaster on the wound, made her take a very hot bath followed by an icy cold one. After all that, he was surprised when she died. The following night, he demanded that the remains be stretched out naked on his bed, and he spent the night alone with her. One night, Gabrielle tried to escape but was caught. She was brought back to the isolated commune, where Thériault pinned her hand to a wooden table with a hunting knife, removed one of her fingers with wire cutters, then amputated her entire arm. Drew was able to track down Gabrielle and she agreed, with some reluctance, to a rare interview in order to clarify exactly what happened during her time in one of Canada's most brutal cults. This week, we follow up with Gabrielle to find out more about her life now - her journey and spiritual recovery.

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  • This Week's Recording Artist — Angela Saini
    Fresh off a Dutch tour overseas and three cross-Canada treks in the last year, Angela Saini is releasing her second EP “Leap.” Showcasing well-crafted songs about self-renewal, empowerment, love and life, Angela delves into humanistic and honest themes laden with catchy hooks and memorable melodies. Her first effort “Cake and Callouses” last year garnered a Toronto Independent Music Award Nomination as well as a “Best Female Artist” nomination in the International Acoustic Music Awards. Whip up Feist, sprinkle in some Sheryl Crow, and top with a sour cherry candy; the result is “angelic vocals with just a little stomp.” (Cadence Canada Magazine) Frequently gigging as an acoustic solo artist, Angela decided to take her songs electric and got the attention of Johnny Fay, drummer for The Tragically Hip. Demo sessions became pre-production for her debut “Cake and Callouses” and a year later, Angela is taking her next Leap. Her strong and soulful voice is carrying her wherever she decides to go next.

Pub Crawl

  • Mark Vander Vennen — Executive Director of Shalem Mental Health Network
    Mark has been a marriage and family therapist since 1988. He has also worked in child welfare and in children’s mental health. Until 2004, he served for almost 15 years as the Coordinator of what was then called Children’s Case Coordination Services for Northumberland County, an advocacy position which involved him directly in the child welfare, children’s mental health, health, adult mental health, youth justice, developmental, medically complex, and education systems. Throughout that period he maintained a private practice in marriage and family therapy. From 2004-2008 Mark served on the Inter-Ministerial Provincial Advisory Committee of the Office of Child and Family Service Advocacy at Queen’s Park. He is the Board Chair of Wrap Canada and Co-Chair of Wrap Canada’s Training and Technical Support Institute. He is a certified Restorative Justice Facilitator trainer. He has worked extensively with both perpetrators and victims of violence, and is the co-author of Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises, Foreword by Desmond Tutu.

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    This Weeks Pub Crawl Topics
    1. The topic of suicide has been front and centre for quite a while with the death of Robin Williams. Why do people kill themselves? What are the signs that someone you love might want to end their life? Is suicide the epitome of selfishness or is it simply a mental health crisis?
    2. It looks like the trend of self-harm amongst young people today (cutting, carving, etc.) is here to stay and isn't just a trend after all. Where did this come from? What is it about this generation that has made self harm a cultural phenomenon? And what is it about pain that makes people want to cause more pain?
    3. With story after story of celebrity men beating up their partners, why are women with these men in the first place? Why don't they leave before it gets to this? Are they really trapped? What are the markers of abuse? What's going on with these men that makes them do this?

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  • W.here's T.he F.aith (W.T.F?)
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!)
    Today's W.T.F. Guest: Paul Brandeis Raushenbush - Senior Religion Editor for The AOL/Huffington Post Media Group