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  • Gina Horswood
    When Gina Horswood packed her life in a bag and bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world, she had no idea what was in store for her or her music career. Since October 2011, she’s traveled to a whole new hemisphere, bringing with her a distinctive voice and songs inspired by her nomadic life. Gina’s debut “Our Way”, penned with sister Melanie, was released in 2006 and boasted two Top 10 country singles in Australia. The duo extensively toured East Coast Australia and shared bills with multiple-Aria-winning artists Kasey Chambers and Pete Murray. In 2009, Gina’s sophomore CD and first solo album, “Crazy Brilliant Mess”, received critical acclaim in the rich musical landscape down under, with the video for her single “Ordinary Girl” reaching the top 50 on the national Country Music Channel charts. In 2013, Gina followed the troubadour tradition and travelled to the heart of the North American music scene: Nashville, Tennessee. There she collaborated with renowned songwriter and producer Jim Reilley (The New Dylans, cuts by Vince Gill, Sam Bush) to create The Nashville Sessions EP. Since that release in 2014, Gina has continued touring North America and had the privilege of opening acts such as Dana Fuchs (Across The Universe, off-broadway “Love, Janis”), Suzie Vinnick (10X Maple Blues Award winner, 3X Juno Nominee), Jon Brooks (three-time “Songwriter of the Year” nominee at the Canadian Folk Music Awards) and Basia Bulat (2013 Polaris and Juno nominee). In July 2015, Gina was the winner of the first Collingwood Live & Original Music Series – a competition which “celebrates finding musical creativity and innovation at the grassroots level”. Gina went on to record her next release “Porcelain” shortly after the Collingwood win, with Canadian producer Andre Wahl (Luke Doucet, Hawksley Workman, Amy Sky, Shania Twain). Porcelain is Gina's first full length release since “Our Way” and the sound is rich, organic and compelling, inspired by her experiences around the world. The first single hit Australian and Canadian radio on November 30, 2015, with the full album being launched in May 2016. Since then Horswood has toured across Canada and will culminate the tour back on Australian soil in January 2017.

    *Singer-songwriter Karen Morand joins Gina in studio today Gina & Karen will be performing at Bill Heffernan's Saturday Sessions @ in Toronto on Saturday November 18th from 5:00 - 8:00 PM.


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Special Guests

  • Rabbi Steve Leder — Author of MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN BEFORE: How Suffering Transforms Us
    Every one of us sooner or later walks through hell. The hell of being hurt, the hell of hurting another. The hell of disease, the hell of loss. The hell of knowing that this year, like any year, may be our last. But we need not come out empty-handed. In the spirit of such classics as When Bad Things Happen to Good People, A Grief Observed, and When Things Fall Apart, More Beautiful Than Before examines the many ways we can transform physical, psychological, and emotional pain into a more authentic, meaningful life. As the leader of Wilshire Boulevard Temple, one of America’s largest and most important congregations, located in the heart of Los Angeles, Rabbi Steve Leder has witnessed a lot of pain. It’s his phone that rings when people’s bodies or lives fall apart. After 27 years of listening, comforting, and holding so many who suffered, he thought he understood pain and its challenges—but when it struck hard in his own life and brought him to his knees, a new understanding unfolded before him as he felt pain’s profound effects on his body, spirit, and soul. Now, in this elegantly concise, beautifully written, and deeply inspiring book, Steve Leder guides us through pain’s stages of surviving, healing, and growing to help us all find meaning in our suffering. Drawing on his experience as a spiritual leader, the wisdom of ancient traditions, modern science, and stories from his own life and others’, he shows us that when we must endure, we can, and that there is a path for each of us that leads from pain to wisdom. “Pain cracks us open,” he writes. “It breaks us. But in the breaking, there is a new kind of wholeness.” This powerful book will inspire in us all a life worthy of our suffering; a life gentler, wiser, and more beautiful than before.
    *STEVE LEDER is the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles and the author of such critically acclaimed books as The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things and More Money Than God: Living a Rich Life without Losing Your Soul. He is a graduate of Northwestern University; studied at Trinity College and Oxford; and was ordained at Hebrew Union College. The winner of numerous awards for his interdenominational and cross-cultural dialogue, Leder has been a guest on CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS and featured in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times among other places. He lives with his family in Los Angeles.

  • Gayle Scott — Senior Faculty of The Enneagram Institute
    For thousands of years, spiritual teachers from many different traditions have reminded us of the richness of the human spirit and its potentials. But without real self-knowledge, it is not possible to awaken to the deeper truths of the soul or to sustain whatever degree of realization we have attained. One of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves and others is the Enneagram, an ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.
    *Gayle Scott has been teaching Authorized Riso-Hudson Enneagram Workshops, Riso-Hudson Trainings, and Teacher Certification courses in the US and internationally since 2005. She leads the Enneagram Institute’s Teacher Certification Program, supervising and certifying students to teach Authorized Workshops, and facilitating the required Master Class: Practicum on Workshop Teaching. Scott is a Certified Integral Life Coach with New Ventures West in San Francisco. She maintains an Enneagram teaching and consulting practice as well as her integral Coaching practice in Boulder, Colorado. She facilitates various Enneagram and film-related workshops and seminars across the US and Canada. Gayle is a veteran of the Hollywood and Canadian film and television industries with over 20 years’ experience in production. In the mid ’90’s, her work with actors inspired her to combine her professional expertise with her passion for the Enneagram. She began employing the Enneagram as a tool for psychological character development in scriptwriting and film acting, leading to her pioneering specialty of Enneagram Consultant to Actors and Screenwriters. Her clientele has included many well-known actors, opera singers, writers, and directors.

  • Catherine Dunphy — Author of FROM APOSTLE TO APOSTATE: The Story of The Clergy Project
    Catherine Dunphy’s most recent book From Apostle To Apostate, details the founding of The Clergy Project by atheist leaders Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Dan Dennett and Lisa Lasola. Trained as a Roman Catholic chaplain, Catherine is one of the 52 original members of The Clergy Project. She has also been on their Board Of Directors and and a former Executive Director. Working with Linda Lascola, Catherine is Operations Manager for RATIONAL DOUBT, a Patheos blog. She is currently doing research for a new book on a philosophy of pain.

  • Joel Osteen (sort of) - AKA Michael Klimkowski
    Megachurch & prosperity preacher, Joel Osteen (sort of), was thrown out of a Joel Osteen event recently! Check it out HERE!

    *Michael has been performing and writing at The Second City, iO West, and U.C.B. ever since graduating from U.C. San Diego in 2010. This year he and his friends launched their own website called, The Dabs Den, where they feature original sketches. Michael is a cast member on a weekly live sketch comedy show, TMI Hollywood. He also produces a monthly stand up show, That's Huge, with his friends. He is enjoying his journey toward making his mark in film and television.

  •'s T.he F.aith
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion, Faith and Cults (Oh My!)

    Today's W.T.F. Guest:

    Manya Brachear Pashman – Religion Reporter for the Chicago Tribune, President of the Religion News Association

    Manya Brachear Pashman joined the Tribune in June 2003. As the paper's religion reporter, she has helped chronicle two papal transitions from Rome, the Dalai Lama's visits to Chicago, Protestant debates about gay clergy, progress and pitfalls of interfaith dialogue and the emerging role of religion in American politics. Brachear Pashman earned a bachelor's degree from Appalachian State University and master's degrees in journalism and religious studies from Columbia University. She also has written for Time magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and the News Observer in Raleigh, N.C.