Special Guests


  • Dave Moore
    Dave was the senior Pastor at one of those American mega churches in Palm Desert, until allegations of misappropriation of funds, sexual misconduct and... well just pick any accusation you can think of, were brought against him. Have a listen as Dave tells his side of the story. While you're at it... think about the devastating effect the Christian rumour-mill has had in your church. Now multiply that by 100 and add a touch of rejection by those whom Dave called friends and colleagues for many years, and you'll begin to grasp a little of what Dave Moore went through.

Talkback, etc.

  • The USA...
    Some people feel that they're the most ignorant, arrogant and abrasive (vocally and fashion wise) people on the planet. And yet others feel that we as Canadians owe them big time when it comes to Canada's pathetic efforts at National Security. What do you like and dislike about The States?
    Also... should Prime Minister Paul Martin have guaranteed a "NO HECKLE" environment in the House Of Commons so that President George W. Bush could have addressed them? Or should George have sucked it up and done it anyway?

  • If your Pastor/Minister was involved in some act of immorality, should they step down from leadership?
    And if so... for how long?

  • Is the Church really racist, gender bias & unsympathetic to those with disabilities?
    The major American television networks recently pulled a commercial for the United Church of Christ showing two tough looking bouncers at the door of a church, turning away people of colour, someone in a wheelchair and a gay couple. Do you agree with the networks decision or do you feel this commercial actually reflects some underlying truth about the condition of the Church?