Special Guests

  • Tal Bachman — Juno Award Winning Singer / Songwriter
    Tal’s blog issues the following warning: "A blog devoted to truth, beauty, sanity, and inordinate amounts of sarcasm. Warning: This site can induce indignant outrage, laughter, hope, despair, joy, sorrow, cursing, pity, hatred, twitterpation, the revision of long-held beliefs, the reinforcement of long-held beliefs, and a desire to visit over and over again." As the son of legendary guitarist Randy Bachman from The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive ("Takin’ Care Of Business"), Tal was raised in a musical family and taught himself to play guitar. He went on to study political philosophy, but soon quit school and returned to his native Vancouver in 1995 to begin writing songs. His self-titled debut scored a smash hit with "She's So High." Tal was recently featured in Bill Maher’s mocumentary Religulous as an ex-Mormon.

  • Brian McConaghy — RCMP Forensic Scientist & Child Human Trafficking Expert
    This interview is brought to you by Billy Graham's Soul Chat! A place where conversations can begin, where a community can be built - go to www.soulchat.ca.
    Brian has played a key role in apprehending Canadian men who have traveled overseas for the purposes of raping child prostitutes. His heart has changed forever seeing what he sees, so Brian founded The Ratanak Foundation, bringing life to the killing fields of Cambodia. In 1994 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recognized the work of the "Ratanak Project" and presented Brian McConaghy with the Commissioner's Commendation for outstanding service for his humanitarian efforts. In 1997, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General of Canada honoured Brian with the Meritorious Service Medal. Five years later in December, 2002, Brian was again honoured and decorated with the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal.

  • Marie Barlow Martin — Star of Musical Theatre & Recording Artist
    With roles in such award-winning productions as Annie, Lost In Yonkers, West Side Story, and Guys & Dolls, Marie won critical acclaim for not only her vocal skills, but her acting prowess. Her performances were so good in fact, that after her alcoholic husband had beaten her mercilessly during rehearsals for a Gilbert and Sullivan production that Marie was starring in she went on with the show, without anyone knowing the extent of her injuries. Feeling trapped in a marriage gone awry, Marie continued to cry out to God, yet the physical abuse began to worsen. At one point, she was beaten so severely that her ear drum was perforated - something that could have been disastrous for a vocalist. But miraculously, Marie found the courage to finally leave the dangerous situation, and though scars and injuries remain to this day, her ability to sing has never been hampered. With all that she’s been through - from the highest highs of a budding Broadway career to the lowest lows of being abused and battered - Marie has learned the value of dispelling silence with song, and darkness with light. And for women who are similarly trapped in abusive relationships, Marie gives one word of advice - talk.

  • Michael Leahy — Author of Porn @ Work
    Michael is a husband, father and recovering sex addict. As an author and expert on sexual addiction and the sexualization of our culture, Michael has inspired millions through appearances in major media outlets and speaking engagements at colleges around the world. Michael was first exposed to porn at age 11. Over the next 30 years, his relationship with pornography continued to grow before escalating into a full blown sexual addiction and culminating in an affair that cost him a 15 year marriage, his family of 2 boys, and a promising business partnership, bringing him to the brink of bankruptcy and suicide. Now, ten years into recovery, Michael publicly shares his redemptive story of how he fought back to overcome North America’s #1 but least talked about addiction.


  • Steve & Chris
    A couple coping with the challenges of having a son diagnosed with Autism and a wife diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, has to be wondering what they did to deserve this. And then there’s the lady who told Chris to pray to God to forgive the sin that apparently caused her MS!!!

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Brought to you by family lawyer Dawn Bennett.
    With a reputation built on Trust, Respect and Integrity, protecting your family's interests is Dawn's primary concern. Visit bennettlaw.ca today.
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a wife wants to know if she should leave her husband because he punched her in the face during a heated argument recently. And if she does leave, should she take the kids?
    "I don’t want to say too much because I’m scared that someone might hear this and figure out who I am. Basically, a week or so ago, my husband and I got into a massive argument and he punched me in the face. He only punched me once and almost immediately apologized. He knew that what he did was wrong right away. He’s always had a bit of a temper but he’s never punched me before. There’s just been a fair bit of yelling and getting right up in my face. I told a friend and she thinks I should leave him, but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. She asked the people in her Bible study group to pray for me and they all think I should leave him as well. The pastor from our church called and left a message asking me to call him back. I really don’t know what to do. Part of me thinks that this all just happened because of the heat of the moment and that leaving could be just an over-reaction. Maybe he’s had a huge wake up call. The other part of me is scared that my husband might explode again, and hit me again, especially now that he’s crossed that line. And if I do leave, for how long? And do I take the kids? That’s what some people are telling me I should do. I’m really scared and confused."

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