Special Guests

  • Pattie Mallette — Author of Nowhere But Up: The Story Of Justin Bieber's Mom
    In Nowhere But Up, Pattie Mallette shares for the first time in detail about the pain and abandonment she experienced as a child, the sexual abuse she suffered for years, the severe depression she wrestled with as a teen, the deep struggles she faced as a single mom, and the faith she's learned to cling to through dark times. With raw honesty, she spills the truth about a lifetime of moments that were punctuated by pain yet permeated with grace--and the journey that's brought her to where she is today. “It's not just teen moms who struggle or need to find hope. Whether you're a single mom, an addict, or a victim of abuse . . . whether you're on the verge of bankruptcy or the brink of divorce . . . whether you're in a dysfunctional family or the product of a broken home . . . whether you battle depression or struggle with anxiety . . . whether you live in fear or hide in shame . . . whether you've been abandoned, rejected, or ignored--there is hope. It doesn't matter where you find yourself today--broken, hurting, wounded, or shamed. If God can help me find my way up, I promise, He can do the same for you.”

  • Michelle Wright — Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    Since her 1988 debut CD on Savannah Records, Do Right By Me, Michelle Wright has been drawing rave reviews for her powerful voice and her distinctive style. Over the subsequent twenty-four years, she has sold nearly two million albums and graced the stage in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. Michelle has amassed a total of twenty-five Top Ten hits in her homeland of Canada and walked to podiums in music centers like Los Angeles and Toronto to accept more than forty major awards. She is the first Canadian-born artist in the modern era of country music to have a Top Ten hit in America (Take It Like A Man) and a Number One video on CMT-USA (Take It Like A Man), and to win a major U.S. music industry award (Academy of Country Music Top New Female Artist). In September, 2011, Michelle was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.
    ** Michelle will be headlining the upcoming CTS Christmas television special, Christmas in the Square! Tickets are still available for this LIVE performance at 7:00 PM on Monday December 10th, which will be taped at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario, and aired on CTS at 8pm ET on Friday, December 21. Along with a few other incredibly talented Canadian artists (Mark Masri, Jacob Moon, Tenore, Ali Matthews, Mike Jansen, and The Lovelocks), Michelle will perform a selection of Christmas classics. Hosting the evening will be radio and television personality Casey Clarke. A limited number of tickets are available to sit in the audience for this Christmas concert taping. Visit www.crossroads.ca for tickets.

  • Bif Naked — International Recording Artist, Speaker, Cancer Survivor, Advocate, Activist, Straight-Edge, Vegan, Trouble Maker
    Bif's sixth full-length disc entitled, Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights is an intimate look into her life's journal, and the amazing journey she's had so far. Her career heights have taken her around the world on tour -- from Russia to Central America, from India to touring all over the U.K., Europe and North America -- for twenty years -- and into your homes via The Tonight Show and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, starring in feature films, and winning awards — from MuchMusic to West Coast Music Awards. Get ready to hear Bif Naked — unplugged, unshackled and unshakable — in a town, on the internet, and on the airwaves near you. She is a legend and an icon.

  • Trevor Howard — Recording Artist
    Trevor Howard is a singer/songwriter whose group, The Ghosts of Memphis, is releasing their debut album "The Devil and the Details" worldwide on December 18, 2012. Formerly a pentecostal minister, Howard's music has led him across Canada several times as well as the US and UK. Want to know more about the REAL Trevor Howard? “I don’t talk about myself in the third person. Trevor hates that. I love music. I hate silence. I write songs. Music writes me. I love my mom. She’s the bomb. My sister is better than yours. Period. I like to walk. I love to drive. I read good books. You can't read my poker face. 3 is my favourite number. I hate how we spell favourite. I wear makeup. You should too. I am high maintenance. I have low self esteem. I love New York. I dislike old socks. I am short. I am a tall glass of water. I love my guitars. I probably love yours more. I adore Chihuahuas. I can’t have one. I never go to the mailbox. I always check my email. I love black and white movies. I hate pink and red together. I love down duvets and pillows. I don’t like ducks. I love sushi. I don’t eat my vegetables. I love raw jalapenos. They don’t like me. I love my friends. I hate when I lose one. I love love. I hate hate. I love to cry. I hate to see you cry. I love heartbreak. I'd hate to break yours. I am sometimes shy. I am always changing. I am hard to figure out. I am easy to talk to.”

  • Jill Sobule — Iconoclastic Singer/Songwriter
    Jill Sobule belongs to a rare breed of artists. Her work is at once deeply personal and socially conscious, seriously funny and derisively tragic. Over five albums and a decade of recording, the Denver-born songwriter/guitarist/singer has tackled such topics as the death penalty, anorexia, shoplifting, reproduction, the French resistance movement, adolescence, and the Christian right. Did we mention love? Love found, love lost, love wished for and love taken away. But success did not knock on her door until Atlantic Records released her MTV staple and national top 20 hit, I Kissed A Girl. “That song was a double-edged sword for me,” Jill Says. “It was perceived as a novelty hit, but on the other hand it was the first song with an overtly gay topic to be aired on Top 40 radio. I am quite proud of that.” The self-titled album also yielded another hit song, Supermodel, included in the Clueless soundtrack. The song also jump-started her live music career in a big way, and since then she’s had the honor to induct Neil Diamond in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, to share the stage with the likes of Neil Young (at his yearly Bridge School benefit concerts), fellow activists Billy Bragg & Steve Earle, and Waren Zevon. With Hanukkah just around the corner, Jill joins us to talk about her Jewish background and the various turns her spiritual life has taken throughout the years.

God Blogger

  • Joining us today: Nadia Bolz-Weber
    "Nadia Bolz-Weber has probably done more than any other pastor in recent times to poke therapeutic fun at the misdemeanors and flaws of overly-churched Christianity and Christians. The passion behind her words, however, is as deeply pastoral as it is God-drenched and liberating....thus the affection as well as the respect that attend her and her work wherever she goes." ~ Phylis Tickle author of "The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why"

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on The Counsel Of Many: A man whose wife died just a few months ago, has been secretly dating a much younger woman and wants to know if he should invite her to the family Christmas dinner?

    "Right of the top, I'd like to admit that my choice to begin dating only a few months after my wife sadly passed away of Cancer, has not gone down well with almost everyone who knows. This is why I haven't told my kids. However, truth be told, I'm not sure if my friends who know about me dating, are bothered more by the fact that I'm dating or because the girl I'm dating is 20 years younger than I am. I realize that I just come off as cold by dating someone, let alone the fact that my girlfriend is much younger than I am. That being said, we have both found comfort in each others arms and besides, where is the rule book on how soon you can date after your spouse dies? Where is the rule book on how big the age gap can be? The only people I'm worried about hurting are my three kids (ages 17, 20 & 22). Which is why I haven't told them about her. However, with Christmas upon us, I'm thinking through whether or not to invite her along to our family dinner. Or, maybe just have her drop in afterwards. Christmas is a special time of the year and I'd really like the woman I love to be a part of it – with me – with my family. I'd like to hear some objective opinions from people who don't know me. How should I approach this with my kids?"

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Religion & Faith & Cults - Oh my!
    Today's God & Stuff guest: Kim Lawton – Managing Editor/Corespondent at PBS Religion & Ethics News Weekly