Special Guests

  • Brian Houston — Recording Artist, Belfast Boy
    Drew's description of Brian: “If Ron Sexsmith and Elvis had a baby, then gave it to Bob Dylan to raise but then hired Van Morrison as a nanny, that'd be Brian Houston!”

    Brian's description of Brian: “I write songs and make records, I play shows & people come...sometimes they buy records and dvds and then I go to the next town and do it again. People laugh and people cry...don't know why? It seems it touches their souls. More come the next time I play, especially in America and that's nice. I'll play more shows in Ireland, England, America and Canada, anywhere they speak English and can make me out. Life is rich when your songs are on the radio and people love you, I'm grateful for that. Hey, I even got a song on a record with Elvis Presley and Patty Griffin. Life is sweet when you're in the company of legends. I hope to be well known for my music across the world some day - I'm sure it will happen quite unexpectedly, just when I'm not looking. I'm looking forward to that...well, in a "I'm not looking" kinda way. Then I'll own a big fancy studio and have a big house and build a home for battered wives. "It's a good life after all", Justin Townes Earle said that. "I'm a lucky man and getting luckier" (I made that bit up myself). Oh - so you know this is what I'm not ....cool, trendy, shoe gazing, indie rock, diva, big hair, big voice, big assets, available for reality TV, games shows or star making programs. I write great tunes that mean something to real people.” *Brian will be performing at the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Fest

  • Michael Coren — Broadcast Journalist, Author of Why Catholics Are Right
    Michael Coren, our token go to Catholic, joins us to discuss the reports that apparently Pope Francis has declared that everyone, including atheists, are going to Heaven. Did the Pope actually say this or were his words misunderstood? Is this a new Catholic doctrine or have Catholics always believed this?

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent!

  • Robert V. Taylor — Author of A New Way to Be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called this book “a must have for anyone on a spiritual path… In a time when people are searching for values and meaning, this book will repeatedly inspire and draw you deeper and deeper into a spirituality of love and compassion for Creation, the human family and yourself. It is a joy to see that authenticity revealed in these pages, inviting others into a deeper, transformative life with God. It is a humdinger of a book!” If Desmond Tutu says this book is a HUMDINGER – well then by golly, we're gonna look into those claims a little further. Because those are some pretty big claims! When was the last time YOU read a HUMDINGER?

Author of the Month

  • Dr. Daniel Taylor — Author of The Skeptical Believer: Telling Stories To Your Inner Atheist
    (This book is so good – we've decided to do an entire month of interviews with the author!)

    When it comes to God, there are believers and there are skeptics. But there are also Skeptical Believers. Can someone be both skeptical and a believer? In what sense is having faith like living in a story? And what, for heaven’s sake, is an Inner Atheist? These are just a few of the many questions addressed in The Skeptical Believer, a book that is all about questions and answers, and about working out useful responses to questions that have no definitive answers. It steers a middle course between the modernist conviction that faith is agreement with a set of statements about God and the postmodernist assertion that religious faith is just one story among many. Written in dozens of short reflections, laced with stories and sometimes irreverent asides, The Skeptical Believer is by a person who tried for decades to kill his Inner Atheist, but discovered that it was better to acknowledge him and let him have his say—and then go on living in the story of faith. This book doesn’t prove anything, but then little of great value can be proved. Instead it explores the notion that one can live a rich and meaningful life of faith without proof (and despite the weaknesses of the church) by seeing oneself as a character within an ancient story. As believers, skeptical or otherwise, always have.

Talkback, etc.

  • RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS – WWJD (...whatever you want to call it)
    As much as it kills him to do “feel good stories” (probably because he has the spiritual gift of pessimism) Drew has decided to encourage all of us to consider what we can do for others. Maybe watch this video Click Here - then consider this email we received a few days ago:

    Greetings Drew! You may remember me from a few years ago when I asked if you could help me find a wheelchair for a single dad with 3 kids. (I am the Community Care Co-ordinator for Bright Corner Ministry operating out of North Burlington Baptist Church and ultimately we DID find a wheelchair for this Dad).  At the time I was looking for the wheelchair, I invited you to our annual Fall Fair at our church, and unfortunately for me, I missed you by about five minutes. I continue to try and meet the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of roughly 30 families in our community.  I do what I can, but sometimes I hit a brick wall.  Right now, I have 3 single moms in need! One has a 6 year old boy and needs a pre-owned washing machine. The other two moms need new bed mattresses for themselves.  Over the years, their kids (being scared at night) have wanted to sleep with their moms and that has taken a toll on the mom's beds. Now that the kids are older and aren't afraid of the dark anymore, when these moms go to bed at night they immediately roll into the center of the mattresses. I'm just wondering, Drew, if there might be someone in your listening audience who would prayerfully consider helping me get these few items to these mom's?  I can offer them a receipt for tax purposes.

    Gratefully, Mary Mehlhorn

    If you have something to give away OR if you know of someone who could really use a leg up, feel free to contact us through our website! Let's start the summer off by making our lives count!

  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A man thinks that men should be the primary income earners, NOT women – especially if they're mothers. His wife wanted him to write us and ask the rest of you what you think?
    "I'm a middle aged male so my opinion may not count for much on this subject but – I think the woman should NOT be the primary bread winner in a family. My wife's daughter (second marriage) has chosen to work instead of raise her kids, while her husband has chosen NOT to work at all! And this is just wrong. Period. Man was made to work! Woman were designed to create life! My wife has suggested I write into your show and ask your listeners what they think. I'm not saying that women shouldn't work, nor am I saying that they shouldn't be paid well. I am saying that if they choose to have children, that it's the husband's responsibility to be the primary income earner! After all – women make better MOTHERS. Anyone else agree with me?"

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My!

  • Useless TV Trivia
    It's the first Saturday of June so in our minds – IT'S SUMMERTIME! So it's time to bring back a crowd favorite. We play the soundtrack from an old television show and if you're the first caller to guess which TV show it's from - YOU WIN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!