Special Guests

  • Dr. Gary Chapman — Bestselling Author of The 5 Love Languages
    Written more than two decades ago and with more than 9.5 million copies in print, The 5 Love Languages continues to help strengthen relationships around the world as couples learn to communicate better by speaking each other’s “love language”. Based on the simple concept that each one of us has a primary love language, which when spoken fills up our emotional “love tanks,” in his book, Dr. Chapman helps couples identify, understand, and speak their spouse’s primary love language:
    • quality time
    • words of affirmation
    • gifts
    • acts of service
    • physical touch
    Now updated to reflect the complexities of relationships in today’s world, the new edition of The 5 Love Languages also contains a profile for a couple that pinpoints the reader’s primary love language, what it means, and how it can be used to connect with a spouse with intimacy and fulfillment. “How do we meet each other’s deep emotional need to feel loved? If we can learn that and choose to do it, then the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we ever felt when we were infatuated,” says Dr. Chapman.

    *Dr. Gary Chapman is the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. and travels the world presenting seminars. His radio programs air on more than 400 stations.

  • Barnet Bain — Oscar Winning & Emmy Nominated Producer, Author ofThe Book Of Doing And Being: Rediscovering Creativity In Life, Love and Work
    Barnet Bain is an award-winning motion picture producer and director, radio broadcaster, and creativity expert. Select film credits include Oscar-winner ‘What Dreams May Come’ (producer), Emmy-Award nominee, Outstanding TV Movie, ‘Homeless to Harvard’ (executive producer), ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ (writer, producer), ‘Jesus’ (aka The Jesus Film) (writer), and ‘The Lost and Found Family’ (director). Upcoming productions include ‘Milton’s Secret’, based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman, ‘Illusions’ based on the novel by Richard Bach and directed by Zack Snyder (300, Man of Steel) and the documentary feature ‘When I Was Young I Said I Would Be Happy: the Story of Project LIGHT Rwanda’ currently in post production.

    *The Book Of Doing And Being: With clarity, humor, and insight, award-winning motion picture producer Barnet Bain guides readers to unlock the raw power of the creative self. Sharing principles and practices at the leading edge, he offers a life-altering map for stepping beyond what we already know into a dimension of imagination from which innovation is born. Known for his inspiring movies and powerful creativity workshops, Barnet makes available his teachings for the first time in book form. Working with more than 40 exercises, discover how the dynamic qualities of will and action come together with the receptive qualities of imagination and feeling to form the foundation of creativity. The lessons, tools, and techniques serve to open untapped reservoirs of creativity in every individual, whether it’s in jumpstarting a new project or business, creating a work of art, experiencing more fulfilling relationships, or making other dreams come true. Barnet’s unique approach includes:
    • Rewiring your brain to unleash ultra creativity
    • Finding freedom from self-criticism, perfectionism, and other obstructions to creative expression
    • Harnessing the two forces of creativity: inspiration and action
    • Discovering your emotions as the doorway to creative ingenuity
    • Heeding the call of your Real Work, regardless of age, education, or experience
    Step by step, you will make the discovery of a lifetime: how to stop being created by your past and start consciously creating your present and future. You will learn that any time you are willing to be surprised — by your next creative impulse, the next idea that excites you, the next experience that moves you — you are living a creative life.

  • Bruce Poon Tip — Founder of G Adventures, Bestselling Author of Looptail & Do Big Small Things
    Everything you put out there comes back to you. So: Are you ready to throw yourself into the world with everything you’ve got? Embark on a wondrous, eclectic journey with this rough-and-tumble field journal, packed with inspiration and activities from around the globe. Page by page, you’ll be challenged to write, rip, make and share as you escape your comfort zone and pay it forward. Wherever you are—in your living room or in Nepal—, the result is a vibrant record of your adventures, a deeply personal gallery of shared surprises, hidden treasures, sudden epiphanies, meaningful connections and lasting changes. Your guide on this journey is Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of international adventure travel company G Adventures and author of the international bestseller Looptail, an Inc. Top Ten Business Book of 2013. Full of simple, playful prompts and eye-opening visuals, and brimming with worldly wisdom, healthy irreverence and a sense of boundless possibility, this is a trip that just might change your life. After returning from a backpacking tour of Asia in 1990, Poon Tip was driven to share his passion and vision for authentic and environmentally sustainable travel. With nothing more than his own personal credit cards, he created G Adventures. What began as a one-man show has grown to become the world’s largest adventure travel company.
    Sponsored by HarperCollins Canada

  • Gayle Scott — Senior Faculty of The Enneagram Institute
    The Enneagram Institute is dedicated to the work of human liberation and transformation. For thousands of years, spiritual teachers from many different traditions have reminded us of the richness of the human spirit and its potentials. But without real self-knowledge, it is not possible to awaken to the deeper truths of the soul or to sustain whatever degree of realization we have attained. One of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves and others is the Enneagram, an ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.

    *Gayle Scott has been teaching Authorized Riso-Hudson Enneagram Workshops, Riso-Hudson Trainings, and Teacher Certification courses in the US and internationally since 2005. She leads the Enneagram Institute’s Teacher Certification Program, supervising and certifying students to teach Authorized Workshops, and facilitating the required Master Class: Practicum on Workshop Teaching. Scott Is a Certified Integral Life Coach with New Ventures West in San Francisco. She maintains an Enneagram teaching and consulting practice as well as her Integral Coaching practice in Boulder, Colorado. She facilitates various Enneagram and film-related workshops and seminars across the US and Canada. Gayle is a veteran of the Hollywood and Canadian film and television industries with over 20 years’ experience in production. In the mid ’90’s, her work with actors inspired her to combine her professional expertise with her passion for the Enneagram. She began employing the Enneagram as a tool for psychological character development in scriptwriting and film acting, leading to her pioneering specialty of Enneagram Consultant to Actors and Screenwriters. Her clientele has included many well-known actors, opera singers, writers, and directors.

  • Drew Does Yoga — LIVE On Radio (Something you'd never want to watch!)
    For decades, Drew was taught by the religious tribe he hung out with, that Yoga was “an evil instrument of Satan!” So this past summer, he decided to stop judging it as an ignorant outsider and actually try it for himself. Today, he wants you to judge for yourself. Listen in as Drew and his son Josh, are taken through a Kripalu Yoga session by the owner of Discover Your Yoga, Lindsay Vandenhurk.
    *Located in the heart of downtown Orangeville, Discover Your Yoga is your yoga, barre and wellness sanctuary. The beautifully restored historic building is equipped with 2 spacious practice rooms offering both heated and non-heated classes, private change areas, 2 treatment rooms and a prominent retail display. You will feel the energized calm of the welcoming space the moment you walk through the door. Discover Your Yoga provides a safe, peaceful and inviting space for your practice as well as a community-based environment attracting individuals who share an interest in health and wellness.

TDMS 7 Weeks of Christmas

  • From now until Christmas, Drew is proud to present to you 7 different charities over 7 weeks. Hopefully his personal endorsement will help you get your 'give on'! — Please consider partnering with at least one of these charities this Christmas. PLEASE?

    TODAY'S CHARITY: ShelterBox Canada
    Imagine the walls of your home suddenly collapsing around you. This is what happened to thirteen year old Raju and his family during the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes. By donating $25 this holiday season, you can sponsor a Children’s activity pack that provides children like Raju with entertainment and a sense of normalcy. Whether for a teacher, family member, friend or colleague, ShelterBox Global Gifts are an easy way to give something that is both unique and meaningful. Start a new holiday tradition and give a ShelterBox Global Gift from your family to a family in need through www.shelterboxcanada.org/gifts What happens when disaster hits? Power lines go down – and power shuts off. The result is chaos. For families left with no shelter after a disaster, light will be far more than a festive decoration this holiday season. Light will be a lifesaver. With no light, violent conflicts leave families in an intensely vulnerable position. In tropical countries deadly snakes can lurk in latrines. Without access to electrical light, in the pitch black, there is no way of knowing who or what is outside your ShelterBox Tent. ShelterBox Canada provides high tech tents and the supplies families need to survive after a disaster - including solar powered lights. In their darkest hours after a disaster, families desperately need light – they need a ShelterBox. For only fifty dollars this holiday season you can provide a family with lifesaving light. Are ShelterBox Global Gifts on your holiday with list!? Support ShelterBox Canada today at www.shelterboxcanada.org or by calling 1-855-875-4661

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Ken Whiteley
    Ken Whiteley is a Canadian roots music legend. His musical journey has taken him from jug band, folk and swing to blues, gospel and children's music. Among numerous accolades, he has been awarded a Canadian Folk Music Award, Genie Award for Best Original Song in a Canadian film, Lifetime Achievement recognition from Folk Music Ontario (Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) and Mariposa Folk Festival. He has also been nominated for 7 Juno awards and 14 Maple Blues Awards. Ken’s live performances showcase his outstanding musicianship on guitars and mandolin, award winning original songs and his powerful vocals, called "...a cross between Pete Seeger and Tony Bennett on 11!" Whether leading his own group, solo or collaborating with peers at blues, folk, children’s festivals and concerts of all sizes, his “...deep knowledge and infectious passion” guarantee good times for all. As a producer of over 125 recording projects, Ken’s productions have garnered 10 Canadian Gold and Platinum records, 4 American Gold records, 22 Juno and 2 Grammy nominations, and sold over 8 million copies.

    *Have you ever wished you could participate in a gospel performance where the rhythm is rocking, the organ is wailing and the singing is full of soulfulness and sincerity - BUT THERE AIN'T NO PREACHIN? That’s what you’ll get on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2:00 p.m. at Hugh’s Room. George Olliver (Mandala) and Jeremiah Sparks (Stand By Me: The Music of the Brill Building, The Lion King) will join Ken Whiteley in leading the singing, with the superb support of Lance Anderson on the Hammond organ, Bucky Berger (Fathead) on drums and Ben Whiteley on bass. Tickets are $20 Advance/ $22.50 Door. Group 10+ $18 (includes HST). Get there around 1:00 for a fantastic lunch and guarantee yourself some fantastic seats!

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