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I was driving up the coast in Northern Ireland, flipping through the radio channels and getting a feel for Irish radio. When I came across a couple of buffoons who had me in stitches FOR NO REASON! One of them was the outrageous host (Gerry Anderson) who was obviously off his ADD medication. The other (Sean Coyle), was the target of the host’s buffoonery and sounded an awful lot like a friend of mine named John McAuley.
My friend John will be co-hosting our St Patrick’s Day this week, because my Sean Coyle (Tim The Tool) is actually over in the UK trying to make one of the Queen’s Guards punch him in the face by telling the guard secrets about Meghan Markle. Anyway - have a watch/listen to one of my radio heros and see if you can hear Tim & myself.


Interview with Rainn Wilson - Actor, Dwight from The Office

Interview with Martin Pistorius - Author of
Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted 'Souly' to the Art of Music

Joel Parisien

Jon Brooks

Jordana Talsky

Sean Pinchin

Viva Trio

Alex Pangman

Rob Tardik

Heather Luckhart

Drew Brown

Cantor Cheryl Wunch

Jani Lauzon

Gina Horswood and Karen Morand

The Ault Sisters

Catherine MacLellan

Sammy Duke

Avery Raquel

Dani Strong

Birds of Bellwoods

Ariana Gillis

The Reklaws

Tal Bachman

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