Special Guests

  • Wayne Jacobsen — Author & Publisher of Windblown Media
    Wayne is also the director of Lifestream Ministries and wanders around the planet helping people sort out what Jesus really taught. He is the author of So You Don’t Want to Go To Church Anymore, He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection, Authentic Relationships: Discovering the Lost Art of One Anothering, In My Father’s Vineyard, Tales of the Vine, and The Naked Church and co-hosts a weekly podcast called The God Journey. For 20 years he was a pastor and also a Contributing Editor to Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal. Wayne was a collaborator on The Shack and in his spare time, he acts as a mediator of religious conflicts in public education as the President of BRIDGEBUILDERS.

  • Monica Schroeder — Canadian Singer / Songwriter
    Since her first independent recording, Monica has shared the stage with artists such as Jane Siberry, Ron Sexsmith and Kathleen Edwards, and has played at SXSW, Canadian Music Week and clubs across the country. She has also been featured nationally in magazines like Billboard and Macleans and been played on radio stations across North America, including the CBC, XM satellite radio, and on the national public radio show All Things Considered.


  • Marina Nemat — Author of Prisoner Of Tehran: A Memoir
    In 1982, 16-year-old Marina Nemat was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran's notorious Evin prison. At a time when most Western teenaged girls are choosing their prom dresses, Nemat was having her feet beaten by men with cables and listening to gunshots as her friends were being executed. She survived only because one of the guards fell in love with her and threatened to harm her family if she refused to marry him. Soon after her forced conversion to Islam and marriage, her husband was assassinated by rival factions. Nemat was returned to prison but, ironically, it was her captor's family who eventually secured her release. An extraordinary tale of faith and survival, Prisoner of Tehran is a testament to the power of love in the face of evil and injustice.

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Brought to you by family lawyer Dawn Bennett. With a reputation built on Trust, Respect and Integrity, protecting your family's interests is Dawn's primary concern. Visit bennettlaw.ca today.

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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a man wants to know what to do about his “super-spiritual” wife.
    “My wife has recently become very “super-spiritual”! I know I should probably be more into church and God, but if this is what happens to a person… let’s just say I’m not impressed. Lately she’s been going to church about 3-4 times a week, volunteers for about 3 different groups at church, gets up really early to pray for an hour, has a women’s Bible study at our house every week, always seems to be pouring over her Bible and other Christian books, prays with everyone she talks to – even complete strangers she meets in town, only has Christian music playing in the house or in the car, decorates the house with Christian artwork and poetry, and lately she even wants to pray before we have sex. Seriously! I’m not real sure about all this. Personally I think she’s gone off the deep end a bit and I’m actually worried about her. She knows not to try and drag me along with her but now she’s dragging our kids into this crazy world. So basically, I want to know if I should put my foot down and say enough is enough, or should I just keep my mouth shut and “be thankful” that I’m married to a woman who loves God so much?”

  • Has your pastor, minister or priest ever flirted with you, hit on you, or worse?
    According to research by Baylor University, 3.1 percent of adult women who attend religious services at least once a month have been victims of clergy sexual misconduct since turning 18. In other words, seven women in every congregation of 400 adults have been victimized. Sounds too high, right? So we thought we’d open up the phone lines and do our own survey. Have you ever been the victim of clergy sexual misconduct?

  • If Jesus comes back soon and takes all his followers into Heaven, who’s gonna take care of your pet when you split?
    Christians believe that Jesus will return one day and when He does, all those that follow Him will return with Him to Heaven. So would you ever consider paying someone to look after your pet, should this happen in your (or your pet’s) lifetime? We found a company willing to do just that.