Drew is away this week so we thought we’d re-play some of our most intriguing journey segments from last year - messy lives with a real god in the middle of them!


  • Paul Henderson — NHL Alumni / Hall of Fame Inductee / Team Canada '72 Hero
    (Originally Aired December 19, 2009)
    Just a few weeks ago, Paul was given some pretty tough news. He has Cancer. With Christmas upon us, chances are that many of us have loved ones who also have that dark cloud of Cancer hanging over their heads. So we thought we'd check in with one of Canada's heroes to find out how he's coping and how this news has affected his faith. We hope that Paul's brutal honesty and spiritual transparency will be an encouragement to you and your loved ones. Since 1972, the man who scored the goal heard from coast to coast has become a Canadian legend. Paul is a member of several sports halls of fame and has had his image depicted on a Canadian Mint coin, the first time a living person other than a sovereign has been depicted on a coin!

  • "Eddie"
    (Originally Aired October 3, 2009)
    Numerous felonies including assault, weapon & drug charges, landed him 14 years in prison, including a stint at the infamous Folsom Prison. After being paroled eight times, “Eddie” showed up at church one day where the pastor recognized him as a childhood friend. He’s just recently finished his final parole. So what was it that finally turned his life around? God showing up in prison and messing with his heart? The unconditional love of his parents during incarceration? Or a church that loved on him despite his past? His story is just one of the chapters in Craig Gross & Jason Harper’s book, Jesus Loves You This I Know.

  • Lisa & David Elliot
    (Originally Aired September 12, 2009)
    Some of you may remember our interview with Lisa Elliot back in April. We talked about how she was coping with the news that her 19 year old son, Ben, had been diagnosed with Leukemia. Life for the Elliot family had changed forever. Well, just over three weeks ago, Ben lost his battle with Leukemia. Lisa and her husband David join us in–studio to talk about their very personal and very recent journey of grief.

  • Marina Nemat — Author of Prisoner Of Tehran: A Memoir
    (Originally Aired September 19, 2009)
    In 1982, 16-year-old Marina Nemat was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran's notorious Evin prison. At a time when most Western teenaged girls are choosing their prom dresses, Nemat was having her feet beaten by men with cables and listening to gunshots as her friends were being executed. She survived only because one of the guards fell in love with her and threatened to harm her family if she refused to marry him. Soon after her forced conversion to Islam and marriage, her husband was assassinated by rival factions. Nemat was returned to prison but, ironically, it was her captor's family who eventually secured her release. An extraordinary tale of faith and survival, Prisoner of Tehran is a testament to the power of love in the face of evil and injustice.

  • Jeff Lilley
    (Originally Aired October 10, 2009)
    Jeff was recently fired as the Executive Director from one of the largest camps in the world, a ministry he had been involved with for over 29 years. However, as the director, Jeff has also been on the other side of the coin, having to fire a variety of staff in his position as Director. So, did that aspect of his job description make getting fired any easier? Getting fired can be exceptionally hard on anyone, but especially when it’s with a ministry or charity you’ve poured so much of your life into. Add to that the fact that many ministries and churches also include as part of their compensation package, accommodation. Now when you get fired, you also have to move and possibly uproot your entire family. So should Christians go about firing people any differently than the rest of the world? Would Jesus “fire” anybody? What’s the best way to get someone to move on without crushing their spirit?

  • "Mr.X"
    (Originally Aired November 7, 2009)
    Today we’ll hear from a man who was once immersed in virtually every aspect of the Christian community but has since gone through two failed marriages, financial ruin, and even a short stint in prison. And now he feels that it’s pointless to keep calling himself a Christian since he’s obviously failed at that as well. When does one stop identifying themselves as “Christian”?